"The response time from customer service is amazing.
We don’t feel like just an order sitting in a cue.
We know someone is reviewing the order and contacting us
if there are questions with the order."
– Angela, World Class Middleton
" Being able to select different levels of account access
for each user account is a great feature! "
– Katie, Great Oaks Landscaping
" I love how informative the website is.
It's been very educational with the dimensions and pictures! "
– Andrea, David J Frank
"We placed orders using an iPad,
the entire process was very easy!"
– Ziggy, Trees on the Move
"The open orders/order history feature is nice to have.
We are able to easily look up PO’s."
– Taylor, Riverside Golf Club
"The search bar was easy to use! I could type in
what I was looking for and see related products
along with the product I was searching for. "
– Re-Vi Design - Tyler
" I like being able to use the Reinders Online Store
whenever I need to. Whether I am out on the course
or sitting at my desk! "
– Aaron, Dacotah Ridge Golf Course
"We love being able to view inventory
at the stores we pickup from."
– Angela, World Class Middleton