LED Replacement Bulbs

Upgrade your outdated or worn-out incandescent lights with our LED Replacement Bulbs. Available in a wide range of colors and sizes, these replacement bulbs will help you keep the vibrant colors you love with added energy-saving benefits.

LED Replacement BulbsLED Replacement Bulbs

LED Replacement Christmas Light Bulbs - An Energy-Saving Update for All Your Favorite Lights

C7 and C9 Replacement Bulbs RooflineC7 and C9 Replacement Bulbs Roofline

Our wide variety of LED Replacement Bulbs will allow you to take your favorite incandescent lights and give them an energy-saving upgrade!

Take your outdated light strings and fixtures and find the perfect, vibrant LED bulbs to keep your designs shining bright with all the benefits of updated technology. There’s no need to sacrifice the look of the bright colors you loved thanks to our wide selection of color options in every size, as well as some specialty Twinkle and color-changing options! No matter what you’re looking for, there’s sure to be the perfect option to light up your project beautifully and with the added bonus of saving energy.

Retrofit replacement bulbs chartRetrofit replacement bulbs chart

Haul Out the Holly without the Higher Energy Bill

Switching to LED bulbs is an environmental choice as well as an excellent money saving decision. The swap from incandescent to LED brings a major drop in watt usage! Where traditional incandescent C7 bulbs can use 5-7 watts, our C7 LED Bulbs only use .58 watts. Our Spotlight LED Bulbs only use 3.5 watts, where the incandescent alternatives can use 28 watts. It’s an incredible difference while still maintaining a beautiful vibrant look!

The savings don’t stop there! There’s also the benefit of making the jump to a longer lasting bulb. Not only are these replacement bulbs quality built to be sturdy and durable, they also have an incredible life expectancy of 50,000 hours. So not only will your display be shining bright through this season, you can count on your lights dazzling anyone who sees them for many years to come.

LED Replacement Christmas Light Bulbs - An Energy-Saving Update for All Your Favorite Lights

There’s far more that can be done with replacement LED bulbs than simply swapping out an old or outdated incandescent bulb. Let your imagination be your guide and create your ideal look in any season! Our C9 LED String Lights as well as our C7 LED String Lights come in a variety of colors to beautifully light up your holiday or special event, but maybe you want more! Perhaps you’re hoping to recreate a childhood memory or capture a specific look that requires a custom color combination. This is your chance to get creative! Be as elaborate as you can dream up using replacement bulbs with a C7 or C9 wire spool. The possibilities are endless.

Our color options are impressive in any replacement bulb size you may be in the market for. In beautiful faceted finish, our C7 and C9 bulbs come in red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink, teal, and even both sun warm and cool white to match your preference in classic white lights. Our C7 bulbs also have a variety of smooth finish options if that’s more your style!


Patio Light replacement bulbsPatio Light replacement bulbs

But customization through Replacement LED Bulbs doesn’t stop at Christmas lights! Why should December get all the fun? Not only are there bulb options that will create the perfect light display for everything from weddings, to special events, to even Halloween, we also carry an exciting line of Spotlights and Patio/Bistro Light Replacement Bulbs to turn even the simplest lights into exactly the ambience you’ve always wanted. Keep it classic with Sun Warm or Cool White, or really turn up the fun with a different pop of color each season. A classic combination of Christmas colors may be fun in the winter, but get creative with some pink and teal in the Spring time and get spooky in October with some Orange and Purple! Enjoy the endless possibilities with these dependable and long-lasting LED bulbs.

Add some real magic and wonder to your old string lights by upgrading to one of our Twinkle or Color Changing Replacement Bulb options! Available in both C7 and C9, these specialty bulbs are sure to enchant onlookers of all ages. Bring the magic of the holidays to life with a light to display that dances, dazzles, and delights like nothing you’ve done before.

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