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Properly Mark Distances for Fair Gameplay with Golf Course Yardage Markers

Imagine the sights of a golf course— brilliant green turf grass, shiny white balls, carts driving up and down hilly pathways, and multi-colored posts placed through the field, better known as golf course yardage markers.

Golf course yardage markers are an integral part of the sport. They come in a few different primary forms on most courses, although they are most commonly placed at set distances on every hole. Golf course hazard markers are no different— critical for alerting golfers to boundary or water hazards.

Shop reliable yardage markers and hazard stakes from the top-leading brands in the industry, including Standard Golf and Par Aide Products.

Golf Course Hazard Stakes Keep Golfers Safe Throughout the Entire Course

Make it easy for golfers to spot distances or hazards with suitable yardage markers and golf course hazard stakes for the job.

Yardage markers mark set distances on every hole, as their name implies. Oftentimes they appear as disks, although stakes are common, as well. It’s crucial to have reliable, obvious markers to signify the distance from a point in the fairway to the center of the green.

Golf Course Yardage Markers: What Colors Correlate What Distance?

  • Courses mark a 100-yard distance to the center of the green with a red disk or stake.
  • White markers denote 150 yards to the center of the green.
  • Blue markers denote 200 yards.

Equipping your golf courses with the proper yardage markers makes gameplay convenient, easy, and fun for golfers of all levels.

Golf Course Hazard Stakes & Why You Need Them

Although marking distances helps players know how long it takes for them to consistently hit each of their clubs, another important factor to the pastime of golf is properly marking hazards.

Ropes or stakes often signify golf course hazards. Different colored hazard stakes or ropes indicate the following:

  • Out-of-bounds denoted with the color white
  • Regular water hazards— steams or ponds situated between teeing grounds and holes— signified with the color yellow
  • Lateral water hazards— water running alongside or adjacent to the line of play as opposed to across it— represented with the color red
  • The edge of bunkers (sometimes) also denoted with the color white as a way to mark a boundary

Now that we’ve touched on why yardage markers and hazard stakes are necessary for proper gameplay, it’s time to get shopping to ensure your golf courses remain at a professional playing level.

Reinders carries a large inventory of Standard Golf and Par Aide Products to make your golf course maintenance and care a breeze.

Markers Stakes & RopesMarkers Stakes & Ropes

Markers Stakes & Ropes

Mark significant distances and hazards with disks, stakes, or ropes to ensure player visibility and safe gameplay. Standard Golf and Par Aide Products carry the appropriate golf course yardage markers in several forms that are trustworthy, efficient, and cost-effective.

Marking Paint & Applicators and SignsMarking Paint & Applicators and Signs

Marking Paint & Applicators

Paint can be just as effective as physical markers on certain golf courses or specific areas, which is why it’s essential to keep a reliable selection in your maintenance stock. Par Aide Products and Standard Golf supply Reinders with vibrant paints that are easy to apply, highly visible, long-lasting, and ultimately reliable when in a pinch.


Signs make it undeniably easy for golfers to be aware of certain information around the course.  Standard Golf and Par Aide Products carry various signs that are easy to read, convenient to put in and take out, and hold up against the elements on the course. is your one-stop-shop for golf course supplies that help achieve any and all marking jobs. Our team of experts and our selection of reputable vendors make the buying process effortless with unrivaled service and unbeatable products.

For product recommendations, yardage marking tips, and to answer other related inquiries, contact us today!

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