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The Right Landscape Lighting Cables are Essential for Beautiful Outdoor Lighting

The appearance of landscape lighting is only as good as its system! Transformers and landscape lighting cables play crucial roles in how your lighting fixtures function and illuminate the space.

Cables and wires work hand-in-hand with your transformers to give adequate power to your lighting fixtures. Start with reliable, professional-grade low voltage lighting cables you can trust. Thanks to their easy installation and safe usage, you’ll be able to create a lighting design unlike any other in any residential and commercial application!

Outdoor Lighting Cables Produce Amazing Results with Minimal Effort

Paige, Regency, Kicher and Cast Lighting logosPaige, Regency, Kicher and Cast Lighting logos

Shop Low Voltage Lighting Cables

Low voltage lighting systems are simple to install and safe to use, making them the perfect choice for this season’s landscaping projects.

A heavy-duty transformer and durable cable wires play the most important role in contributing to the overall success of your landscape lighting design. Connecting the right landscape lighting cables to your lighting fixtures allows for power to adequately run from the transformer to the fixture to illuminate it. It’s always a great idea to lay out where your fixtures and cables need to go before doing any burying and installing.

Landscape lighting cables are meant to optimize performance and ensure the longevity of your low voltage transformer and lighting system. Reinders carries only the best products from brands you know and trust, like Regency WireKichlerPaige Electric, and Cast, so that you can do just that.

Regency Wire

With a solid selection of cables of various sizes, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. Regency Wire’s low voltage lighting cables are designed for direct burial landscape and lighting applications. The soft-drawn bare copper meets the requirements of the ASTM Specifications B-3 and B-174. A high-quality PVC insulation measures a .045 thickness and is excellent for conductor temperatures up to 140 degrees.

Shop from 18-216-212-214-210-2, and 8-2 sizes for flexible stranding conductors.

Paige Electric

Paige Electric offers the perfect landscape lighting cable for direct burial low voltage lighting applications. The 16-2 white insulation wire has a construction consisting of stranded, uncoated annealed copper conductors. These conductors lay parallel and feature PVC coating insulation.

Collage of lighting cables used in sceneryCollage of lighting cables used in scenery

Kichler Lighting

low voltage lighting cable like Kichler’s suits all of your direct burial needs. Ready for 12V outdoor lighting applications, this PVC-insulated cable has a black coating for ultimate UV stabilization. This sunlight-resistant wire is a go-to for outdoor lighting applications.

Choose your desired wire length from four different options and select the proper gauge from 3 available choices. That way, you’re getting the exact cable you need for your lighting system.

Cast Lighting

If longevity is your primary concern, look no further than Cast’s No-Ox wire. This particular outdoor lighting cable is marine-grade and tin-coated, meaning it can withstand all outdoor elements. It is sure to retain its conductivity longer than all-copper wire! Choose the exact cable spool length and cable size you desire, from 10-2, 12-2, 14-2, 16-2, 18-4, and 8-2.

Shop Reinders to Create Incredible Outdoor Spaces Thanks to Reputable Lighting Cables & Products

Reinders’s team of lighting experts can assist you with your landscape lighting projects. From low voltage lighting cable recommendations to outdoor lighting tips to transformer and wire troubleshooting, our team is here to help!

Contact us today to get all of your inquiries regarding landscape lighting cable answered.

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