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Protect Your Green Spaces with the Top Turf & Lawn Care Chemicals this Season

As temperatures warm up, every lawn, field, and garden will require extra attention and care to get them looking their best and ready for a season of enjoyment. Reinders wants to help you take the guesswork out of properly treating your green spaces. We offer the best products in the industry, from the top manufacturers, to help you protect from turf diseases, weeds, and pests as efficiently as possible.

Shop our impressive selection of pre-emergent herbicide, post-emergent herbicide, lawn fungicide, lawn insecticide spray, soil wetting agents, plant growth regulators, and more. Your residential and commercial projects alike will be thriving and healthy, ready for endless hours of outdoor fun for all.

Weeds Won’t Stand a Chance Against Our Pre-Emergent & Post-Emergent Herbicide Selection

Whether you’re looking to stop weeds in their tracks before they present a problem or needing to tackle existing weeds, having a powerful herbicide in your lawn care arsenal can help you keep that lawn looking its best. You’ll find what you need no matter what the job at hand may be. Our wide range of Pre-Emergent and Post-Emergent Herbicides is sure to have the right product formulated to take down the weeds and control whatever grass you may be working with.

Syngenta BarricadeSyngenta Barricade

Syngenta- Barricade 4 Liquid Pre-Emergent Herbicide

This powerful herbicide offers broad-spectrum control of weeds and is labeled for use on most turfgrass species. Prevent growth and development by applying up to several months before germination and enjoy the benefit of weed protection all season long with a single application.

PBI-Gordon- Trimec Classic Broadleaf Post-Emergent HerbicidePBI-Gordon- Trimec Classic Broadleaf Post-Emergent Herbicide

PBI-Gordon- Trimec Classic Broadleaf Post-Emergent Herbicide

Take control of more than 90 broadleaf weeds without harming most turfgrass species. Combat clover, dandelion, plantain, chickweed, and more after they’ve appeared, whether you’re working on warm-season or cool-season turfgrasses.

Bayer SpecticleBayer Specticle

Bayer- Specticle Total Pre- and Post-Emergent Herbicide

Get the best of both worlds with this solution that offers fast knockout plus unrivaled residual control of weeds for up to 6 months. This is a great option for managing weeds in landscape, hardscape, and non-crop areas. Whether you’re looking to apply to ornamental plants and grasses, gravel areas and sidewalks, or a job that covers all of those, Specticle Total will make your job easier by tackling it all.

Weeds Won’t Stand a Chance Against Our Pre-Emergent & Post-Emergent Herbicide Selection

Golf courses, sports fields, and home lawns alike are all susceptible to disease if left untreated. Reinders doesn’t want all the hard work you’ve put in to be wasted by leaving your grass vulnerable to fungal diseases looking to attack the grass blades and roots. Take action with any of these highly effective fungicides from the top manufacturers in the industry, and trust that your grass will stand up to unwanted disease growth and keep your fields looking lush and green.

Quail-Pro - Enclave Fungicide

Known for its proven performance and superior value, Quail-Pro Enclave Fungicide guards grass with multi-site protection. First, topically by coating the plant to prevent disease penetration and then systemically moves through the plant and its roots to guard against root disease. This one product fights various fungal pathogens, saving you money while still providing superior protection. There is no need to worry about storing, mixing, and applying multiple fungicides as this powerhouse option covers most of them.

Bayer- Signature XTRA Stressgard FungicideBayer- Signature XTRA Stressgard Fungicide

Bayer- Signature XTRA Stressgard Fungicide

Signature XTRA Stressgard not only protects grass from summer decline and bacteria wilt but will also help benefit the overall health of your grass. It creates healthier roots that lead to better water and nutrient utilization for improved color and density. This product also protects the plant from the adverse effects of UV radiation. Use Signature XTRA Stressgard to help greenery recover from mechanical damage such as aeration or scalping.

Keep the Pests at Bay for More Enjoyable Lawn, Park, and Athletic Field Experiences

Taking advantage of sunny summer weather can quickly turn sour when unwanted pests have shown up uninvited. Fire ants, grubs, fleas, and more may commonly find their way into grass and landscaping, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it. Shop our trusted insecticide options to ensure the lawns you maintain are well protected and primed for uninterrupted fun.

Andersons- DuoCide Post-Emergent InsecticideAndersons- DuoCide Post-Emergent Insecticide

Andersons- DuoCide Post-Emergent Insecticide

This insecticide is an Andersons DG PRO product. With this technology, particles are more rapidly and efficiently broken down for better performance. DuoCide Insecticide can be safely used in and around flower beds, ornamental plantings, and around the outside of buildings. It provides preventative and curative treatment for surface and subsurface pests like grubs, mole crickets, fleas, ticks, and more. 

Nufarm- Arena InsecticideNufarm- Arena Insecticide

Nufarm- Arena Insecticide

Nufarm’s Arena Insecticide offers superior grub control, including curative grub control, that helps keep away foraging animals. This is a systemic insecticide that must be used in the area of the plant where the pest is feeding but has the added benefit of not requiring immediate watering-in after application.

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