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Bring Light and Warmth to Landscaping with Unobstructive Fixtures like In-Ground Landscape Lights

Well lighting and in-ground landscape lights are just as functional as they are appealing. With their discrete nature, you can create a well-lit and inviting space for residential and commercial projects.

Safely guide others along walking paths, illuminate an entryway or staircases, add interest to unique features within the landscaping design that might not have stood out before— all with the convenience of in-ground low voltage landscape lighting. Reinders carries products from industry-trusted brands like FX Luminaire, WAC, Cast, and Kichler that result in beautiful, atmospheric lighting that your clients will love.

In-Ground Well Lights are Ultra Bright & Easy to Install— Perfect for Various Outdoor Lighting Applications

When dealing with residential and commercial landscaping, you need efficient products with beautiful results. In-ground low voltage landscape lighting is the solution you’re looking for. With effortless installation and sufficient light, you’ll bring an inviting warmth to the client’s space with ease.

In-ground landscape lighting is perfect for high foot traffic areas and spaces where a lot of congregating occurs. Installing the fixture directly into the ground creates an uplighting effect that highlights certain elements without cluttering the landscape. The unobstructive build and discrete nature of ground well lights make sure that the area remains well-lit without having to step over or navigate around lighting fixtures. The goal is to see the light, not the light source itself!

Shop the Best In-Ground Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Brands like FX Luminaire, WAC, Cast, and Kichler make it easy to find exactly what you need to create a cozy, welcoming outdoor environment. Reinders is proud to carry reputable products from these well-trusted brands to aid in your landscaping lighting and design.

Where to Use In-Ground Well Lights

Although ground well lights work in various outdoor areas, the results are the same: bright, functional light. Check out some ways to incorporate well lights in or around an outdoor space.

  • Home or Business Entryways: There’s nothing more welcoming than an entryway that entices you to take another step closer. Utilizing in-ground well lights ensures that guests stay safe without being overwhelmed with a blinding, in-your-face light. A warm and welcoming atmosphere is essential.
  • Stairways & Paths: Guests can travel up and down stairs and paths with safety and ease. Well lights will not get in the way of high-traffic areas, whether used on deck stairs, front porch steps, or scattered around descending walking pathways.
  • Garden Plots & Landscaping Beds: Illuminate beautiful plants, trees, shrubbery, and flowers by installing in-ground well lights right into your landscaping beds. A soft cast of light creates a gorgeous ambiance that residential and commercial clients will enjoy due to its inviting aura. Whether in front of homes and businesses or around backyard layouts and pool decks, your landscaping will appear clean and well put together.

Although these are some of our favorite ways to incorporate in-ground landscape lights into your layouts and designs, the possibilities are truly endless! Offering this type of landscape lighting for commercial and residential clientele will transform an outdoor space for the better.

Kg series, Stainless steel and FC series In-Ground LightsKg series, Stainless steel and FC series In-Ground Lights

FX Luminaire KG Series Well Lights

Discrete and flat, the KG well light from FX Luminaire is a metal-topped LED fixture perfect for aiming at features and structures around the landscaping with ProAim adjustability. From numerous color finishes and LED lamp options up to 9LED capable, you’ll be able to pick the exact in-ground well light you need to match the ambiance of the outdoor space, keeping time and growth in mind. The die-cast aluminum or brass construction pared with a two-layer marine-grade anodization finish aids in the fixture’s longevity and durability throughout the seasons.

WAC Stainless Steel LED In-Ground Lights

For a contemporary, clean design, choose WAC’s stainless steel series of LED in-ground lights. These recessed in-ground luminaire fixtures are made for soft ground applications with round, slim, and square faceplates, ranging in 1-inch or 2-inch sizes. Utilize these in-ground LED lights around wells, ponds, decks, and patios for energy-efficient lighting with two different color temperature options.

Another aesthetically pleasing option includes the Bronze Stainless Steel WAC In-ground Lights. With the same faceplate size and shape options, the bronze well light is a more refined, natural-colored lighting fixture that blends seamlessly into any landscaping environment.

Centennial brass and Classic series in-ground lightsCentennial brass and Classic series in-ground lights

Kichler Centennial Brass In-Ground Lights

Modern and refined, the centennial brass color finish of Kichler’s in-ground landscape lights work in just about any commercial and residential application. Centennial Brass In-ground Lights have a stake and compression sleeve for seamless installation. They range in faceplate options to provide contractors and designers more user-friendly alternatives to create a desired effect or compliment other fixture types around the landscaping. These in-ground well lights add visual appeal and functionality— different tops create different looks and lighting effects.

Cast Classic Series Well Lights

Available in incandescent options, the Classic series of well lights from Cast is an efficient and straightforward in-ground landscape lighting option. Whether you’re looking for a grate faceplate with an opening for your preexisting Cast lights or a clean, black option that provides a sufficient glow, you’ll find simple solutions for your ground well lighting needs.

Why In-Ground Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Is the Right Choice This Season

Lower Power Ensures Safety
Low voltage lighting systems use only 12 volts to power all light sources and fixtures scattered around the landscaping instead of 120 volts typically seen with line voltage systems. Low voltage in-ground lighting is not only safer to install via transformers, but it is safer for others to walk and navigate around without the threat of injury or shock.

Versatile & Easy to Use
Choose low voltage landscape lighting for your residential and commercial projects this season to distribute safe and adequate voltage and power to all of your landscape lights. This versatile lighting system allows you to mix and match fixture types on the same transformer line, including your in-ground well lights and pathway lights. It gives landscapers, contractors, and designers the autonomy to achieve a certain aesthetic or ambiance for clients. Easily highlight unique aspects of the landscaping and pick and choose where you’d like to use uplighting and downlighting features to enhance the area.

Cost Effective
A low voltage system is an excellent long-term, cost-effective solution, especially when pairing your transformer with LED lamps and bulbs. Although the price of LED light fixtures may be more upfront, they last significantly longer than incandescent bulbs while consuming much less power, ultimately saving you money over time.

If you choose to incorporate low voltage lighting systems into your landscaping this season, be sure to install LED light fixtures within 10 feet from the transformer and 10 feet from each fixture. It’s a smart idea to utilize timers and photocells to save even more on electricity costs, as well. is your one-stop shop for reliable and durable transformers, timers, photocells, and other necessary control products.

Reinders’s team of landscape lighting experts can assist you with whatever you may need to achieve beautiful, welcoming outdoor environments for your clients. We offer in-ground landscape lighting recommendations, LED well light tips, and light fixture troubleshooting with knowledge and proficiency.

We’re here to help create spectacular outdoor lighting for gold courses, residential homes, pool settings, backyards, landscaping plots, and so much more. Contact us today for any outdoor lighting inquiries or product help.

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