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Irrigation Pumps Combine Capacity, Power, and Efficiency to Make Your Systems Run Smoothly

Your sprinkler systems and irrigation systems are only as strong as the components constructing them, which is why you need the best quality irrigation pumps and sprinkler pumps on the market.

Reliable parts keep your water flowing efficiently and productively. Pumps, specifically, are responsible for getting water to the sprinkler head— a huge factor contributing to your system's success. We carry centrifugal water pumps, pump foot valves, and pump check valves with different designs and technical features that ensure green grass and healthy land for your clients all season long.

Get the Job Done Right with The Noteworthy Features of Sprinkler & Irrigation Pumps.

Saving water and time is essential to you and your business, so it's important to us, too! To aid in your irrigation's success, we work to ensure that the highest quality parts and components from industry-leading brands like Rain Bird, Pentair, and Flint & Walling are readily available to you.

A strong irrigation system saves on fluid, labor time, and project cost, but not unless all of its moving parts are reliable, efficient, and backed by industry experts. Start with the proper irrigation pumps and sprinkler pumps to ensure an uninterrupted flow of water supply directly to your sprinkler heads.

Irrigation pumps come in a variety of design types to suit the location, water pressure, and water capacity of specific irrigation systems. Select the most suitable one for your irrigation needs, with parts including but not limited to centrifugal water pumps, pump foot and check valves, and water pump stations.

Although the types of pumps range in design and features, they're all working to achieve the same goal: healthy, green grass without overspending, overwatering, or overworking. No matter the site requirements or the type of sprinkler you're using, we've got the pumps to get the job done.

Centrifugal Water Pumps

A commonly used pump in most irrigation systems is a centrifugal pump, although they must be primed before use. These pumps can draw water from lakes, streams, wells, and reservoirs then move the fluid by a transfer of rotational energy from one (or more) impeller. The water is then cast out by centrifugal force, as the pump name implies.

Centrifugal water pumps are economically efficient, easy to install, and offer a constant flow rate at a constant water pressure. They're well-known for working in a wide range of applications, so long as fluid viscosity is low. Shop from brands like Pentair and Flint and Walling for heavy-duty options with easily accessible parts.

Pump Foot and Check Valves

Prevent water from flowing backward when your irrigation pump shuts off by utilizing a pump foot valve or pump check valve. You'll find check valves on the discharge side of pumps and foot valves on the pump's intake. Although foot valves feature strainers on their open end, while check valves are spring-assisted, the function for both components is the same: stop water from going backward.

Sure Flo, Rain Bird, and American Granby offer heavy-duty brass valves ranging in different sizes to fit your needs.
* It's crucial to note that multiple check valves may cause water contamination and friction loss*

Water Pump Stations

Pump stations produce the right amount of pressure to move fluids at the necessary flow rate for the entire sprinkler or irrigation system to function properly. Water pump stations are often easy to adjust to take certain factors that could affect water pressure into account, like irrigation pipes or changes in elevation.

You'll find highly engineered water pump stations from Rain Bird, a top industry brand, that mitigates stagnant water build-up, pollution, and contamination. All Rain Bird water pump stations are compact, low-profile, and industrial grade with premium pump protection.

Water Pump Filters

Decrease service of large intake areas during pumping season with reliable pump filters that will give you many years of use. Water pump filters are effective means to keep things like algae, leaves, sticks, and other large debris out of the pumping system.

Industry-leading brands like Rain Bird, Hunter,  Action Machining, and Big Foot carry durable filters with large surface areas to protect your sprinkler and irrigation pumps. Shop from screen filters, disc filters, and sand separators to contribute to your system's longevity.

Irrigation Pump Parts

Your irrigation pump's performance relies heavily on the parts that keep it functioning to the best of its ability. Reinders carries a large selection of irrigation and sprinkler pump parts that help maintain the proper balance of flow rate and water pressure in your system.

Browse miscellaneous parts from trusted brands like Irritrol, Hunter, Rain Bird, Flint and Walling, P-T, Pentair, and America Granby to save yourself time and labor when adjusting, repairing, or replacing system components. We've got everything you need.

Whether shopping for centrifugal pumps, foot and check valves, or water pump stations, you're sure to find it all in one place at Reinders.com. Our team of irrigation and sprinkler experts want to contribute to your success in caring for and maintaining healthy, luscious, green land.

Contact us today for irrigation pump product recommendations, sprinkler pump troubleshooting, or any other related inquiries. Conserving water, reducing project costs, and cutting down on labor time has never been easier, thanks to Reinders.

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