LED String Lights

Brighten up your holidays with luminous Christmas LED Lights

A dazzling array of vibrant colors makes traditional outdoor Christmas lights a thing of the past. By using premium-grade LED string lights for all decorating purposes, colors remain radiant and bright throughout the entirety of the holiday season, energy is used up efficiently (90% less than incandescent), and the LED bulbs are durable and weather-proof to last through harsh winter conditions or warm summer heat.

With long hourly life expectancies, your Christmas trees will remain twinkling; your outdoor decorating luminous; and your holiday parties festive all night - and season - long.

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Christmas LED Lights are the Epitome of the Holidays: Merry & Bright

“The Best Christmas Lights on the Market” is a title not to be taken lightly (no pun intended).

Replace the headache and hassle of putting up Christmas lights with excitement and convenience; vivid beauty guaranteed. Christmas LED lights are versatile and fun, whether they’re used by homeowners to add festive cheer around the house, or by professional light installers to illuminate cities and towns for the winter season.


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An endless array of decorative shapes, sizes, and colors for string light sets gives you complete control over the holiday spirit you choose to spread.

Buying light sets from a wide range of shapes will bring your ideal holiday look to life. Pick your favorite from the following LED lights, or mix and match for ultimate festive freedom:

  • 5MM- Small compact bulb, wide angle, most popular choice among holiday decorators
  • M5- Traditional incandescent-shaped, faceted finish, great icicle shape for outdoor use
  • C6- Pinecone-reminiscent shape, faceted finish, smaller bulb good for Christmas trees, garlands, and mantles
  • C7- Larger bulb than C6 but smaller than C9, faceted finish, ideal for outlining small windows and doors
  • C9- Hefty bulb, faceted finish, best suited for medium/large Christmas trees or rooflines
  • G12- Small spherical shape, faceted finish, best for garland, wreaths, bushes, and shrubs

Not sure where to start? Use Christmas lights in a plethora of ways, both inside and outside thanks to one-piece bulbs that are water-tight and flicker-free. Transform the exterior of your home to a winter wonderland with warm white C9 lights along the roofline, decorate your Christmas tree with traditional multi-colored 5MM LED bulbs, or celebrate winter events with the unique, faceted design of G12 string lights.

The benefits of Christmas LED lights are endless; from energy-saving efficiency to cool-to-the-touch operation, adding festive touches to homes, events, businesses, and cities is a durable, economical, and aesthetically-pleasing choice. 90% less electricity is used compared to traditional Christmas lights, standard male/female plug attachments connect about 45 sets end-to-end (wave goodbye to all those power chords), and bright, vivid colors remain effervescent for years to come.

To top it off, different colored wire options like green, brown, and white means there are Christmas LED lights for just about any of your holiday décor and event needs.