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Improve Your Productivity with Irrigation Sprinkler Systems and Componentsfrom The Industry’s Leading Brands

Watering Grass And Turf is a Breeze with Sprinkler Systems

Wave goodbye to dealing with bulky hoses and hand watering. Shop various sprinkler system products from trusted vendors like Rain Bird, Hunter Industries, Toro, and Irritrol to properly treat your grass or turf. A healthy, green look will always be the standard.

Reliable irrigation components like sprinkler systems, rotor heads, and sprinkler parts and replacements allow automated systems to perform efficiently no matter the size or shape of the land that needs watering.

Save Water and Time with the Proper Sprinkler Parts

As temperatures rise and snow melts, there’s no better time to check in on your sprinkler system to ensure smooth-running, proper irrigation.

Residential and commercial sprinklers simplify watering so you can adequately care for grass and turf without interference, bulky hoses, or manual labor. All landscapes are sure to look lush, organic, and healthy throughout the spring and summer seasons.

Complete your irrigation system with top-of-the-line products from industry brands you can trust. Reinders provides you with the proper supplies to ensure your systems are well-designed and long-lasting, from spray nozzles to rotors to impact sprinklers. Your business will thrive in the upcoming watering season thanks to an arsenal of premium sprinkler components.

Shop Sprinkler Parts from Brands You Can Trust

Irrigation Company LogosIrrigation Company Logos
Irrigation Spray NozzlesIrrigation Spray Nozzles

Irrigation Spray Nozzles

Your automated sprinkler system will benefit from our selection of spray nozzles that allow various arcs and radii of sprinklers to be mixed on the same circuit while maintaining even water distribution rates. Brands like Rain Bird, Hunter Industries, Irritrol, and Toro are trusted for decades and carry irrigation spray nozzles that ensure accuracy and even water distribution in any pattern you’re seeking.

Rotor Sprinkler HeadsRotor Sprinkler Heads

Rotor Sprinkler Heads

Rotors are reliable and efficient, shooting individual streams of water while rotating at the same time. This focused water flow results in a greater distance throw— more area watered without exerting more effort. Multi-stream rotor heads are excellent for distributing multiple streams of water at a controlled rate, allowing for the water to take its time to soak into the landscape. Choose from different circle patterns to best accommodate the type of area that requires watering. Rotor sprinkler heads come in various spacing options, 180-degree and 360-degree functions, and numerous arc settings, so all of your irrigation needs are handled. Shop from Rain Bird, Hunter Industries, Irritrol, K-Rain, and Toro brands for risers, rotors, and everything in between for a seamless sprinkler system. 

Impact SprinklersImpact Sprinklers

Impact Sprinklers

Their unique sound makes impact sprinklers distinguishable from the rest (that systematic shhhh-tik-tik-tik soundis hard not to love). With their ability to reach excellent space ranges, these rugged and durable sprinklers work best for areas with heavy mineral content. Whether you’re shopping for plastic or brass, rest assured that all impact sprinklers from trusted brands like Rain Bird and Toro will keep your landscape luscious and green all season long.

Irrigation Spray HeadsIrrigation Spray Heads

Irrigation Spray Heads

Even coverage, simple adjustments for wet or dry nozzles, and virtual invisibility to blend seamlessly into even the most attractive settings are a few of many beneficial features of irrigation spray heads. Industry-leading vendors like Toro, Rain Bird, Hunter Industries, and Irritrol carry excellent spray head options for covering standard or irregular-shaped turfs, landscapes, and shrub areas with the proper amount of water. Premium spray heads prevent excessive water flow and keep debris at bay to minimize clogging, also ensuring long-lasting durability and reliable performance. Shop various heads from recent product series that offer incredible features and functions that differ from one spray head to the next.

Bubblers and Shrub AdaptersBubblers and Shrub Adapters

Bubblers and Shrub Adapters

Perfectly designed for watering trees, shrubs, and large landscaped areas, bubblers and shrub adapters have various flow rates and patterns to choose from to best suit your watering needs. Browse through our selection of bubblers from our vendors Toro and Hunter Industries that offer multiple stream patterns and flexible designs— pair them with pop-up rotors for even and efficient water distribution.

Sprinkler Parts and Replacements

With time and wear, it’s natural for your sprinkler system and components to need repair or replacement. We recommend thoroughly checking your entire irrigation system and its individual parts as soon as the temperatures warm! That way, you can account for what needs repairing and what needs replacing. Reinders has got you covered with our wide selection of sprinkler parts and replacements from well-loved and industry-trusted brands that you may already use. From brakes to nozzles to assemblies, you’ll be able to keep your sprinkler systems in pristine condition, just like your land.

Rain Bird Residential and Commercial IrrigationRain Bird Residential and Commercial Irrigation

Residential and commercial areas will look greener and healthier than ever, thanks to a high-quality sprinkler system with components that last long and work great.

Not only will your hand watering days be over, but you’ll also save water with proper flow rates, save time by covering a vast amount of land thanks to the incredible range and throw of specific nozzles and heads, and save space with sleek, undetected products that blend into beautiful landscaping, courses, and yards without notice.

You can count on maximum productivity in your team and ultimate satisfaction from your clients. The grass will always be greener on your side!

For product recommendations, sprinkler system troubleshooting, or warm-weather watering tips, contact our industry experts today. Our knowledgeable team is ready and eager to help you save water, time, and money.

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