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Turn Any Backyard into a Scenic Sanctuary with Backyard Waterfalls Kits

Backyard Waterfall, Watergarden and Fountain Kits Allow You to Create Gorgeous Landscapes While Taking Proper Care of Outdoor Aquatics

Waterfalls, fountains, and other scenic water features are incredibly aesthetic to add to a home's front yard, backyard, or courtyard; thanks to backyard waterfall kits, they're even easier to install.

Bring unique appeal to home landscaping by transforming large areas of land into an aquatic masterpiece. You can achieve any aquatic-scape vision, even without pre-existing bodies of water. Brands like Aquascape allows you to create stunning backyard landscapes with a relaxing, beautiful waterfall without the hassle and maintenance of a pond.

Discover all that Reinders has to offer by browsing our extensive inventory of backyard waterfalls kits and other water garden features. You're sure to find exactly what you need to turn ordinary backyards into extraordinary sanctuaries for your clients.


Benefits to Using a Backyard Waterfall or Watergarden Kit

Backyard waterfalls are scenic, affordable, and, did we mention, simple to achieve?

You can build pondless water features or add to your existing backyard aqua-scapes with easy-to-install waterfall and fountain kits. Clients will be excited to take in the soothing sights and melodic sounds of water flowing while basking in the ambient transformation of their yard.  

It's more achievable than ever to install a water feature into front yard, backyard, or courtyard landscaping. Check out some of our favorite benefits of using a backyard waterfall kit to help you this season!

  • Create scenic landscaping right out of a magazine without extra expenses
  • It's a no mess, no fuss process
  • Affordable kits mean you can create an outdoor oasis with convenience and peace of mind
  • There's no need to maintain a pond to use a backyard waterfall kit
  • Add a sense of calming relaxation and hospitable appeal to outdoor areas with minimal effort

With the right components and products, you can achieve a picture-perfect Aquascape backyard waterfall landscape in an efficient, affordable way.

Water Garden Kits & Components

Take the guesswork out of assembling the perfect water garden with a designated combination of equipment and liners. Water garden kits and components are convenient for buying pre-designed packages with skimmers, filters, pumps, and liners already included. Suppose one of those several components needs replacing, like a pond pump, or you need to add on to an existing kit with something like durable seam tape. In that case, you'll be able to find the exact part you need with our selection of water garden components from top-leading vendors in the industry.

Pondless Kits & Components

If you're looking to install a waterfall, fountain, or water feature in a client's backyard without a pre-existing pond, you're in luck. Our selection of pondless kits and components is extensive enough to cover all of your (pondless) bases. From handling pumps to AquaBlox panels, you'll be able to create anything from a relaxing, calming stream to a dramatic fall with a long drop, all without a pre-designed body of water. Even with limited yard space, water can flow serenely with the right components and fully comprehensive kits.

Biofalls, Filters, & Spillways

Ensure that you have a smooth, uninterrupted flow of water from the beginning of your waterfall to the very end with the right biofalls, filters, and spillways. Shop our inventory of effective, low-maintenance filters and spillways to achieve an even water flow and undetected appearance for any sized application.

Liner & Underlayment

Whether purchased separately, in a fountain kit, or a backyard waterfall kit, liners and underlayments will protect the bottom of the pond from sharp objects and heavy rocks and prevent punctures. Choose ultra-durable, flexible liners and underlayments for easy application that also achieve a seamless, natural look that blends right into your landscape design. Don't forget the seam tape for added security!

Pumps & Accessories

Flowing water goes beyond looking and sounding serene— keeping the water moving in backyard waterfalls, fountains, and water features is crucial for maintaining excellent pond health! Suitable pumps and filtration systems are also vital if you plan to add fish and aquatic life to backyard waterscapes. Shop for pond pumps that help evenly distribute nutrients, prevent stagnation and algae, and ensure adequate oxygen levels throughout the body of water. Our selection of durable, discrete pond pumps and accessories prioritizes water health so that fish and plants have the perfect habitat to thrive and survive in.

Repair & Replacement Parts

You may hope for smooth sailing when installing your backyard waterfall kit, but still, life happens— which is why you need a wide selection of reliable repair & replacement parts for your water garden and aquatic landscaping. We've got the right supplies for any repair job, from skimmers and filter mats to impeller and fountain kits. You'll get your water flowing in its usual aesthetic appeal with minimal effort and cost.

Water Maintenance Products

You've just installed a beautiful waterfalls feature; now, it's essential to keep it equally healthy as it is attractive! Reinders carries a wide selection of water maintenance products to maintain pond health and ensure a habitable environment for all aquatic life and landscaping. You'll find reliable, cost-effective products— anything from beneficial bacteria and detoxifiers to pond salt and water tints— from top-leading brands you know and trust.

At Reinders, we make it incredibly easy to create Aquascape backyard waterfall landscapes. We've given you a glance at our backyard waterfall kits and water garden components, but there's plenty more to discover on our site.

Pipe, Tubing & Fittings, Skimmers, Lighting and Installation Products

Browse pipe, tubing, & fittings, skimmers, lighting, installation products, seasonal products, and so much more right here on Reinders.com. We guarantee clients will never want to leave their outdoor sanctuary when you've finished beautifying it!

Our team of experts is excited and ready to help you find suitable products for any sized project with unbeatable customer service. Our selection of reputable vendors makes it easy to find exactly what you're looking for.

For product recommendations, water garden tips, backyard waterfall kit how-to’s, and for all other related inquiries, contact us today!

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