Snow & Ice

Prepare for winter with Reinders' bulk ice melt, shovels, spreaders, and professional-grade snow blowers, ensuring you can tackle heavy snowfalls and icy conditions safely and effectively.

shoveling snow off the sidewalkshoveling snow off the sidewalk


The next generation of Sidewalk Snow Vehicle

The Ventrac SSV is your one-pass snow removal and de-icing machine, engineered to be a system that can handle any winter storm. 

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Winter No Longer Sends a Chill Down Our Spine with Commercial Snow Removal Tools and Equipment

It’s important to be prepared for whatever mother nature throws your way during the wintertime. With Reinders selection of commercial snow removal tools and equipment, you can now handle the winter season with ease. From ice melt to salt spreaders to heavy-duty snow removal equipment, there’s a product meant just for you.

Professional-grade tools that make it that much easier to tackle heavy snowfalls or icy conditions. Our line of outdoor winter products are the epitome of convenience, effectiveness, and overall preparedness.

The Midwest Meets its Match with Winter Outdoor Tools and Equipment. An arsenal of winter products will not only make handling snow and ice a hassle-free task, it will also keep you covered for the entirety of the season.

Commercial snow removal tools and equipment are heavy-duty, long-lasting, and take care of the job at a moment’s notice, ensuring businesses and commercial areas are cleared of snow and ice for the safety of others. With a proper maintenance kit, you’ll be set for many winter seasons to come.

Build your commercial snow removal kit the exact way you need it for proper winter maintenance. Our reputable selection of brands and commercial-grade equipment means you can safely and easily remove and prevent snow, ice, and frost during the unpredictable winter season.

Winter outdoor tools and equipment keep all areas of your commercial businesses safe, from sideways to parking lots to stairways to ramps. Staying well-equipped reduces the stress and the hassle, so you can take on the winter season like a true professional.

Our selection of reputable brands tackles the elements with ease, no matter how big or small the winter storm. Browse below for all of the proper commercial equipment you need:

  • Granular Ice Melters- Break the bond between pavement and snow and ice with heat-generating, ice-melting components in granular ice melt.
  • Liquid Ice Melters- Pre-treat and stop the bond from even forming, pre-wet at the spinner, keep the walkways free and clear while avoiding expensive damage to building entrances and ornamental landscaping.
  • Push Spreaders- Spread the liquid or granular ice melt with controlled accuracy. Choose from drop and broadcast spreaders that are best for rock salt or solid ice melt blends.
  • Winter Tools- Quality shovels, pushers, scoops, scrapers and broom that make you more efficient with less strain. Don’t forget the driveway markers, gloves and ice melt storage boxes.
  • Snow Blowers- Tackle heavy snowfall with heavy duty commercial snow blowers that are perfect for quick snow removal for businesses, parking lots, residential and commercial areas.
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