Don’t Unravel over Decorating Stress- Christmas Light Clips, Timers, Connectors, Sockets, and Accessories Have You Covered

When it comes time to decorating for the holidays, there’s always plenty to do. Although Christmas lights are the most important aspect, there’s many factors that contribute to making your decorating as stress-free and as seamless as possible. Reinders carries a large selection of Christmas light accessories in a variety of natural colors to effortlessly execute indoor and outdoor applications.

Installation accessories like Christmas light clips, timers, connectors, and sockets play integral roles in creating a professional, breathtaking display that makes viewers wide-eyed over the beauty.

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Timers and Sockets and Connectors- Oh My!

It’s that time of year. It’s time to chop down the tree, hang the stockings, and install the Christmas lights. Oh, shoot, I think I need some more extension cords…

We’ve all been there before. Purchasing the right Christmas lights between LED or incandescent bulb options is only half the battle. Being prepared with the proper installation accessories will set your lighting display and holiday decorating up for success, sans stress!

There’s plenty of accessories to choose from, between Christmas light clips, outdoor light timers, Christmas light sockets, and connectors- all here to make decorating a breeze. 

Christmas Light Clips: Light clips are best for creating long, straight runs along rooflines. Clips easily attach to shingles or gutters and come off just as quickly at the end of the season. Some have adhesives pads, while others have magnetic clips or the ability to slide over/ grasp the edge of shingles. They come in various colors, so they remain unseen whether indoor or outdoor.

Christmas Light Connectors: Whether you’re creating a massive display or simply just decking the halls of your home, light connectors are a must. There are male and female connectors in green, white, and black colors to cater to all of your holiday pain points. The best part is, many connectors have a convenient slide-on feature, so no tools are required. Installation takes only seconds!

Christmas Light Sockets: Snap-on sockets give you the ability to customize strands with existing wires or blank ones. Add multiple colored replacement bulbs onto one wire for a cool rainbow effect or go monochromatic with entirely one color. One bulb fizzled out? No need to worry about the awkward, blank area; simply snap the socket onto a wire wherever it’s needed! Sockets come individually, with one socket and one back. Choose between three colors to fit your decor style. 

Outdoor Light Timers: When the sun goes down, the Christmas magic comes to life, thanks to Christmas light timers. Heavy-duty timers come with power cords, grounded outlets, and easy-set dials, so your lights will shine at dusk and turn off at dawn without much hassle or effort. Talk about easy!

Other Installation Accessories: Reinders has just about everything you need when it comes to installation accessories, so decorating goes off without a hitch. From light stakes and extension cords to black-out caps and DriBoxes, we’re your one-stop-shop for all things holiday lighting and decorating. 

Creating lighting displays or interior decor pieces is now made fun, easy, and headache-free. With accommodating sizes, colors, and styles, it’s almost impossible not to find what you’re looking for. Happy Hassle-Free Holidays!