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Take Your Display to the Next Level with RGB Lighting!

Have a unique or unusual RGB LED lighting project, but no idea how to do it? Our professional in-house design and engineering services give us the ability to engineer a system to specifically to you or your client’s needs. Our expert staff will make sure you have everything from RGB light power supplies and controllers to all the lights for your display. We work with you to make sure your project is successful by providing diagrams and tech support as needed.

Contact us with any interesting custom projects you can dream up. Remember RGB lighting isn’t just for Christmas, use it year-round for eye-catching promotion. You can call 262-797-6571 (local) or 1-877-785-3309 (toll free) or send us an email, we are here for you!

Customers that benefit from RGB installations; parks, zoos, shopping centers, casinos, and private estates enjoy elaborate RGB LED displays. There are also options for smaller displays for homeowners, shops and other spaces. Sophisticated displays can be created and even synchronized to music.

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RGB Lighting

What is RBG Lighting?

RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue, and is an additive color model in which, the intensities of those 3 colors of light are varied to produce thousands of colors. Mixing intensities of light sounds simple enough, but when you start dealing with the in-between colors like orange, pink, and yellow, these mixed colors are where low quality RGB systems will fail to represent the color accurately.

Minleon / Rainmin has the unique ability to manufacture the controllers, the accessories and the lights to guarantee the best color representation possible. Minleon / Rainmin strings are also considered "smart pixels" where every bulb (node/pixel) is fully programmable, so each bulb can be its own color as part of a motion or color changing effect. All Minleon / Rainmin products are commercial grade, UV resistant and UL listed.

What are the parts of an RGB system?

The diagram below is a rough idea of components needed for setting up a RGB lighting system, we can help make sure you have the correct pieces for success!

RGB parts

RGB Trees & Grids

RGB Trees - From branch trees to vertical string trees we have scalable RGB options to fit your needs. We can provide a system to jazz up your existing tree, or we carry entire tree packages - Packages will include a tree or frame, your chosen light style plus all the controllers and accessory items needed for an impactful display. There are so many possibilities, give us a call to find out more!

RGB Grids - We use vertical hanging strings of the unique center cabled Triklits to make grids of nearly any size. Since cable runs through the middle of the bulb, each one hangs right where it should without having to mount each bulb to a frame. For a different shape and look we also have RGB Pebble lights with a clear covering. Both look spectacular with patterns and shapes created by the Network Effects Controller, or custom programming.
Also availble is the D22 Grid. The D22 Grid is made up of 3 parts. The light trings have 4" bulb spacing with 25 lights on a string. Plastic grid clips that are 2" spaced to match 2, 4 or 6" spacing. Clip sleeves - insert into the crid clips to pass a braided cable through for hanging securely. Watch the video and check out the new D22.


We Are Here to Help You!

All RGB orders may be reviewed by our product specialist prior to shipment. We may contact you with any questions or concerns about your order.

If you need assistance on design or product selection, please contact our RGB expert, Paul at phayden@reinders.com

See What You Can Do With RGB Lights!

Reinders Christmas Tree


Rainmin Triklit Grid


RGB Triklits – vertical hanging


RGB Path


Pebbles in Ice


RGB Canopy


Whimsy Tree


Wireframe Christmas Village


Pebble Grid


Pebble Grid


Drive through tunnel


RGB Bullet Tree


RGB controller