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Golf Course Bunker Rakes: Bunker Maintenance Made Easy

Create smooth-as-silk sand in bunkers with golf course bunker rakes. Raking out the sandy area isn’t just for presentation— playability is vital when it comes to adequate golf course maintenance, especially for hazards like sand traps.  

Golf course bunker rakes keep sandy areas looking and playing at the highest level. The right tools help level out the surface and even out the perimeter, so you have yourself an aesthetically pleasing course for golfers of all play levels. Shop a variety of bunker and level rakes from top-leading brands like Standard Golf and Par Aide Products right here on Reinders.com!

Create Professional-Level Playing Courses with the Best Golf Course Leveling Rakes

Raking a bunker has one simple goal: create a surface that is as smooth as possible! By shopping for the best golf course leveling rakes, that goal is effortlessly achievable.

Bunker maintenance goes beyond the initial leveling and aesthetics before tee-off— golfers can demonstrate their care for the golf course by raking footprints and other surface disruptions resulting from taking the shot. Make it simple and straightforward to do so with reliable, durable bunker rakes.

Select a Suitable Rake for Different Golf Courses

Golf course bunker rakes are not one-size-fits-all. It’s essential to choose the best option according to your course. The sand types could vary, as could the playing surfaces. Leveling rakes come available in different appearances and price points, so there’s plenty of options to choose the most appropriate one for your course and playing needs.

Take a look at some of our favorite golf course leveling rakes below from trusted golf brands like Standard Golf and Par Aide Products.

Standard Golf RakesStandard Golf Rakes

Standard Golf 25” Tour Pro Rake

Move deep-sanded bunker sand effortlessly into place with the Tour Pro series bunker rake. The ridged side of the 25” rake head allows for smoothing of the playing sand without compaction of flattening. With a 72” green gator grip handle, you’ll get better coverage than other rakes with guaranteed comfortability and durability.

Standard Golf 15” Tour Smooth II Rake

The Tour Smooth II Rake series from Standard Golf offers an upgraded performance that requires minimal effort on your end! With the ability to smooth out fine and course lines with a seamless smooth side, you can efficiently create picture-perfect playing conditions. With easy assembly and a comfortable grip handle, bunker maintenance has never been so easy.

Par Aide RakesPar Aide Rakes

Par Aide AccuCurv Bunker Rake

Par Aide does golf course sand trap rakes right with their AccuCurv series. The easy-to-use design and comfortable 54” green ProTect handle allow you to get the job done with minimal effort. The smooth side ensures an even, leveled surface without compacting or flattening the sand, while the rake tines work to move sand into place after shots.

Par Aide Accuform Ace II Bunker Rake

An ultra-lightweight design of Par Aide’s Accuform Ace II series bunker rakes handles sand trap maintenance with ease. Smooth out bunkers and reduce unsightly furrows with innovative tapered ends. With a 25” head and 72” green ProTect handle, you’ll achieve beautiful playing surfaces with every pass.

With affordable options from top-leading golf brands, you’re sure to make bunker maintenance and care simple and easy. There are plenty of golf course bunker rakes and handles & accessories to browse through, so get to shopping!

For rake recommendations according to your course type, sand trap maintenance tips, and to answer other related inquires, contact us today! Our expert team is here for you. Reinders guarantees unrivaled service and high-quality products to take care of all your golf course needs.

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