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Outdoor Down Lighting— A Beautiful Landscape Lighting Possibility

Downlighting refers to the downcast of light resulting from a fixture placement either mounted high up, whether it’s in a tree or on a surface. You can illuminate more space if the light fixture is secured higher up beneath house eaves or high up in tree branches. Commercial and residential areas both benefit from the unique appearance of this outdoor downlighting.

Choosing the suitable outdoor LED downlights and deciding where to appropriately place them may pose a challenge, but Reinders makes it easy (and fun) to create a beautiful downcast of light for a new, modern look in your landscape lighting.

Landscape Down Lighting is a Subtle and Welcoming Addition to Outdoor Spaces

Adding lighting fixtures up high, whether in trees or on architectural elements, aids in the safety and practicality of an outdoor space. It provides a soft, moonlight appeal in a realistic, attainable way.

Outdoor down lighting helps illuminate features from above like walking paths, garden beds, unique boulders, or high foot-traffic areas without the danger or inconvenience of navigating around bulky fixtures.

LED downlights are an energy-efficient solution to accent and landscaping lighting. The subtle and welcoming glow is perfect for commercial and residential jobs to cast light where it is most necessary, reliability and functionality in mind.

Light from Above with the Best Outdoor Down Lighting Fixtures

Shop from a wide array of downlighting fixtures and LED downlights from reputable brands like FX Luminaire, Kichler, WAC, and Brilliance. Join us as we highlight a few (of many) must-have products and series lines below!

DE, PS and Architectural DownlightsDE, PS and Architectural Downlights

Kichler Textured Architectural Bronze Downlights

A small range of Kichler products gets the job done right. For perfect downlight applications, secure textured architectural bronze fixtures to trees branches or architectural elements to highlight plants, garden art, and other unique landscape pieces. You'll be able to create stunning effects with light and shadows, including but not limited to spotlighting cross-lighting, and grazing. A stainless-steel light screen ensures protection against outdoor elements, while the bronze color finished accents any landscaping project.

FX Luminaire PS Downlight Series

The short, rounded fixture shape of FX Luminaires PS downlighting is meant for top-mounting, perfect for casting a spotlight down on unique objects around the landscaping. Long-lasting LED lamps come in several board varieties, as do the color-coated finishes of the fixture for seamless blending into its environment. Both die-cast aluminum and brass options are durable and weather-resistant, ready to withstand the elements.

FX Luminaire DE Downlight Series

You'll create the appearance of natural light in complicated areas with the FX Luminaire DE series of down accent lighting fixtures. These fixtures ensure durability and longevity with die-cast aluminum construction, water protection features, and long-lasting LED lamps that eliminate the need to change lamps in hard-to-reach areas.

DE outdoor downlighting is the perfect addition to any landscape for ambiance and function, whether in tight or open spaces with its elongated shape and narrow beam pattern. The angled light works well for mounting above tables, barbeques, and seating areas. Choose from different mounting options, LED lamps, and powder coat color finishes to best match the landscaping design.

Accent, VE and Arches DownlightsAccent, VE and Arches Downlights

WAC Bronze Accent Downlights

If you're searching for a multi-functional accent luminaire, look no further. The bronze accent landscape downlighting from WAC has an adjustable beam angle with integral brightness control, giving you full autonomy over how bright the light is and the amount illumination that is allowed (or wanted) in the space.  Corrosion-resistant aluminum stands up against the elements of the spring and summer seasons, and factory-sealed water-tight fixtures ensure longevity and durability for many outdoor events to come.

FX Luminaire VE Downlight Series

For a soft illumination above seating areas and focal points, choose the VE down lighting fixtures from FX Luminaire. This narrow, long tube-shaped outdoor downlighting fixture results in a soft moonlight glow around the landscape. Choose from a perforated sleeve or standard sleeve to create ambient lighting and pick from various LED lamp options to get an energy-efficient glow that lasts all season long. With die-cast aluminum construction, these lengthy tube fixtures are sure to hold up nicely over time, no matter rain or shine. Select the right coat color to discretely match the architectural environment.

Brilliance Arches & Bryce Downlights

For a modern downlighting fixture with a spectacular glow, choose Arches outdoor downlighting from Brilliance LED. The copper color finish is stylish and contemporary enough to fit in any landscaping design to appropriately accent any outdoor space with downward shining light beams.

Brilliance LED's Bryce downlighting fixture is short and tubular, perfect for hanging from tree branches to create a steady beam of spotlight. The copper color finish is aesthetically pleasing and perfect for hanging above seating or lounging areas with their charming appeal.

Regardless of the product style or series line you choose from, your commercial and residential clientele will be pleased with the functional yet aesthetic appearance of outdoor downlighting. It's not hard to find the right option to create safe and adequate lighting for outdoor seating areas, gardens, landscaping fixtures, architectural elements, and so much more.

Utilizing outdoor LED downlights in your landscape design not only ensures durable results but also saves you energy and power. LED lamps save 80% more energy compared to traditional incandescent bulbs and have an average bulb life of 50,000 hours— soft beams of light will last for many spring and summer seasons to come.

Whether you choose to hang downlights from trees, eaves, gutters, gazebos, or building sidings, the result remains the same: soft illumination with a natural feel. Shop from a large variety of fixture shapes, sizes, colors, and LED lamp options to add a subtle and welcoming touch to any client's landscape.

Reinders has a team of landscaping lighting experts with the time, knowledge, and mastery to aid in your downlighting design and installation process. Outdoor down lighting doesn't have to be challenging— our outdoor downlighting fixture product recommendations, accent lighting tips, and wall lighting troubleshooting make the process easy and fun.

Contact us today with any inquiries you may have regarding landscaping lighting.  Our great products combined with our unmatched customer service can help you find exactly what you need to transform outdoor landscape environments with beautiful downlights.

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