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Kifco Water Reels & Water Wheel Parts- The Industry’s Leading Portable Irrigation System

If you’re in the market for an irrigation solution that is portable, reliable, and simple, Kifco has the traveling irrigation system you’ve been looking for. 40 years of production as an industry leader under their built, Kifco knows the rugged construction needed to get your most demanding jobs done well and fast. Kifco water reels are brilliantly designed with an automatic shutoff to allow you to irrigate acres in a single unattended pass. With an impressive line-up of water reels as well as Kifco water wheel parts, you’ll undoubtedly find the perfect irrigation option as well as everything you need to keep up with maintenance. Whether you’re tackling a sports field, golf course, hobby farm, or food plot, you can efficiently get the job done simpler than ever with a product you can depend on for years to come.

Find the Right Kifco Water Reel for Your Unique Irrigation Needs

We know that every irrigation project you take on will have its unique challenges. For some jobs, underground irrigation systems are not an option. Portable irrigation systems are ideal in those situations and also save money on potentially pricey repairs and winterizing. There are various options available to get exactly the water reel you need to get your specific job done easily.

Kifco Water Reel with Sime Hydra

This Kifco Model B140 is a water-powered bellows driven water-reel. It operates as low as 45 PSI and 15 GPM with no additional pressure requirements, making it more reliable than small turbines. Its 3 large flotation tires make it easy to transport by hand or by a small garden tractor. This model is an excellent choice for sports fields, residential landscape, gardens, nurseries, and hobby farms.

Kifco Water Reel with Komet Twin Max, Model T200L

The Model T200L water reel uses a turbine drive that features simple and accurate speed control that makes it the most efficient turbine in the market. This simple and reliable portable irrigation system is the perfect option for sports fields, golf courses, hobby farms, ranches, and pastures.

B140 Kifco Water Reel

The Model B140 is a versatile solution that can handle anything from residential irrigation needs to sports fields, horse arenas, or ranches. It’s a water-powered bellows driven water-reel that features a 5.5 HP booster pump and Komet sprinkler.

Explore the Versatility of Water Reel Irrigation Applications

Kifco Water-Reels are a dream come true for any groundskeeper. Here are just a few examples of the applications that make these products an invaluable addition to your arsenal of tools -

Athletic Fields

  • Flexibility to irrigate multiple fields with one machine.
  • Softens field to reduce player injuries.

Synthetic Turf

  • Only Kifco offers a machine specifically designed to cool, rinse, and condition synthetic turf fields.
  • Water the entire field, end-zone to end-zone, in 27 minutes.

Equestrian Arenas

  • Softens the soil for better, safer footing in show arenas and stables.
  • Provides excellent dust control.


  • Improves appearance of the grounds and increases the value of burial plots.


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