Specialty Lights

We Have Quality Commercial Grade and Specialty Holiday Lights for All Decorating Needs!

Our commercial LED specialty lighting encompasses a large variety of different types of lighting, we are sure to have something that will make your lighting project stand out from the rest.

Tree/Trunk Wraps and Net Lights make decorating a snap. Twinkle, Glisten and Strobe 5mm Wide Angle LED Christmas light strings add dazzling visual movement. Icicle lights highlight eaves, railings and are available in a wide array of beautiful colors. Battery Operated lights are ideal for portable applications, when there's no outlet available.

Cascading Meteor Lights and the LED Chasing Light Curtain are a unique addition to holiday and event displays. Both feature mesmerizing movement that will capture your audience’s attention.

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Explore Specialty Lights and find the perfect light for your project!

We offer a large variety of specialty lighting options, there is sure to be a light (or more!) for your application. Specialty lights are ideal for commercial installations to home owners and everyone in between!

Net Lights & Tree/Trunk Wraps

Heavy-duty net lights make decorating a breeze. There are many colors to choose from, and even a twinkle version to add sparkle to your holiday scene. Many people use them on bushes and shrubs, but they can also be used along railings or fence line.

Meteor Lights & Accessories

Hang in trees, along rooflines, building fronts or anywhere you want to create a Big Impact! Light can be viewed from all sides. Meteor LED lights have different drop speeds between each cycle and random drops when multiple tubes are connected.

What is the difference between Twinkle, Strobe and Glisten Lights?

TWINKLE - Every 5th Bulb Twinkles, and the rest of the bulbs stay lit all the time
STROBE - Each bulb on the set strobes giving a striking effect.
GLISTEN - Each bulb on the set slowly and randomly fades, giving a nice non-harsh lighting effect

Classic Icicle Lights

Hanging from rooflines and overhangs, Icicle lights are a wonderful focal point for homes and businesses. They also look gorgeous on railings and along fence lines. There is a myriad of colors to choose from for any holiday or occasion.

Battery Operated Lighting

Have a place that needs lighting, but there's no outlets available? Battery operated lights are the answer! You may have seen these decorating tables at weddings or other events, on wreaths and other greenery. There are countless ways to use these flexible lights. Available in 5mm versions.

LED Chasing Rain Curtain

Add a waterfall of light to your event with an LED Chasing Rain Curtain. Control the light effect speed from slow to fast. Place a translucent curtain or intertwine with fabric to create a memorable display.

Colorwave Color Changing Lights

Light gently fades from one color to the other. The effect is truly mesmerizing. Available in C7 or M5. Red to Blue and Blue to White are great colors for patriotic holidays. Red to Green is a Christmas time classic.

Laser Projection Lights

Projects thousands of tiny little laser dots that decorates any surface with brilliant color. Use more than one color and different settings for a truly vivid lighting exhibit!

View our gallery and imagine the possibilities!