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Infield Conditioner & Baseball Mound Clay- Be Game Ready with the Best Products All Season

Reinders knows it’s essential to keep your field prepped and ready for every game, whether it’s Little Leaguers or Major League players stepping out to play ball. Treat your field with the needs of your players in mind to ensure not just a good-looking field but also the right level of support and safety for everyone to play their best. Shop our impressive line-up of infield conditioner and pitching mound clay options from top brands like DuraEdge and Turface to find the perfect choice for your field to thrive all season.

Protect Your Field and Your Players with Top-of-the-Line Infield Conditioner

Baseball and softball infields alike take a beating season after season, courtesy of countless games and the natural effects of Mother Nature. If left untreated, typical infield skin issues can include a mucky consistency when it’s wet, a dusty and loose field when dry, and an abrasive and sharp texture when it’s inconsistent. Help stave off these problems with any of our trusted infield conditioners, specially formulated to help the level of play your field needs to be prepared for.

Profile Products- Turface MVPProfile Products- Turface MVP

Profile Products- Turface MVP

Turface MVP has an incredible reputation for excellence with over 50 years as the leading choice for diamonds from the major leagues to local parks and recreational facilities. Whether you’re setting up a new field or needing to incorporate product into an existing field, this infield conditioner can be used to condition soil, relieve compaction, and help manage moisture across baseball or softball infields.

Profile Products- Turface Pro League Heritage RedProfile Products- Turface Pro League Heritage Red

Profile Products- Turface Pro League Heritage Red

Turface Pro League excels in offering players safety and confidence in their game. The smaller, uniform particle size creates a consistent infield surface to minimize injuries from bad hops. This infield conditioner also provides cushion for sliding or diving, giving you an all-around safer gameplay experience for everyone on the field. Also, enjoy the added benefit of rich color choices that enhance visibility and ballpark aesthetics. In wet or dry infields, their deep colors will remain consistent.

DuraEdge- Classic Infield MixDuraEdge- Classic Infield Mix

DuraEdge- Classic Infield Mix

DuraEdge’s Infield Mixes are set up for you to find the perfect fit for the needs of your field. They understand that what works for the big leagues will not necessarily work for everyone and want you to get a product made with your specific level of gameplay in mind. DuraEdge Classic Infield Mix is a perfect choice for recreational fields as it is very low maintenance and does not require access to water to maintain.

Ensure High-Level Playability to Your Most Vulnerable Areas with Durable Baseball Mound Clay

Giving your players a solid foundation to compete to the best of their abilities is vital to ensuring the best games possible. No area on the field gets the amount of wear and tear that pitching mounds, catcher boxes, and batter’s boxes get every single game, and for that reason, they require top-quality baseball mound clay to guarantee the maintenance is kept up with properly. Shop our selection of mound clay options that are trusted by groundskeepers everywhere, whether you’re tackling new construction, renovations, or post-game maintenance.

Profile Products- Turface Mound Clay GrayProfile Products- Turface Mound Clay Gray

Profile Products- Turface Mound Clay Gray

Turface Professional Gray Mound Clay is made of 100% pure virgin gumbo high-density clay, which effectively resists constant wear. It possesses a high level of tackiness to enhance its bonding strength plus pliable construction to make it easy to mold into just the right form. This product is ready to be used right out of the bag.

Profile Products- Turface MoundMaster Red BrickProfile Products- Turface MoundMaster Red Brick

Profile Products- Turface MoundMaster Red Brick

Turface MoundMaster blocks are sized perfectly for building up boxes and the mound from the ground up. Made of 100% pure virgin clay, the blocks are pre-compressed and have a high density for increased, long-lasting performance. Easily make improvements with just a package of 8 blocks. These make routine repairs simpler than ever, as little as 10 minutes of post-game maintenance, and leave you with a professionally maintained and safe playing space.

DuraEdge- BlackStick Mound ClayDuraEdge- BlackStick Mound Clay

DuraEdge- BlackStick Mound Clay

Black gumbo packing clay has been a go-to at the highest levels of professional baseball for years. However, with a hefty amount of prep work, this option is not always realistic for all fields. DuraEdge BlackStick Mound Clay takes most of that work out by putting their product through extensive prep before packaging and making this high-quality material accessible to baseball fields everywhere. Create a safer and more consistent playable surface for your highest traffic areas.

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