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Take the hassle out of running your irrigation systems by incorporating Irrigation Controllers and Timers to keep everything running smoothly. With both Wi-Fi irrigation controllers/timers and Bluetooth options available, an irrigation system controller makes it easy to stay a step ahead of any potential issues. Get error messages with the click of a button so you can get things fixed before they pose any significant problems.

Shop the most dependable brands in the industry, like Rain Bird, Hunter, Irritrol, Toro, and more, so you know you're getting the quality care your systems require. Smart irrigation controllers and timers allow you to work with Mother Nature and plan perfect watering schedules to ensure that you're conserving resources when the weather is doing the work for you.

Rain Bird Irrigation ControllersRain Bird Irrigation Controllers

From Wi-Fi Irrigation Controllers and Timers to Weather Sensors, Rain Bird has an Impressive Variety to Keep Even your Biggest Jobs Under Control

With a focus on efficiency and conservation of water, Rain Bird irrigation systems and their irrigation system controllers have long been a top choice of contractors everywhere. Their wide range of products combined with their user-friendly interface has made them an easy-to-use favorite. Even save on your precious resource of time with their "Extra Simple Programming." Quick and simple installation means your team will get the smart irrigation controllers and timers in fast, leaving more time to keep focusing on taking on more clients and expanding your business.

Taking on an especially large project or one that's still in the process of growing? The Rain Bird irrigation controllers' modular design gives you the freedom and flexibility you need to build an irrigation system that meets your client's exact needs, regardless of size. By hand designing your irrigation system with only the components you need, you'll be saving yourself and your client time and money, on top of being more environmentally responsible. Shop irrigation controllers have up to a 200-station capacity, so whether you're tackling a residential community or an entire college campus, you'll be prepared.

Hunter Irrigation ControllersHunter Irrigation Controllers

Hunter Irrigation Products- Bring a Global Industry Leader into Your Arsenal

Hunter smart irrigation controllers and timers are exceptional for their innovation. They're designed to expand when needed through their modular system and intuitively work with their revolutionary sensors, like Solar Sync. These sensors pull local daily weather conditions and adjust the watering schedules accordingly to ensure your irrigation system isn't working overtime. This focus on water savings and conservation means many of the Hunter irrigation system controllers are EPA WaterSense labeled when paired with the Solar Sync weather sensor. Help your clients get the sprinkler system they need to maintain their green spaces and landscaping while also being environmentally conscious.

Does your business also offer full-service landscaping and lighting design? Be sure to check out Hunter's Pro C Series of smart irrigation controllers. On top of getting the flexibility of a modular design that can grow and adjust as needed to give your clients smart watering with their impressive sprinkler system, these controllers also allow you to add landscape lighting control. Streamline the look of your finished product by offering just one irrigation controller that can handle the full workload you just added.

Irritrol Irrigation ControllersIrritrol Irrigation Controllers

Get Sturdy and Easy to Use Control with Irritrol Controllers

Irritrol Controllers are proud to prove that it's possible to have advanced designs and technology without overcomplicating things. With simple to use dials and easy-to-read displays, they take the stress out of programming even your most complex irrigation systems. These flexible controllers are easy for anyone to program and give you the ability to manage anywhere from 6 to 48 stations. There's even a 365-day calendar to help you manage odd/even day watering schedules. Plus, the flexible station run start times mean you can effortlessly meet a broad range of watering requirements.

Their enclosures' dependability and durability make them an excellent option, no matter what your sprinkler system may call for. Whether you need indoor or outdoor mounting, you can find the controller and enclosure that suits your client's needs. From durable plastic to commercial-grade, lockable, metal cabinets, you'll be able to keep your controller protected from any possible elements or issues and be sure it's always up and running your smart watering smoothly.

K-Rain Irrigation ControllersK-Rain Irrigation Controllers

Run Things from the Palm of your Hand Using Bluetooth Controllers

Hoping to get the ease of running your smart sprinkler controllers with the technology you already keep in your pocket? K-Rain controllers can offer you just that! A line of Bluetooth options that allow you to manage multiple controllers, up to 200 timers easily, are available and cut out the need for any extra remotes. With rugged construction, these pieces are 100% waterproof and fully submersible. The weatherproof enclosure options will give you peace of mind no matter what the system may face. The technology works up to 32' away from the valve box and only requires a free app to be downloaded to your device. This is the perfect solution when working a job where the valve box may be isolated or remote. As long as you have an iOS or Android Smartphone or tablet on you, you can offer any client a top-of-the-line, fully programmed smart watering system.

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