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Achieve Rapid Seed Germination with Professional Lawn Care Techniques like Lawn Hydroseeding

To grow healthy, green grass and prevent soil erosion this spring, try out lawn hydroseeding! This technique is also commonly referred to as hydraulic mulch seeding.

Hydroseeding is efficient and convenient, allowing you to plant grass seed in a cost-effective way. Reinders carries a small selection of mulch, supplies, and equipment to make light work of feeding your lawn! Shop affordable hydroseeding products from brands you know and trust to achieve beautiful, healthy grass.

Achieve Rapid Seed Germination with Professional Lawn Care Techniques like Lawn Hydroseeding

Lawn Hydroseeding: The BasicsLawn Hydroseeding: The Basics

Lawn hydroseed is a specialized slurry often consisting of grass seeds, mulch, water, fertilizer, and biostimulants. The mixture can also contain green-tinted dye in some varieties, ensuring your lawn gives off an attractive green hue.

There are plenty of positive benefits of trying your hand at hydroseeding this season. Check out some advantages below!

  • Achieves a more uniformed, attractive look sans the seams and patches caused by sod and traditional seeding
  • More efficient compared to traditional seeding
  • More affordable than laying sod
  • Customize seed blends
  • Quick grass germination
  • Results in healthier, nutrient-rich lawns

Discover Some of the Best Grass Seedings and Mulch for Lawn Hydroseeding Available at Reinders

Phoenix Paper Products EZ Jet Spray Hydraulic MulchPhoenix Paper Products EZ Jet Spray Hydraulic Mulch

Phoenix Paper Products EZ Jet Spray Hydraulic Mulch

This patented mulch formulation includes corn fiber, paper fiber, and poly fibers, offering quick mixing times, fast water absorption, and high water capacity. EZ Jet Mix is designed to provide exceptional performance in water agitated hydroseeding machines.

Mat Inc Mat-BlendMat Inc Mat-Blend

Mat Inc Mat-Blend

Mat-Blend is a whole wood fiber component meant for lawn, turf, and areas with little-to-no slope. The whole wood fibers add holding power and structural integrity, forming a mat on the soil that beats up any straight paper application. Mat-Blend ensures better performance, which correlates to better germination, fewer washouts, and reduced call backs.

Profile Products Terra-Blend with UltraGroProfile Products Terra-Blend with UltraGro

Profile Products Terra-Blend with UltraGro

A fully biodegradable hydraulic mulch seeding like Terra-Blend with UltrGro is composed of 100% recycled thermally refined wood and cellulose fibers. The hydraulic mulch forms a close bond with the soil surface, creating a porous, absorbent blanket that not only prevents erosion but accelerates plant growth.

Profile Products Seed Aide

You’ll not only make light work of hydroseeding thanks to Seed Aide’s flexible applications, but you’ll also achieve better ground coverage and soil bonding. This hydroseeding product is perfect for all kinds of applications, sure to stay put during rainfall or irrigation.

To explore more cost-effective mulch and grass seedings, check out our entire collection of hydroseeding supplies.

Our team of experts is ready to assist you with your professional lawn hydroseeding needs to create gorgeous lawns and functional recreational spaces. Contact us today for lawn care tips, seed mulch and hydro mulch recommendations, and to answer any related landscaping inquiries!

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