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Keep up with heavy precipitation with liquid ice melt totes and drums

Midwest winter storms can hit hard and last all day and night. Being well-equipped with the right products and appropriate amounts will make snow and ice removal and maintenance that much easier.

Liquid ice melt totes and drums not only hold a massive quantity of product, they keep chemicals and deicers safe and secure. Whether storing, transporting, or applying liquid ice melt, totes and drums are environmentally safe and large enough to properly handle any amount of snow and ice accumulations.

Long-lasting snowstorms are no match for a well-stocked inventory of liquid calcium chloride totes. Liquid ice melt is an excellent pre-treatment for a snowfall to reduce dangers of slippery ice and thick snow accumulation. This pre-treatment action is called anti-icing.

Anti-icing* is a proactive strategy to prevent ice bond from forming between accumulation and the surface, typically executed by Direct Liquid Application up to 48 hours before a storm. Anti- icing appears like wet stripes on dry pavement; the wet areas reduce the bond between snow and ice and the pavement while the dry areas maintain friction.

Having inventory of liquid lice melt totes and drums allows you to work effortlessly to cover critical high-traffic areas, like roadways and interstates. The large tote and drum sizes have you covered throughout long-lasting snowstorms.

From 275-gallon liquid calcium chloride totes to environmentally safe 55-gallon liquid ice melt totes, Reinders carries a variety of reputable products to keep winter maintenance productivity at an all-time high for you and your business. Take a look at a few (of many) reputable products Reinders carries.

Liquid ice melt totes and drumsLiquid ice melt totes and drums

275 Calcium Chloride Gallon Totes

  • Delivers effective results
  • Variety of uses in all seasons
  • Cost-effective
  • Reduces maintenance and repair costs
  • Can develop multiple concentrations
  • Available to customize for specific needs
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275 Gallon Envirotech SOS Salt or Sand Stockpile Treatment with Dye

  • High performance liquid product for pre-treatment of salt and sand
  • Enhances melting performance of stockpiles
  • Reduces leaching
  • Increases penetration into ice and snow pack
  • Aids in prevention of freezing or “clumping”
  • >>> View Product <<<

55 Gallon Cryotech cF7 Clear Non-Chloride RTU Liquid Drum

  • Prevents bonding of snow and ice to pavement
  • Use for anti-icing, deicing, and prewetting
  • Non-slipper, good tire tracking
  • Non-chloride based
  • Low corrosion
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275 Gallon Tote for Liquid Icemelt

55 Gallon Drum for Liquid Icemelt

Vertical Storage TankVertical Storage Tank

Liquid Calcium Chloride: Efficient For Winter Maintenance

Using liquid calcium chloride as an ice melt, like previously mentioned 275 GAL Calcium Chloride Tote, is an ideal, efficient product for winter maintenance. It has an effective temperature of 20°F with fast-acting properties, working faster than Magnesium Chloride on its own. Calcium Chloride adds the most speed and melt capabilities when included in a blend, most often found with Magnesium Chloride and Sodium Chloride. Purchasing large totes for the winter will keep you well-prepared to effectively provide safety for others, whether for road treatment or industrial purposes.

In order to properly reduce the risk of heavy snow and ice accumulations, you must practice effective methods for high-risk, high-traffic, and high-speed areas. These areas often look like sidewalks in front of schools, or interstates as previously mentioned.

Applying liquid deicer immediately before the storm creates a microlayer of melting under snow and ice; this melting layer reduces the bond between snow and ice and the pavement, so mechanical snow removal is easier. Liquid ice melt totes and drums, like liquid calcium chloride totes, make anti-icing treatments that much easier and efficient.

*It’s important to note that the success of using liquid ice melt and anti-icing methods is entirely dependent on important factors like the type of weather event, application rate, liquid deicer, and spread pattern*

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