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Find the Proper Drip Irrigation Supplies to Save Water, Preserve Fertilizer, and Increase Productivity

Tackle drip irrigation with the right drip irrigation supplies, kits, and parts. With the highest-quality drip components, you’ll properly design, install, and manage your irrigation system in no time, ready to drip water slowly to plant roots or onto soil surfaces. Although the process is straightforward, an irrigation system meant for drip or trickle purposes requires several key components in order to work efficiently.  Valves, tubes, pipes, and emitters combine to create a proper irrigation system ready to save you water. You’ll find everything you need right here at Reinders.com, with inventory made for professionals from top vendors like Hunter, Rain Bird, Toro, Netafim, and Irritrol.

From Drip Irrigation Valves to Emitters to Fittings, Reinders Helps Make Micro-Irrigation Easy. Drip irrigation is an excellent solution for caring for commercial and residential landscapes that require moistening roots without soaking them.

A low-pressure, low-volume watering system like drip irrigation requires the right supplies to run as efficiently as possible, like drip irrigation valves, emitters, fittings, pressure reducers, and fitters. Proper drip irrigation kits and parts create a well-designed system that can water everything from landscape beds to container plants to vegetable gardens.

Drip Irrigation 101

The slow, steady watering system, also referred to as micro-irrigation or trickle irrigation, is excellent for non-grass areas. It’s perfect for spot-watering as water trickles down to plant roots, whether on the soil’s surface or directly onto the root zone.

Drip systems are not only time and cost-effective, but they aid in water conservation - controlled water drip reduces evaporation and maximizes water distribution to the areas that need watering the most. Delicate flowers, vegetables, and foliage are adequately cared for with water that directly contacts the roots and soil, opposed to being rained over with sprinklers.


Supplies & Parts for a Seamless System

With high-quality components, your spot watering and drip irrigation system will leave landscaped areas healthy and flourishing. Shop drip irrigation supplies from Reinders, made for professionals, by professionals, to help you achieve just that.

A wide variety of drip irrigation kits, individual parts, and other supplies from industry-trusted vendors will make your drip watering system run as efficiently and reliably as possible.

Check out the critical components needed for effective drip line irrigation to keep your business productive and your clients happy.

Drip Irrigation Emitters

Emitters (along with drip lines and stakes) are the heart of most irrigation systems, ideal for watering root zones. Emitters have different flow rates, most likely depicted with different colors, making it simple to match specific plants’ watering needs. Brands like Hunter, Netafim, and Rain Bird carry various emitters and microsprays to conserve water and eliminate excessive run-off.

Drip Irrigation Valves & Kits

Valve kits are excellent for automated irrigation systems as they open and close according to a timer. Be sure to choose a compatible valve with the correct pressure and flow rate of your drip watering system. Hunter, Irritrol, Rain Bird, and Toro are trusted brands that offer reliable, heavy-duty kits that provide filtration and pressure regulation, making it possible to accommodate drip needs in any environment.

Drip Lines

With drip lines, you’ll be able to deliver precise and equal water amounts to the plants, flowers, and landscaping that needs it. This crucial component carries fluid to the plants and roots, maximizing water application and ensuring your drip line irrigation system runs seamlessly. Shop from a large selection of Hunter, Netafim, Rain Bird, and Toro products with different sizing options to accommodate emitters.

Drip Irrigation Pressure Reducers

As the name implies, pressure reducers regulate incoming water pressure to a pressure usable by a drip system. Using a drip irrigation pressure reducer and filters helps when incoming water pressure is too high for the emitters or fittings featured in your drip system. Rain Bird, Toro, Netafim, and Hunter are industry-trusted brands that present you with many options of impact-resistant, rugged-designed pressure reducers and filters.

Drip Irrigation Fittings

Tubing fittings attach to drip lines and tubing to keep your system safe and secure. With tight-connecting, easy-to-use fittings and distribution components of different shapes and sizes from brands like Hunter, Netafim, Rain Bird, and Toro, you’re sure to find exactly what you need to suit your irrigation situation.


Building a professional watering system of reliable valves, emitters, pressure reducers, drip lines, and fittings will give you confidence in providing the proper care for landscaping, vegetable gardens, and non-grass areas, preserving water while doing so.

Reinders offers the best drip irrigation supplies, including drip irrigation bubblers, tools, and accessories to suit any professional needs, no matter the size and shape of land or complexity of the irrigation system.

Contact our irrigation experts today for knowledgeable product recommendations, helpful troubleshooting, informative drip irrigation tips, and other related inquiries.

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