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Bring Water Features to Life with Underwater Pond Lights

Illuminate the night with submersible pond lights that look fantastic in contrast to other landscape lighting features. Underwater pond lights do a fantastic job of adding a bright glow to ponds and other water features in or around the land, regardless of the residential or commercial application.

Reinders carries industry-trusted brands like WACBrilliance, and FX Luminaire, so you can shop submersible LED pong lights that are energy-efficient and durable enough to last for many warm weathered seasons to come.

Create gorgeous nighttime landscapes with well-placed submersible LED lighting

Underwater lights in fountainsUnderwater lights in fountains

The illumination of pond lights creates a vivid glow from under the water’s surface, resulting in a cohesive landscape feature to fit aesthetically into the rest of the outdoor design. Whether you’re looking to create spotlights on key features around the pond, wanting to illuminate the water from below the surface, or integrate a combination of both within the lighting design, you’re sure to achieve a beautiful, well-lit outdoor space that clients can enjoy after hours.

Although attractiveness is most sought after, functionality is equally as essential for underwater pond lights. By ensuring that bodies of water, no matter how big or small in a yard, are adequately illuminated, you ensure the safety and security of others. There’s no fear or worrying about accidentally wandering too close to the water’s edge due to an ability to see.

Shop Submersible LED Pond Lights from Top Brands

There are plenty of options to choose from industry brands you know and trust, like WACBrilliance, and FX Luminaire. Underwater LED lights for ponds work for fountain, water gardens, or fishpond applications— anywhere requiring a touch of glowing beauty.

Stainless steel, bronze and 12v underwater lightsStainless steel, bronze and 12v underwater lights

WAC Stainless Steel LED Submersible Pond Light

The inground submersible pond light from WAC is perfect for wall, up, or downlight applications. With solid stainless steel construction, the lights not only look aesthetic when underneath the water, but they’ll hold up well over time with water-fight sealed fixtures. This pond light is suitable for continuous immersion underwater.

With square, round, and ground hood design options, there’s an exact pond light out there to fit your needs. Choose from two different color temps and two different fixture finishes to get the job done right.

WAC Bronzed Stainless Steel Submersible Pond Light

The same functional features of the stainless steel LED pond light are now available in a gorgeous bronzed finish! Submersible LED pond lights feature water-tight, factory-sealed finishes, ready for continuous underwater submersion. Shop from round, square, or ground hood designs to seamlessly blend in with the water feature. It’s a unique feature to add to focal points around the yard.

WAC 12V Outdoor Tape

Perfectly outline perimeters with 12V outdoor flexible light tape. A UV-stabilized silicone seals and protects tape sections against water and dust. Imagine clean, bright lines of light from underneath decks, stairways, around pools, or inside unique water fountains. The outdoor tape light conveniently adapts into existing 12V systems and can be cut to any desired length.

Aquabeam, submersible and LP series underwater lightsAquabeam, submersible and LP series underwater lights

Brilliance AquaBeam LED Submersible Pond Light

Designed for high lumen output, the AquaBeam LED pond light from Brilliance has superior color rendition for all underwater uses. It’s the perfect light to use in extreme wetness, like in heavily irrigated areas. The LED light is environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, saving you power and cost on electric bills.

Shop from a variety of color temps and wattage options.

Brilliance Adjustable AquaBeam LED Submersible Pond Light

The adjustable AquaBeam LED pond light does exactly as its name implies— it seamlessly adjusts to the application you need it for! It offers vertical and horizontal adjustments on a stainless steel, marine-grade bracket, perfect for uplighting, downlighting, or sidewall lighting purposes. With a high lumen output and superior color rendition, this underwater pond light is ready for extremely wet or underwater applications.

Select from a range of available color temps and wattage options to get precisely what you need.

FX Luminaire Submersible Pond Light

FX Luminaire specializes in underwater pond lights that are designed for small spaces, such as the LP series. The natural brass finish brings a unique architectural element into any water feature while doubling as a heavy-duty, durable fixture.  With tamper-resistant features and three LED color filters, there are numerous possibilities for this underwater light.

LP Series and Garden/pond underwater lightsLP Series and Garden/pond underwater lights

FX Luminaire LL Series Submersible Pond Lights

The LL series of pond lights bring the efficiency and reliability you love about LED lights to an underwater light fixture. It’s a versatile option constructed of die-cast brass, ready to illuminate unique fountains and water features. A natural brass finish is as functional as much as it is attractive. Choose from various LED lamp options for the right choice for your project.

