Commercial LED String Lights

Have a Large Commercial Lighting Project? Commercial Grade Lights Are What You Need!

Commercial Grade LED Light Sets are available in a variety of bulb shapes and colors, assuring there is a solution for any project requirement. One series per strand means better reliability than longer sets with multiple series wired together and allows for easy troubleshooting and maintenance.

Heavy-duty commercial grade light strings are made from heavy gauge wire (20g vs. 22g on Premium Grade Product), 1-piece injection molded bulb construction, virtually unbreakable acrylic bulbs, and O-ring sealed coaxial plug connections (water-tight, tamper-proof, and shock-proof – no traditional plug ends that are prone to vandalism, shorts, or premature failure). Full line of accessories (splitters/taps and spacer wires), and high connectability (up to 60 sets end-to-end), makes installation fast and easy. Long LED Bulb Life means they can be used season-after season, and because LEDs stay cool to the touch they can be used anywhere indoors or outdoors.

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What size bulb should I use?

For a small light, 5mm commercial grade LED lights offer a big bang in a small bulb. Light is spread across the bulb surface for even brightness across the bulb. Sets are fully rectified for flicker-free performance. wrap 5mm lights around branches, use on small to medium trees. Decorate indoor trees, garlands and wreaths.

Durable G12 sized commercial lights have a similar look to small berries or little candies. One-piece construction is virtually unbreakable, making them ideal for commercial use. Wrap around trees and shrubs, use indoors or out.

M5 LED bulbs are reminiscent of the traditional shaped incandescent mini-lights. They are a great option for commercial lighting projects as well as heavy-duty home use. Use with the commercial grade curtain tap and create custom light curtains for holidays and parties. LED lights are cool to the touch, so adding behind fabric curtains won’t create a hazard.

C6 sized string lights are great for when M5’s are too small and you are looking for something bolder, but C7’s and C9’s are too large. They look great gracing trees and shrubs, as well as indoors on Christmas trees and garlands.

c7 and c9 are the largest of the commercial lighting bulbs. The larger bulbs are ideal for roofline applications, outlining buildings, doorways and windows. They also make a statement used on trees and large wreaths or garland.

Don’t forget the power cord!

Commercial grade LED Christmas Lights have a weather tight coaxial connection also servers to deter vandalism. Power cords are sold separately and are required to operate commercial grade lighting.

In addition to the power cord there is also a variety of spacer wires and taps available. Taps can split the line into different directions and angles. There is also a 10’ curtain tap with 28 coaxial drops to create your own light curtains.

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