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Reach Your Green and Gorgeous Lawn & Turf Goals with Reinders Grass Seed

Having a well-manicured turf or lawn starts from the very beginning with the best grass seed. Reinders Grass Seed options are a varied line of seed mixes that allow you to find the right choice for your situation. Accomplish your goals no matter what the weather conditions may be or however varied your level of continued maintenance is.

Whether the area you’re working on needs to look perfect and be ready for heavy foot traffic or a spot where economy is more important than aesthetic, there’s a grass seed option that will tick off every box on your list. Shop Reinders Ryegrass Seed, Bentgrass Seed, Fescue Grass Seed, and much more to achieve all your lawn & turf goals all season long.

Low Fertility Soils are No Problem When You Choose Reinders Fescue Grass Seed

What kind of grass seed do I need?What kind of grass seed do I need?

We meant it when we said that we could help you get your lawn & turf thriving regardless of the conditions you’re working with. Having issues with low to no fertility and varied sun and shade? Reinders Fescue Grass Seed is the perfect choice to combat those circumstances and ensure that the spaces you maintain have no trouble staying green and healthy all season and beyond.

Reinders Fescue BlendsReinders Fescue Blends

Reinders- Fine Fescue Links Blend

This superior Fescue blend combines three elite types of grass for hearty and varied sustainability. Designed to adapt well in northern areas, it has impressive disease resistance, winter hardiness, and close mowing tolerance. This combination of Spartan II Hard, Jasper II Creeping Red, and Quatro Sheep Fescue makes for a dark green color and excellent turf density. A perfect choice for environmentally sensitive sites since it requires little or no fertility and has low water requirements after establishment.

Reinders- Team Tall Fescue Blend

This grass seed mix is ideal for home lawns, parks, and sports fields. Comprised of our top turf-type tall fescues, this blend allows you to enjoy all the perks of enhanced disease resistance, drought tolerance, and low maintenance characteristics. Team requires only 3-5 LBS actual N per year per 1,000 SQ FT to stay looking green and healthy. The irrigation requirements are reduced too because of Teams' excellent drought tolerance, enhanced by a deep root system. If you’re looking for the type of lawn that’s tough while maintaining that deep green color, look no further.

Ensure the Course is Ready for Tee Time with Bentgrass Seed

Bentgrass seed to keep your greens thrivingBentgrass seed to keep your greens thriving

Maintaining tees, fairways, and putting greens can be challenging work. It takes a particular amount of care and the right products to guarantee superior playing conditions and resiliency through gameplay and seasonal changes. Shop Reinders Bentgrass Seed to keep your greens thriving and ready for anything from a random round to a tournament.

Landmark- Luminary Bentgrass Seed

Enjoy a Bentgrass Seed that provides brilliant turf in winter, spring, summer, or fall. Luminary has an excellent winter color, early spring green up, and very good summer density. This resilient type of grass is wear tolerant with good recovery from ball marks. Use to blend with existing turf to lower maintenance costs, as the color and texture are compatible with older bents.

Landmark- Memorial Bentgrass Seed

Trust the same grass seed used by the pros with this “championship proven” bentgrass seed used on the tees and fairways at Black Wolf Run GC, Kohler, WI, host of the 2012 US Women’s Open Championship. An upgrade to “older generation” creeping bentgrass varieties, this grass seed is ideal for improving turf quality and gives you improved dollar spot performance. Memorial features-

  • Exceptional Fairway, Tee & Greens Turf Quality
  • Excellent Disease Resistance
  • Not extremely dense - Moderately open canopy provides outstanding year-round density.
  • Less Prone to Scalping – Not Puffy.

Bright, Resilient, and High Traffic Ready- Shop Reinders Ryegrass Seed

Ryegrass is noted for quick germination, shiny green color, fine texture (newer turf type varieties), and dense forming sod. This makes it an excellent choice when taking on any areas that are sure to see high traffic and need to be tougher to stand up to that challenge. From athletic fields and golf courses to playgrounds and footpaths, going with a ryegrass seed can help ensure you’re keeping that healthy-looking grass despite all the wear.

Pickseed- Perennial Ryegrass SeedPickseed- Perennial Ryegrass Seed

Pickseed- Perennial Ryegrass Seed

Perennial Ryegrass is one of the toughest and best low maintenance varieties of cool-season grasses. High disease and insect resistance make it one of the leading choices for lawn and athletic covers in the cooler regions of North America. This grass seed is often planted as permanent turf or lawn and used to overseed warm season grasses while they’re in winter dormancy.

Reinders- Premium Ryegrass Blend

This Ryegrass blend is a mix of 3 elite varieties of perennial ryegrass that provide outstanding deep green color, density, drought and heat tolerance, and resistance to brown patch. It’s designed to be the perfect solution to your turf problems in heavy traffic areas as it establishes a durable turf on heavily compacted soils. Whether it’s serious golfers or kids on a playground, this grass seed mix will give them the type of lawn worthy of the hard work they pour into game time.

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