Aquascape LED Garden & Pond Spotlights

Integrate spotlights around your landscaping design with discrete, black fixtures from Aquascape. This LED spotlight provides beautiful light for use in ponds, waterfalls gardens, or for uplighting of plants.

Three powerful, energy-efficient diodes produce a compact light that completely transforms the way your water features look at night. Garden and pond spotlights include a reliable mounting base for wedging beneath large rocks or covering with gravel, ensuring the fixture is securely positioned beneath cascades.

Use Underwater Pond Lights in Various Applications

Pond lighting beauty shotsPond lighting beauty shots

Installing underwater LED lights in ponds is the most popular application, but there endless possibilities for incorporating underwater lights around residential or commercial outdoor spaces. Discover some of our favorite LED pond light applications below!

  • Illuminate inground pools with energy-efficient LED light
  • Add a touch of elegance to fish and koi ponds
  • Fountains get an aesthetic touch with submersible uplighting fixtures
  • Underwater pond lights work great in decks and dock applications to ensure safe walking
  • Introduce an element of aesthetic appeal to small ponds or inground pools by selecting uniquely colored bulbs
  • Keep insects at bay with strategically placed pond lights around front and backyard ponds
  • Ensure a reliable, steady glow in heavily irrigated areas like golf courses

Select LED Lights as This Season’s Go-To Submersible Pond Lights

There are numerous reasons to choose LED lights for all of your landscape lighting designs, including your underwater lighting.

Replace older LED lamps with newer, updated models, or swap out traditional incandescent bulbs for a more energy-efficient lighting solution. After discovering the many benefits of utilizing LED lights, you’ll never look back!

Environmentally Friendly
LED lights are an energy-saving solution to integrate into your underwater lighting system. LED pond lights use less wattage than incandescent bulbs, saving up to 80% of energy!

Although the price tag of LED light bulbs may be more upfront, they’re sure to save you money in the long run. Because of their energy efficiency, you’ll notice electric costs go down since less power is needed to create such vivid, bright light. Plus, they’re built to last, so there are no unexpected, unsightly dark areas in or around your pond due to burnt out or defective bulbs.

LED light bulbs have an average bulb life of 50,000-hours— that’s over 10 times more than incandescent bulbs! For example, incandescent bulbs may only last 1.7 years, while LED bulbs last for upwards of 17 years. This longevity is another way to save money in the long run. With many underwater applications, the less you need to get wet to change out bulbs, the better!

Create A Dream Appearance with A Range of Color Finishes and Face Plate Shapes

Underwater pond lights come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Although their primary function is to light up an area, specifically in or around a small body of water, they may be visible in some instances; therefore, they must seamlessly blend into its environment.

Submersible pond light face plate shapes include:

  • Round: A classic option that will never go out of style. The round face plate works for numerous uses, providing an even distribution of light wherever necessary. It’s a traditional yet organic shape that works in small and large areas, whether in backyard ponds, pool deck steps, or around boat docks.
  • Square: The angles and clean lines of a square face plate work in modern settings. A square face plate pond light looks elegant and refined in contemporary landscape designs, like inground pools and koi ponds.
  • Ground Hood: A ground hood shape is unique and functional. It’s a recessed light that works perfect for lining ponds, fountains, and landscape beds with an even, bright glow and wide beam spread. It’s a versatile pond light shape that works better for uplighting purposes around a water feature instead of inside/underneath the water.

Although a minimal aspect, the color finish of a pond light fixture may be important to clients when envisioning their dream landscape!

Some standard color finishes of underwater pond lights you can find on Reinders.com are as followed:

  • Stainless Steel- Clean, traditional, straightforward
  • Bronzed Stainless Steel- More refined, natural tone
  • Natural Brass- Modern, aesthetic appeal
  • Black- Dark, discrete


No matter what color you settle on or what face plate shape is the right choice for your application, the vivid light and even illumination will always remain the same. Clients will enjoy a beautiful glow in outdoor spaces after the sun goes down.

Reinders is proud to carry a reputable selection of underwater lights that transform outdoor spaces with even, bright illumination. Shop from numerous underwater pond lights to achieve the exact lighting design your clients are seeking.

Our team of experts has the time, knowledge, and mastery to assist you with your landscape lighting projects. We’re happy to give you underwater pond light recommendations, underwater lighting tips, and LED submersible LED pond light troubleshooting.

Contact us today to have all related inquiries answered and to begin shopping for reliable products backed by our unbeatable service.

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