The M5 LED lights are a perfect option to display a traditional bulb shape with upgraded efficiency and durability. Available in a wide range of colors, these lights are perfect for any lighting display, whether you're indoors or outdoors.

LED String LightsLED String Lights

Traditional M5 String Lights updated with LED Technology!

M5 Christmas lights on houseM5 Christmas lights on house

If you are looking for a traditional shaped bulb with the energy savings of LED technology, look no further! 

M5 bulbs are shaped like incandescent mini-lights, with a faceted finish. Not only are they energy saving, they also feature an almost unbreakable one-piece design and are cool to the touch when lit.

White LED M5 Christmas lights are a popular choice for indoor and outdoor decorating, but with so many colors available you may just find a new favorite! Deck out your Christmas tree in a new color this year!

Icicle lights also feature M5 shaped bulbs, much like the usual incandescent icicle lights, but with a longer lasting LED light. There are a variety of colors, along with pure and warm white. There are even color combinations and twinkle versions to choose from.

M5 Traditional Christmas LightsM5 Traditional Christmas Lights

M5 Christmas LED Lights, A Traditional Favorite!

For years M5 Christmas lights have been the go-to for indoor and outdoor holiday lighting. Sometimes called mini-ice, M5 string lights are a familiar sight wrapped around trees and their branches, draped on bushes and evergreens, or bundled around porch columns and railings. There are many eye-catching colors to choose from, as well as Pure White. However, Warm White is a favored choice among holiday decorators. As we move into the future, people have embraced LED Christmas lights and their advantages.

Making M5 led string lights a part of your outdoor display, along with larger bulbs such as C6 or C7 lights can create a visually impressive presentation. Highlight the roofline with larger lights and wrap trees and evergreens with M5 lights. Using multiple colors can create further appeal.

Indoors, M5 LED lights are ideal for decorating Christmas trees, wrapping around staircase railings or highlighting a fireplace mantle. Not only are M5 LED string lights for the Christmas season, they are great for decorating for other events, such as weddings and holidays throughout the year!

M5 Warm White Icicle lightsM5 Warm White Icicle lights

Eye-Catching M5 LED Icicle Lights

More people are turning to Icicle lights to enhance their home and business Christmas decorating. It is a beautiful sight to see icicle lights swaying gently in the breeze on a cold winters’ night. They are typically hung from home eaves, but can also be hung from porch overhangs, along fence lines and railings, or wherever your imagination takes them.

Icicle lights typically have white wire to blend in with eaves and gutters, but are also available in green wire. Add sparkle to your holiday display with twinkle icicle lights in Warm White or Pure White.

M5 LED Icicle lights come in a large variety of colors suitable for any display. Favorites are Warm White and Pure White, but Blue and White are a popular choice.

For a Christmas display that will certainly capture attention look to color combinations of Red & Green, Pure White and Red, Pure White and Green, or the stunning jewel tones of Multi-Color Icicles in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue.

Catch the Colorwave

For a truly unique look, try M5 LED Christmas string lights in ColorWave! They are available in Red to Blue, Blue to White and Red to Green. Lights gently change from one color to the other, with no harsh flashing or strobing. They have the same one-piece construction and energy savings as our other LED lights. Add ColorWave to your holiday decorating this year and add a touch of enchantment to your display!

Replacing incandescent mini-lights with M5 Christmas string lights have many advantages. Save energy with LEDs as they use a fraction of the electricity. LED’s are cool to the touch and have a durable, almost unbreakable, one piece bulb design which will last many seasons!


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