Enter the world of Smart Lighting.

Twinkly is the new generation of connected LED light strings, controllable via smartphone. The most advanced lighting technology at your fingertips, ready to make your decorations truly magical.

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Add elegance to your decorations

Twinkly is the revolutionary LED Light String bringing the most advanced technology to your home decorations.

Twinkly combines bright, colorful RGB LEDs, a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth controller and a state-of-the-art smartphone application, ready to perform amazing animations easily and quickly.

Twinkly offers a wide variety of stunning effects, ready to be played and customized, and full access to the online gallery, where new animations are always available for download.

Twinkly features smart home integration with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Twinkly devices can be synchronized together – up to 4,000 LEDs or 10 devices (in good Wi-Fi coverage) – for impressive scenery installations.

Twinkly Psalm Trees
Support Columns wrapped in lights
twinly curtains
twinkly curtains with cool design

How Do I Use Twinkly Home?


Ready, Set, Go!

Unbox, download the app and decorate your space with Twinkly lights, just the way you are used to do.

Unbox Twinkly Home
Setup Twinkly Home with App


Instant Setup

Quickly setup your device to join your home Wi-Fi or work as an access point.


Map Your Lights

The true power of Twinkly technology lies behind its innovative Computer Vision feature. The app is able to detect the exact position of every single LED through your smartphone camera. After you are done decorating, simply snap a photo in the app to map your environment and create breathtaking effects with perfection and ease.

Map Your Lights


Play Effects

Choose from a huge gallery of supercool effects like never seen before.


Create & Customize

You can easily create your own effects. Choose the color you like and draw with your finger what your fantasy is suggesting! Each effect can be completely customized in a very easy way, changing the speed, colors and other key parameters of each animation

Create and Customize your Lights

The magic word is "Music"

Our latest addition to the Twinkly product line.

It is a revolutionary technology ready to give color and shape to any sound.

Twinkly Music's cutting-edge algorithms decode any sound source in real time, whether it's classical Christmas songs or ultimate techno music, to identify relevant musical elements and make the effects come alive into a combined audio-visual experience.

Twinkly Music Dongle