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Holiday Decorating Made Effortless with Outdoor Christmas Rope Lights

Rainbow of ropelight colorsRainbow of ropelight colors

LED Christmas Rope Lights Give a New Meaning to Merry & Bright

There’s no easier way to decorate for the holidays than convenient LED rope lights. One single strand packs a bright glow and saturated color, sure to make every passerby wide-eyed with its ambient light.

Outdoor Christmas rope lights are made of flexible PVC tubing, great for seamlessly framing doorways, accentuating decks, and wrapping tree trunks, porch pillars, or railings. With an array of colors and lengths to choose from, there’s an LED rope light to fit any holiday décor aesthetic. Their versatility and convenience make them a go-to alternative for accentuated Christmas lighting and displays.

Christmas LED rope lights are durable, shapeable, and beautiful.

LED lights (12 LEDs per foot, to be exact) are evenly spaced out in outdoor-rated PVC tubing. The contained light creates an ambient glow that works well in indoor interiors and large outdoor applications and will always remain protected no matter what the season.

Each LED rope light spool measures at 150 ft (some colors offered in 30 ft), with varying options of ½ inch or ⅜ inch. All spools come with three 5’ power cords, three power connectors, three end caps, and 50 U clips with screws for easy mounting.

Be bold and unique with your outdoor Christmas rope light use. One rope strand will surely brighten up any area with festive warmth and glow, but stacking two, three, or four strands together will allow for the ultimate breathtaking illumination. Have fun playing around; it’s easy to do so with LED rope lights!

Ropelight hearts and tree wrapsRopelight hearts and tree wraps

Creating an incredible holiday lighting display is simple:  

  • Cut the long LED rope at the pre-designated 1M mark
  • Pair it with connectors, power cables, and sealants
  • Use the flexibility to your advantage to wrap tree trunks, porch pillars, or configure the LED rope light into any shape or design you desire.

Outdoor Christmas rope lights are truly a convenient, simple solution to Christmas lighting and holiday decorating.

There are plenty of colors to choose from to design unique yard art and wireframe configurations.  Whether you’re looking to fit a traditional Christmas aesthetic, wanting to brighten up backyard patios and decks, or adding pizzazz to walkway linings, there’s a Christmas LED rope light for your every need.

Try pure white LED rope lights combined with red LED rope lights for candy cane-inspired archways or pillars that brighten up neighborhoods or downtown areas.

Warm white Christmas LED rope lights accentuate decks, steps, and railings in a minimalistic yet bright way.

For true holiday spirit, use colors like blue, green, and yellow LED rope lights to create Christmas wireframes that look professional, seamless, and of course, beautiful!


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