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Commercial Pond Fountains Add Elegance to a Plethora of Landscaping Applications

Golf courses, country clubs, hotel entrances, and courtyards— commercial pond fountains add a sophisticated curb appeal to a variety of landscaping applications.

Commercial ponds and lake fountains provide a scenic view for guests and passersby to take in the tranquil sights and melodic sounds of the fountain while being extremely beneficial to aquatic life inhabiting the body of water.

Reinders makes pond and lake management a breeze with effective, affordable supplies brought to you by the industry’s top leading brands. As a result, your commercial pond fountain installation will be seamless, cost-effective, and, most importantly, stunning.

Take in the Beautiful Sights and Sounds of Commercial Pond Fountains with Proper Installation and Maintenance. A pond fountain is an attractive water feature that many enjoy for the sights, sounds, and atmosphere it brings to a landscaping design.

When you close your eyes and imagine a pond fountain, you think of it as a decorative addition— perhaps some lights accompanying the gentle spray of water. Of course, it’s a popularly- installed water feature, but it is not to be confused with aerators or fountain aeration systems.

To distinguish between the two, let’s take a glance at the difference between decorative fountains versus aerating fountains.

Decorative Fountains Versus Aerating Fountains

Decorative pond and lake fountains do an excellent job of enhancing the look of a body of water, and they even contribute (minimally) to mostly surface aeration. Fountains typically sit on the water’s surface and shoot up into the air at various distances and spray patterns.

Contrastingly, pond fountain aeration systems sit on the pond floor instead of floating on the water’s surface. The main goal of a fountain aeration system is to introduce as much oxygen as possible into the body of water so that fish and aquatic life can thrive. Properly aerating the water also helps keep surface water moving, which is perfect for reducing algae and bug population.

Aerators include an electrical cable and an airline that plugs into an electric source. Meanwhile, a decorative fountain plugs into an electric source and features a cable that runs out to a float where the water shoots out of the center, along with several eye hooks on the float to anchor it in place.

The Bottom Line: Ponds are an Ultimately Beneficial Water Feature

When considering a pond or lake fountain, you’ll be happy to discover the many benefits of installing one for your commercial application besides the obvious serene aesthetic.

Water features, like commercial pond fountains, improve the overall quality of water, minimize algae growth, reduce odors, decrease bugs, and ensure great pond health for fish and other organisms.

Plus, commercial lake fountains and pond fountains come in various styles! With different spray patterns, like crystalline and plume, and spray heights, you can create an entirely unique landscaping design based on your pond size, depth, and shape.

Whether you’re shopping for a decorative or aerating fountain, you’ll be able to enhance the appeal of the commercial business while achieving effective performance.

Shop Commercial Pond and Lake Fountains & Fountain Aeration Systems at Reinders. Explore all that has to offer, from lake & pond management supplies to pond fountain aeration systems.

Floating Fountains

As its name implies, floating fountains sit on the water's surface and appears to be floating! Achieve elegant beauty with a variety of easy-to-install nozzles and floating fountain kits. You’ll achieve distinct, crisp water streams that are attractive and functional without spending an excess of money.

Diffused Air Systems

If you’re looking for fountain aeration systems, Reinders has the best, including a large selection of diffused air systems that discretely sit on the bottom of ponds and diffuse bubbles that rise to the surface. By using a reliable, heavy-duty diffused air system, you can ensure that you’re incorporating enough oxygen into the water while removing harmful gases. With our wide selection of products from trustworthy vendors, you’ll have an easy time finding the systems and components you need to complete all of your pond aeration jobs.

Water Maintenance Products

Keep your commercial pond and lake fountains as healthy as they are attractive with our array of affordable, effective water maintenance products. Improve water quality while maintaining a thriving ecosystem for fish and aquatic organisms. Reliable products also work to improve the longevity of the water’s sightly appearance while keeping the pond and lake exterior in tip-top shape. Passersby will enjoy the sights and sounds in stunning serenity.

Water Feature Lighting

What’s a beautiful water feature without proper lighting to highlight it? Reinders carries various lighting products that are durable, water-resistant, and ultimately beautiful! From LED light kits to spotlights to waterfall and landscape accent lights, you can brightly illuminate your commercial pond fountains and landscaping in an affordable way.

Our lake and pond management doesn’t end there!

Reinders has an extensive stock of installation products, repair & replacement parts, surface mixers & water movers, and liners & underlayments to ensure simple, affordable installation and maintenance every step of the way.

Our team of experts is ready and excited to provide you with unbeatable service, industry knowledge, and innovative products. Your commercial aquatic projects are sure to yield picture-perfect results when you shop at

For product recommendations, lake fountain installation tricks, or pond aeration tips, contact us today!

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