Incandescent Christmas Lights

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Celebrate nostalgia this holiday season with incandescent Christmas lights and bulbs

Houses with incandescent lightsHouses with incandescent lights

When presents surround the ornament-filled tree, snow blankets the ground, and festive lights and garland decorate the house, indoors and out. Incandescent Christmas lights and bulbs are that feel-good, traditional bulb used to bring magic and memories to the holiday you know and love.

With C9 and C7 incandescent Christmas lights, you can line rooftops, tree branches, indoor and outdoor décor with a bright glow and vivid, saturated color.

A large array of incandescent light strings and replacement bulbs will cover all of your decorating needs, with three colored wire options perfect for indoor and outdoor applications.

C9 and C7 incandescent Christmas lights bring tradition and joy to the holidays.
The rich history of incandescent mini lights makes them a beloved choice for decorating. They have a classic glow and saturated color, giving them an easily recognizable style.

You can use incandescent Christmas lights and bulbs just about anywhere you desire. Whether it’s intertwined through Christmas tree branches, lining mantels and railings, shining from roof linings, shrubs, bushes, trees, or outdoor landscaping, there’s nothing these traditional mini lights can’t do.

There are three varieties to choose from when considering what the best incandescent lights to purchase are. Rest assured, you’ll find exactly what you need.

Incandescent Mini-Light Strands: these well-loved light strings feature mini incandescent bulbs, known as a tried-and-true Christmas light. They range in differing bulb colors and wire colors so that the application is seamless, whether indoors or out.
C7 Incandescent Christmas Lights: Replacement C7 bulbs are perfect for small perimeter lighting, window displays, small trees, or even screwing into pre-existing light string sets when bulbs fade and fizzle out. The C7 glass bulb is transparent and has a shape reminiscent of a teardrop. Choose between clear or multi-color options.

traditional incandescent lightstraditional incandescent lights

C9 Incandescent Christmas Lights: A go-to, hefty bulb for large displays and perimeter lighting, C9 incandescent replacement bulbs stand out for their large bulb size and elongated shape. C9 glass bulbs can easily screw into pre-existing C9 string light sets, ready to hang on roof linings and large trees. C9 incandescent Christmas lights are transparent and come in clear or multi-color.

Professional grade incandescent mini-lights give you a festive, bright look that the pros always aim to achieve. All standards include replacement bulbs so that your holiday decor can keep shining for seasons to come.

For a nostalgic style that gives you a cozy feeling, choose multi-colored C9 incandescent Christmas lights to screw into a C9 green wire. There’s nothing better than a comforting Christmas tree, illuminated with child-like colors.

For a cohesive, neutral look to outdoor landscaping, clear incandescent mini-light strings will never steer you wrong. The green wire seamlessly blends into bushes and shrubs while offering a snowy, crisp look.

If you’re looking to create more elaborate holiday lighting displays with a traditional theme, go with green incandescent mini-light strings with the accompanying red incandescent mini-light strings. This combo will never go out of style. 

No matter the aesthetic, incandescent Christmas lights and bulbs offer a classic brightness and color that is hard to shy away from. Light strings are completely multi-purposeful, so you can make the most of your money and lighting by utilizing the incandescent strands for parties, weddings, or fun bedroom decor! The possibilities are endless for such a traditional light.

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