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Twinkly Pro RGB Christmas Lights

Twinkly for Professionals. What is Twinkly Pro?

Twinkly Pro is a new generation of smart RGB animated Christmas lights that are controllable via a smartphone cloud app. The PRO line introduces cutting edge smart RGB lighting technology to the professional market. With its LED mapping, integrated Wi-Fi, users can create a display with an infinite number of effects that are completely customizable.

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The Twinkly PRO Experience

Say goodbye to complicated and high effort installations, and welcome to seamless connectivity between all your devices. Setup your RGB string lights and multi-function Christmas lights without any professional tools or expensive systems. Create the most amazing Twinkly Christmas tree and outdoor RGB displays that are so easy to master you look like a genius doing it. You will never imagine how easy it is!

Twinkly Pro Lighting
Twinkly Pro Lighting
Twinkly Pro Lighting

Twinkly Pro Capsule Curtains

Create a curtain of brilliant, beautiful colors with smart, customized effects! This twinkly light curtain comes in transparent or black wire and has 10 drops with 25 lights each. Twinkly PRO RGB+W LEDs have a matte lens and the lights are able to express the full RGB spectrum of 16 million colors. (Bulb Color: RGB+W Red, Green, Blue + Warm White ).

With Twinkly Pro animated RGB Christmas lights you can:

  • Control all your devices through a single app
  • Connect all lights to a single controller
  • Manage your installations remotely
  • Skip the need for an expert to setup your install

Amazing installations, without any electricians

Decorate with Twinkly Pro

Install Twinkly

Without caring for any specific positioning of bulbs; close your eyes and put them over

Map your Twinkly Pro Lights

Map Lights

Get your layout just using smartphone camera and Twinkly mobile App

Play Effects on the App

Play Effects

Apply amazing effects from gallery or create your own just using the mobile App and few gestures

Twinkly Pro - Poolside Lighting

Save Time. Create custom layouts in minutes!

Twinkly’s patented mapping technology is what makes Twinkly really super cool and almost magical! You don’t need to create complex schematics prior to setup. The mobile app and phone camera algorithm will do all the hard work for you! The app is smart and able to detect the exact position of every single LED through your smartphone’s camera. WOW!

Using an exclusive computer vision technology, the Twinkly Pro app can map the LEDs, even 3D decorations, in as little as 30 seconds – and all from the palm of your hand and your smartphone! Forget about time consuming manual mapping of your smart holiday lights – creating stunning effects is as simple as taking a photo. Easy, breezy.

Twinkly Pro - Psalm Trees
Twinkly Pro - Poolside Lighting

Save Money. No need for fancy effect designers.

You want to impress your clients? Choose awesome effects for your animated RGB light display that suit your taste from a wide variety available in the Twinkly App gallery. This gallery is ever expanding with cool new effects being added regularly and multiple variations to choose from. You can download even more effects from the online gallery built into the app where Twinkly designers maintain a curation of highly advanced effects.

Twinkly Curtains
Halloween Twinkly Pro
Twinkly Curtains
Twinkly Pro App
Fall Season Twinkly Pro

Your creativity is what makes Twinkly PRO RGB so amazing.

Unleash your inner creative designer using one of our three design options:

  1. Twinkly PRO is ready out of the box with over a dozen preset and customizable effect options.
  2. Seamlessly import effects created with Madrix, xlights, and video sampling with built-in app functions.
  3. Create your own effects within the app using the easy to follow guided instructions.

Twinkly Pro

Available for mobile devices

Twinkly App has a complete dashboard to manage and control your decorations (up to 10,000 LEDs). The app is available for the PRO user and the homeowner alike, which allows either to conveniently control the installation from their smart phone or tablet.

Twinkly Pro - Mobile

Christmas Trees

Make your holiday sparkle with Twinkly Christmas trees. Light up the town with the most advanced lighting technology at your fingertips. RGB Christmas lights like you have never seen before ready to make your installation breathtaking!

Show the Christmas installations their true glory. Twinkly Pro allows you to add magic to your large scale installations. Make your large artificial or real Christmas trees shine as the center point of all attractions.

Twinkly Pro - Tree Templates on the App
Twinkly Pro -Decorated Trees

Complex installations
in a snap.


Thanks to the ethernet and wi-fi connectivity, all of our controllers communicate with each other and with the Twinkly app.

So you can manage them one by one or as a group. This means you can map and manage up to 10.000 lights from your palm.

Create your own scenarios, wherever your lights are, however you set them up.

Twinkly Pro App

Team of RGB and Twinkly Experts

We have full-time industry experts on staff with lots of energy, knowledge and experience that can provide professional advice, consultations, or product recommendations, no matter how large or small your Twinkly Pro RGB job is. We offer ongoing customer training and education programs to help you take your business to the next level.

Call us today at 262-797-6571 (local) or 1-877-785-3309 (toll free) – we are here for you!