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Irrigation Pipe Fittings- Have Confidence Every Connecting Piece is Built to Last

An irrigation system is only as strong as its weakest piece. Durable pipes are an essential first step, but if the irrigation pipe fittings aren't quality products, you’re in for issues and time-consuming maintenance sooner than later. Buying high-quality irrigation pipe fittings made from sturdy materials will give you the confidence to know that every twist and turn of your system can stand up to the job. Shop Poly pipe fittings, PVC pipe fittings, and more from the industry leaders you trust like Lasco, Spears, Blazing, Rain Bird, Hunter, Irritrol, and NDS. These companies have years of experience and understand all the challenges of irrigation projects. With a wide variety of accessories, sizes, and materials, you’ll be well equipped to tackle any configuration your project may call for.


Reinders has an extensive selection of irrigation pipe fittings and a vast range of options if you’re in the market for PVC pipe fittings. Our stock of products manufactured by the industry’s leading brands will be the solution you’re looking for while taking on any irrigation project.

Whether you need of PVC elbows, nipples, male or female adapters, or nearly any kind of irrigation pipe fitting, be sure to look into our inventory of Spears pipe fittings. Spears has proudly been a leading manufacturer for over 40 years and in that time has grown from a one machine shop to a trusted worldwide distributor. They continue to build on their designs using innovative technology to bring only the best products to the market. By using Computer Aided Engineering, all of their products are focused on being strong, functional, and dependable.

The benefits of using PVC irrigation piping and fittings in all of your irrigation applications will pay off tenfold, from day one of your job through as many years the system is needed. To start, the lighter weight of the items makes installation easier on your team and is overall a much lower cost than going with conventional metal options. With both Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 PVC fittings available, whether your jobs call for lower or higher pressurization, you can stock up and be prepared for anything that comes your way. Being thermoplastic, they can also handle fluids at service temperatures up to 140°F. These pipe fittings have exceptional chemical and corrosion resistance meaning they can be virtually maintenance-free for years. They will never rust, scale, or pit, saving you and your team countless hours of possible maintenance simply by planning correctly and installing trusted and durable products.

From Adapters to Elbows to Plugs and More! A Quick Look at Different Kinds of Irrigation Pipe Fittings

We know that no two jobs your business takes on will be the same. Irrigation systems are far from a one size fits all operation and we’re prepared to stock you with all the best irrigation pipe fittings for even your most complicated configurations. With so many products out there, it’s important to know exactly what your options are. So let’s take a look at some of the more common pipe fittings you’ll need to get the work done right.

Male and Female Adapters

Available in both Poly and PVC, male and female adapters allow you to connect two similar threads by converting the end to add a male or female threaded piece accordingly.


Elbow fittings connect your pipes at a 90-degree angle to allow for those sharp direction changes in your irrigation configuration.

Caps and Plugs

PVC Caps and Plugs are both irrigation pipe fittings used to seal off the end of a run of pipe. A cap will sit or thread over the outside of a pipe while a plug threads into the pipe.

Swing joints

Irrigation Swing joints attach the sprinkler to the irrigation system on a flexible joint that allows for a wide range of adjustments. These pipe fittings simplify installation by giving you a wide range to set the perfect height and eliminates the need for finding a specific height riser.

Poly Pipe and PVC Pipe - Which is the right choice for you?

As you’re shopping your choices for the right pipes and fittings, the main options you’ll see are PVC and Poly tubing/ Poly pipe fittings, or Polyethylene pipe fittings. While PVC is the stronger material, one of the main benefits of using Poly is its flexibility. This makes it versatile and easier to use no matter how intricate an irrigation system you’re working on. For this reason, it requires fewer fittings than PVC. And while both PVC and Poly fittings have been manufactured to be strong and prevent leakage, fewer fittings mean fewer possible failure points. However, both are resistant to corrosion, giving them an extended service life. The cost savings of long-lasting products is a tremendous benefit to contractors and clients alike.

You’ll also find some fittings specific to Poly tubing that you will not see when working with PVC supplies. For instance, some Poly saddles require zero installation tools and can be added to your set-up in literally seconds. These brilliant fittings will simplify your job by allowing easy access to the pipe to transport water to a different irrigation head while maintaining optimal sprinkler head flow.
In the end, both are great options and widely considered easier to install and maintain alternatives to the traditional metal pipe and fittings that once dominated the market. Gone are the days of constant maintenance due to corrosion and leaky pipes thanks to these superior PVC and Poly pipes and pipe fittings.

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