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Add a Decorative Touch and Adequate Light to Outdoor Spaces with Outdoor Pathway Lighting

Outdoor pathway lighting is an excellent way to adequately illuminate heavy foot traffic areas while being an attractive aspect of the landscaping.

Pathway light fixtures fit securely in the ground and flock pathways, walkways, stairwells, or other landscaping that leads up to the front of homes or businesses. Their subtly and design make them both functional and aesthetic, providing just enough life to safely travel from one location to the next without getting in the way of foot traffic.

Reinders carries various low voltage path lights from industry-trusted brands like FX LuminaireKichlerWAC, and Nightscaping that work perfectly for any commercial or residential projects.

The Best Low Voltage Path Lights to Illuminate Homes, Businesses, and Yards

Various path lighting scenariosVarious path lighting scenarios

Discover Why Low Voltage Path Lighting Is the Right Choice for Any Project

To achieve an enjoyable atmosphere that ensures safety and security, it's a great idea to incorporate LED pathway lights into your landscape design. Contractors, landscapers, electricians, and designers alike will feel confident that they're giving a space the proper amount of light by utilizing a variety of low voltage lighting— well lights, path lights, wall lights, and accent lights, to name a few of many.

Lower Voltage Ensures Ultimate Safety

When using low voltage path lights, you can expect to save energy and power! Low voltage lighting systems use only 12 volts to power all light sources and fixtures scattered around the landscaping instead of 120 volts typically seen with line voltage systems. Low voltage fixtures are hardwired to a transformer typically constructed on aluminum that remains safe in all the elements.

Choosing low voltage path lights to incorporate around the space is a safe and straightforward solution to your lighting needs in terms of both installation and application. Low voltage path lights make it safe for others to walk and navigate from one area to the next without any risk of accident, injury, or shock.

Low Voltage Path Lights are Versatile & Easy to Use

You can distribute safe and adequate voltage and power to all of your landscape lights by choosing low voltage path lights.  In order to create a cohesive design that clients are happy with, it's always a great idea to incorporate various fixtures and lighting types to highlight certain standout features in the area. This incorporation is that much easier when you choose low voltage lighting systems and path lights.

Low voltage lighting allows you to mix and match fixture types on the same transformer line, including things like your pathway lights and accent lighting. You'll have complete autonomy over the lighting of the entire space you're working with. Choose the ambiance your client desires by combining things like spotlights, well lights, wall lights, and path lighting— low voltage lighting systems make it hassle-free to do so! Now, you can highlight unique aspects of the landscaping and pick and choose where you'd like to use certain features to enhance the area.


A low voltage system is the way to go for a long-term, cost-effective solution for your landscape lighting project. When pairing your transformer with LED lamps and bulbs, you'll be satisfied with the longevity and beauty of the lighting you install. LED light fixtures may be more costly upfront, but rest assured they last significantly longer than incandescent bulbs, all while consuming much less power. This saves you money over time, as well as time and energy. It's safe to say low voltage path lights are a triple threat!

Shop the Right Landscape Path Lighting for All Outdoor Spaces

Increase safety and enhance curb appeal with the right kind of path lighting fixtures found on Explore a few (or many) of our favorite products from brands you know and trust!

Path lights in scenaryPath lights in scenary

Kichler Dome Series Path Lights

This classic pathway light design never goes out of style. The shape is reminiscent of a mushroom with its wide cap and slender stem, providing the perfect downcast of soft light on walking paths or around landscape perimeters.

With cast aluminum construction, the design is entirely moisture-proof and ready to withstand outdoor elements.  The wide path and spread light are ideal for illuminating sidewalks, pathways, and walkways, while the aesthetic and traditional design works well for incorporating into landscaping beds. Choose your preferred textured finish and color temperature to accentuate architectural features around the yard.

FX Luminaire TD Series Path Light

With a gorgeous bell-like shape and curved design, you'll be sure to increase visibility for any walking path with the large elliptical light pattern that shines directly downward from the TD series path light.

The slender silhouette can blend into any scenery or landscape without notice, providing adequate light for every passerby— the light beam expands 2' behind objects, 16' forward, and 12' wide but does not travel any higher than knee level. Milled from solid brass and copper, these path lights will hold up against the elements for many seasons to come. Choose your ideal LED lamp option, height preference, and color finish to fit into the landscape flow and design.

