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Light Mounts, Color Filters, Fixture Accessories— Reinders Takes Care of all Your Accessory Needs

Low voltage landscape lighting systems are well-equipped with the parts needed to run successfully but don’t shortchange yourself by just sticking to the status quo.

There’s plenty of room for customization and add-ons that elevate any landscape lighting design, but additional components are necessary!

You’ll need professional-grade landscape lighting tools and accessories to get the most success out of your 12V low voltage transformers and lighting cables. 

Some of our favorite products include:

  • Landscape lighting color filters
  • Lighting fixture accessories
  • Outdoor light mounts
  • Installation Tools

Whether you’re wanting to maximize your installation efficiency or looking to have fun with customizations, you’re sure to find everything you need at

Landscape Lighting ToolsLandscape Lighting Tools

Landscape Lighting Tools

Make light work of installation and maintenance with practical landscape lighting tools. From wire strippers to surge protectors, these tools are sure to aid in your productivity and efficiency. Shop the following reputable products from top-leading brands:

  • Cast Lighting Ideal Manual Wire Stripper: Perfect for removing protective coating of electric wires and lighting cables. This wire stripper is portable, handheld, and has a series of holes labeled to accommodate the standard wire gauges.
  • Cast Impressionist Series Gang Dimmer Switch Box Assembly: This dimmer switch box is an electrical, single outlet model featuring a push-button switch that signals the “gang-dimming” (adjustment of light levels) of Cast Impressionist Series fixtures.
  • Kichler Bollard Template Kit: Permanently install bollards into concrete with ease. This template kit includes a positioning template, anchor bolts, and mounting hardware.
  • WAC Concrete Pour Kits: This constructed concrete pour kit is designed for inground lights and built to ensure a snug light fit. The kit features a dense foam cop to
  • FX Luminaire Surge Protector: A surge protector is a lighting tool designed to provide extra surge protection for low voltage LED fixtures. It reduces the possibility of light fixture failure and saves you time and money!
Lighting Fixture AccessoriesLighting Fixture Accessories

Lighting Fixture Accessories

To ensure LED landscape lighting is just as functional as it is attractive, you’re going to need fixture accessories like light cowls and outdoor light mounts. By properly installing lighting fixtures with effective fixture accessories, you’ll achieve maximum illumination, no matter if it’s accent lighting, uplights, downlights, or pathway lighting. Explore our range of fixture accessories below.

  • Kichler Textured Architectural Bronze Cowls: Aluminum die-cast light cowls accent small or large lighting fixtures by controlling the light’s beam direction. Kichler has a variety of light cowl sizes to minimize edge glare, with a 360-degree rotation for precise light cutoff. Cowls do not include lenses.
  • Kichler LED Flat Mount Brackets: Stainless steel brackets are excellent for mounting LED light fixtures against flat, smooth surfaces. 
  • WAC Accent Snoot: Made of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, this accent snoot is designed to reduce glare and direct light beams wherever you desire. The black enamel coating is attractive yet discrete.
  • WAC Tree Mount Junction Box: Secure accent downlights from tall trees with a heavy-duty junction box. This tree-safe stainless steel outdoor light mount can withstand outdoor elements to ensure adequate lighting around the entire yard.
Color Filters and LensesColor Filters and Lenses

Landscape Lighting Color Filters and Lenses

Create impressive outdoor displays with fun and unique color filters for all of your landscape lighting fixtures. Whether you’re aiming to create ambient lighting or desiring an out-of-the-box look for a special outdoor event, Reinders has you covered with various filters and lenses.

  • Kichler LED Amber Lens: Kichler
  • Kichler LED Frosted Lens: Transform your Kichler LED light fixtures with a frosted lens, which creates a soft focus and diffuses light to achieve even, clear illumination.
  • FX Luminaire Hex Baffle: The honeycomb-shaped light filter is designed to help deflect the light source from going outwards so that when people walk by, they won’t notice the light source thanks to the upward-projected beam.
  • FX Luminaire Dichroic Filter: Landscape lighting color filters are an easy way to achieve a unique ambiance in the outdoor space. Choose your preferred color from 3 fun options, and simply place the filter directly over the light source for a refreshing vibe.

Make the most out of your outdoor lighting by utilizing the best landscape lighting tools and accessories, find right here on

Contact us today to speak with our knowledgeable team of landscape lighting experts. We’re happy to assist you with lighting tool recommendations, outdoor light mount tips, and fixture installation help.

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