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IPS Weld-On PVC Primer and Cement Set Your Pipe Fittings Up for Success

For surface preparation of PVC pipes and fittings, it’s essential to choose a suitable primer and cement for the job. IPS Weld-On primer and cement is an excellent solution for proper solvent welding.

Reinders is proud to carry plastic piping, sealants, PVC primer, and PVC cement that have a minimal odor, low emissions, and reduce harm to the environment due to low VOC. You’ll be able to join pipe fittings without hassle or issue to result in an airtight, durable bond.

Create Leak-Proof Bonds with PVC Pipe Cement and Primer. A functional irrigation system requires strong joints and secure pipe fittings. The PVC pipes in your irrigation system require the proper sealants to prevent leaks and create an airtight fit— this sort of reliable and durable bond begins with reliable primer and cement.

Reinders makes it easy to acquire all of the necessary components to achieve successful PVC pipe fittings, including reputable products like IPS Weld-On primer and cement!

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PVC Pipe PrimerPVC Pipe Primer

PVC Pipe Primer

Although priming is the first step in most pipe fittings, you can’t truly begin without achieving a clean, square PVC pipe cut— this sets your joint up for success. Because the bottom 20% of the joint is the strongest part, a uniform cut is essential for a proper, tight fit.

After removing burrs, cleaning the surface, and testing the fit of the piping and fitting, it’s time to prime!

PVC pipe primers expedite the penetration and softening of the pipe’s surface as soon as the solvent is applied. Apply a generous coat of primer into the fitting socket, then quickly apply an even coat to the outside of the pipe. IPS Weld-On PVC primers are industrial-grade, fast-acting, and non-bodied, making them a beneficial addition to your pipe fitting process.

IPS Weld-On primers consistently create strong, well-fused joints in conjunction with the appropriate IPS Weld-On PVC cement— together, they create an aggressive bond that will last through any seasonal application. With an easily identifiable purple color option, you can feel confident that you applied the proper amount of primer to achieve successful fittings in minimal time. Shop from P-70, P-64, and P-68 PVC pipe primers today.

PVC Pipe Cement

After a thorough application of primer to the inside of the fitting and outside of the pipe, next comes the cement. Apply an even yet generous coat of cement while the primer is still wet— a too-thin layer will dry before the joint is tight and secure!

It’s important to cover the entire depth of the socket to create the strongest bond. After applying a second thick coat of cement to the inside of the fitting, it’s time to assemble!

While the cement is still wet, join the pipe and fitting together, twisting the pipe a quarter of a turn. Be sure to hold the pipe and fitting together for 30 seconds to allow for a bond to begin to set.

IPS Weld-On PVC cement

Comes in various strengths and colors, although some noteworthy qualities remain the same. Each container of PVC pipe cement is environmentally conscious with low VOC and formulated for many different uses— irrigation, plumbing, and non-pressure applications, to name a few of many.

Choose between heavy-bodied and medium-bodied formulations for the proper gap-filling properties based on your joint needs.

All-Purpose Pipe SealantAll-Purpose Pipe Sealant

All-Purpose Pipe Sealant

For a reliable, multi-purpose formula, shop IPS Weld-On All Seal pipe sealant. Sealants work on all different types of plastic and metals, providing a leak-proof seal on pipe threads with a grit-free, creamy, non-separating texture with excellent coverage.

All-purpose pipe sealant is slow-drying, soft-setting, and allows ample time to work with pipe joints, making both assembly and disassembly a breeze.

Teflon® TapeAll-Purpose Pipe SealantTeflon® TapeAll-Purpose Pipe Sealant

Teflon® Tape

Teflon® tape is a thread seal tape commonly used to seal pipe threads for plumbing and irrigation system purposes. Reinders carries two Teflon® tapes from T Christy’s Enterprises, in ½” X 520” and 1” X 520” options.  

Teflon® thread seal tape is contractor quality and has great stretch and tear properties for easy and quick use and secure sealing.

With an inclusive selection of IPS Weld-On PVC primer and cement, Teflon® tape, and all-purpose sealants, you’ll find everything you need to create solid and secure bonds for all your fittings and pipe in numerous applications. Irrigation systems will run accordingly, plumbing will function adequately, electrical conduit will be a breeze— all thanks to effective primers and cement from industry-trusted brands.

Reinders has a team of experts with the knowledge and attention to detail you’re looking for.  We’re here to help your systems run as smoothly as possible by assisting you with product recommendations, irrigation piping tips, and any other related inquiries.

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