FX Luminaire PM Series Path Lights

Contemporary and sleek, the narrow, long design of the PM Path Lights provides the right amount of light while bringing an appealing feature to landscaping. With clean, straight lines constructed from aluminum alloy and finished with chromate plating, this path light fixture is ultra-durable through rain or shine.

Not only does the slender design fit well into any space, but the LED lamps also work with parabolic reflectors, diffuser cones, and optics to produce a long projection beam spread, sans the unsightly glare. Select an adequate LED lamp from several options to work adequately for paths and walkways.

Path lights showing patternsPath lights showing patterns

WAC Bronze on Aluminum Bollard Lights

For a more clean, modern, contemporary landscape design, select Bronze on Aluminum pathway lights from WAC. These lighting fixtures feature clean, straight lines and a minimalistic design that blends seamlessly into paths and walkways while providing a soft, evenly distributed glow.

Choose from a variety of contemporary shapes and fixture styles with factory-sealed, water-tight fixtures that are sure to last over time. For a more striking appearance, shop the Black WAC path lights for a similar simplicity with an added level of drama.

Nightscape Estate Series Bollard Lights

The ornate designs and rustic steel look of Nightscapes Estate path lights are hard not to love! Great for residential or commercial lighting applications, the Estate bollard lights are constructed from U.S. grade CorTen steel, ensuring the fixtures' longevity and integrity.

With incredible Native-American symbolism and whimsical pictograph forms, this type of outdoor pathway lighting pairs well with unique architectural elements and focal features around the landscaping. Cast beautiful shades along paths and walkways with minimal glare, thanks to an adjustable socket holder. With a range of riser heights, color finishes, and cut-out designs, you can choose an aesthetic yet functional piece for any kind of outdoor space. Garden settings, large estates, and courtyards happily welcome this distinctive landscape path light.

Kichler Fundamentals Series Path Lights

With a slightly smaller dome compared to Kichler's Dome lighting series, you'll be able to achieve soft beams of light without overpowering the space with a bright glow. The Fundamentals LED pathway lights are a basic, uncomplicated fixture that offers maximum versatility.

Showcase points of interest, flower beds, and walkways with simple path lights that excel at ensuring safety just as much as they exceed at blending in perfectly to its surrounding environment. With a wet safety rating, 12V voltage, and multiple color options to choose from, there's no going wrong with this path light.

How to Incorporate LED Pathway Lights In and Around Landscaping

There are endless ways to incorporate the incredible designs and functional features of Reinders' stock of landscape path lights in and around an outdoor space. You can utilize LED pathway lights in more ways than one for commercial and residential applications. Take a look at some of our favorite ways down below!

  • Illuminate walkways, pathways, and sidewalks for a safe, soft glow
  • Highlight focal points and points of interest around the yard by utilizing the downcast of light that pathway lighting provides.
  • Plant into landscape plots to cast an even glow around plants, shrubbery, and flowers.
  • Scatter path lights around the base of large trees for a magical moonlit appearance.
  • Line porch, patio, driveway, and mulch bed perimeters with a cozy, warm illumination.
  • Lead the way up to the front of homes and businesses with low voltage path lights.
  • Incorporate LED pathway lights around pool decks for ultimate nighttime swim safety.
  • Accent stairwells with staggering fixtures for adequate light and safe walking.

The possibilities are truly endless. Whether you're maximizing a minimalistic space for corporate clients with a sleek and modern lighting scheme or aiming for a warm, welcoming environment for families and home applications, outdoor pathway lights can do it all. is your go-to shop for every aspect of your landscape lighting job, including but not limited to transformers and control productsaccent uplightsLED path lights, and installation tools. You'll find exactly what you need from reputable vendors that will aid in your landscaping success.
Our team of landscape lighting experts have the knowledge and mastery to help you with every project and contract. We're happy to assist you with a range of services, from low voltage path light recommendations to landscape lighting tips to fixture troubleshooting.

Contact us today to experience our unmatched customer service, industry expertise, and extensive stock of products.

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