Transform Outdoor Areas into Picture-Perfect Settings with Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Low voltage landscape lighting is easy to install and provides just enough light for safe walking. Besides the beautiful, warm glow it can provide to an outdoor area, low voltage lighting brings definition to the features that deserve the most attention, like walking paths, patios, decks, and garden plots.

At Reinders, you'll find everything you need to create landscapes so photo-worthy, your clients will never want to go back inside. Browse outdoor accent lighting, outdoor light fixtures, wash lights, inground light options., and so much more.

LED Landscape Lighting Creates Unforgettable Outdoor Spaces

The proper lighting takes good landscaping and transforms it into an incredible outdoor oasis. Low voltage landscape lighting is easy to install and comes in a variety of fixtures and options. Choose the right kind of outdoor lighting for the space in need of a glowing, warm presence.

Low voltage landscape lighting, as the name implies, produces a low voltage from transformer-powered light. It's a safe, energy-efficient option that plugs directly into a GFCI outlet, known to have less light failure, more expansion, and cooler features as opposed to solar lighting. Low voltage lighting lets you swap out old fixtures for new ones is a breeze and allows for experimentation with ambient lighting or timers. For a long-lasting, serious lighting solution, low voltage landscape lighting is the way to go— and we've got just the right products for all of your commercial and residential projects.

Discover Outdoor Lighting Products for Any Landscaping Job

Accent Uplights

Accent Uplights
Uplighting is a simple way to add warmth to the side of houses or around backyards with their discrete build and subtle light. The soft beams of light shining up against building or home sidings add a nice, cohesive touch to the area's overall appeal. Choose between several varieties of energy-efficient accent uplights that are durable and versatile for many different applications.

Landscape Lighting Transformers

Transformers and Control Products
You'll only be able to achieve a beautiful outdoor aesthetic if your entire lighting system is running efficiently. Lights are powered through a transform, which lowers the voltage down to around 12-volts. This is an integral part of your lighting system; therefore, you need the best of the best! Shop from an array of transformers and control products from industry-trusted brands to find high-grade components that provide the power and control you need.

Wall Wash Lights

Wash Lights
Wash lights produce a general lighting effect meant to illuminate flat walls with an evenly distributed glow. Wash light fixtures fit securely in the ground and provide bright, uniform light at a wide angle. Shop from fixtures with aesthetic brass finishes, discrete designs, and energy-efficient LED bulbs.

Accent Downlights

Accent Downlights
To accent areas below surfaces like landscape beds, gardens, water features, or other ground-level focal points, accent downlighting does the job. Mount downlight fixtures up onto structures so that the LED light shines downwards, creating an illuminating spotlight effect. With a variety of color finishes and sleek designs, you'll be able to find the perfect downlights to put the focus directly where you want it while saving energy with LED lights.

In Ground Lights

Inground Lights
For commercial projects, inground lighting works well to prevent damage to the fixtures due to the high foot traffic commonly on or around landscaping. Inground lighting provides just enough light to illuminate walkways, driveways, or turf areas that require an efficient light source without drastic fixtures. You'll find the right option for the job with an array of colors, finishes, shapes, and sizes from top-leading brands.

Path Lighting

Path Lights
It's essential to find path lights that are just as simple as they are efficient. This outdoor lighting fixture creates safe walkways to homes, gardens, backyards, and decks without overpowering the area with bright light. Low voltage landscaping lighting, like path lights, is an excellent option because of its easy installation, sufficient glow, versatile application, and long-lasting construction meant to endure the elements.

LED Retrofit Lamps
For energy-saving outdoor lighting with an unmistakable glow, choose LED retrofit lamps for your landscaping job. Consider using LED retrofit lamps in high-traffic areas that ensure a safe environment with sufficient lighting, whether installed in commercial, industrial, or residential areas. Reinders carries energy-efficient LED lamps from industry-trusted brands in different color temperatures and beam spreads. Use this variety of LED landscaping lighting in enclosed fixtures, wet locations, or extreme heat.

Incandescent Lamps
High-quality incandescent lamps provide a crisp, white beam of light wherever necessary. Incandescent outdoor landscape lighting does not crack or peel under the stress of high temperatures. They work exceptionally well to illuminate backyard settings, house/building sidings, decks, patios, and porches. At Reinders, you'll find long-lasting, versatile lamp options from vendors you know and trust.

Cable Connectors
Outdoor lighting fixtures need to endure the elements, whether it's springtime rain or summer heat. Using the proper cable connectors within your lighting system and electrical wires is crucial for the success of beautiful, adequate landscape lighting. Cable connectors create ultra-tight seals to prevent water damage. With one-step installation and corrosion-proof materials, your lighting project will go off without a hitch.

Lighting Cables, Mounts, and Other Installation Tools
Reinders is your one-stop shop for all things landscape lighting. Whether it be outdoor light fixtures, underwater lights, or stakes and mounting options, you'll find everything you need in one spot from trusted brands in the industry. Your landscape lighting installation will be quick, easy, and ultimately beautiful, no matter the industrial, commercial, or residential setting. Shop lighting repair parts, installation tools and accessories, and lighting cables to get the job done right.

Creating a gorgeous outdoor area is easy, thanks to our selection of reputable products that our industry experts fully stand behind. An illumination of warm, cozy light will leave homes, backyards, landscape plots, gardens, decks, and patios looking picture-perfect.

Reinders' team has the thorough knowledge and expertise to help you in every stage of your landscape lighting process. From product recommendations to lighting system troubleshooting to landscaping tips, we're here to help.