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Bask in ‘round-the-world glow with the rounded design of G12 commercial grade LED lights

G12 Christmas lights on treesG12 Christmas lights on trees

G12 LED bulbs resemble little berries and are an excellent choice this holiday season to bring something special to your holiday lighting displays. Commercial grade G12 Christmas lights provide even light distribution in part to their rounded bulb, so your décor and displays will shine differently this season!t.

G12 Christmas LED LightsG12 Christmas LED Lights

Choosing G12 commercial grade LED lights for this year’s holiday displays will provide you with an incredible glow that radiates from every inch of the bulb. The unique shape is unlike other LED bulbs, although the energy efficiency is one in the same. Commercial grade LED lights will save you 80% of energy compared to incandescent bulbs. Count us in!

Have a flicker-free holiday with commercial grade G12 Christmas lights

Commercial Grade G12 Christmas LightsCommercial Grade G12 Christmas Lights

If you’re looking to switch up your holiday lighting display without a drastic, time consuming change, G12 LED lights are the perfect alternative. Their round shape is fun, berry-like, and durable—the triple-threat of Christmas lights, if we do say so ourselves.

Commercial grade LEDs are the best on the market, with their tough bulbs, energy-efficiency, and vivid glow. They’ll last all season long, and continue to provide radiant light for many, many Christmases to come.

If you’re not yet convinced on why you need G12 commercial grade LED lights, here are some notable features that set them apart from the rest of the lot:

Good-to-Know Specs

Commercial grade G12 Christmas lights feature 25 LEDs per string; each LED is a 1-piece bulb. Each string light set has a 4” bulb spacing, with a 6” lead/tail wire for a total wire length of 9'. G12 light strings can connect up to 60 sets end-to-end, with coaxial connection to a standard male plug. This LED lighting is full-wave rectified, poly bagged, and offered in both green or white wire options to seamlessly blend into the surroundings.

The benefits don’t stop there! G12 LEDs come in various colors that will accommodate any Christmas aesthetic in the best way. Wrap warm white G12 commercial grade LED lights around your bushes and shrubs outside for a classic, professional lighting look, or use a 5-multicolored G12 string light set to weave in and out of Christmas tree branches, for a festive and nostalgic look and feel.

The faceted bulbs are tough and break-proof, ideal for commercial contracts, so installations go off without a hitch no matter how big or small.

A non-traditional shape is also excellent for year-round use. Perimeter lighting, weddings, other holidays, or special event displays— you name it. The G12 LED lighting works wonders when adding a special touch to greenery, tablescape decor, mantles, and curtains, whether indoors or outdoors. The possibilities are endless.

G12 Commercial LED Christmas LightsG12 Commercial LED Christmas Lights

Flicker-Free Festivity

No need to fret over flickering bulbs or burnt-out duds. LED lighting conveniently dims over time, without flickering or going out completely, so your holiday lighting display is neither troublesome nor ruined. Installations will run smoothly, no matter how big or small, and your productivity will follow suit.

No Point, No Problems

G12 commercial grade LED lights feature a durable waterproof construction, with a water-tight coaxial screw, so your string lights will continue to shine no matter what mother nature throws at them.

Continuous Glow Whether Rain or Snow

Traditional incandescent mini lights feature a slight point, which poses the problem of wires getting caught on the tip. The rounded shape of G12 LED bulbs eliminates that hassle, making it easy to wrap trees, bushes, garlands, or wreaths.

The Glow Seen from Around the World

Okay, maybe not around the entire world, but residential, commercial, and municipal areas are close enough! The evenly distributed light coming from the rounded G12 bulb means that light is shining fully and brightly no matter which way the bulb is pointing. The G12 shape even slightly resembles a miniature globe, thus this ‘round-the-world motif! Fun, right?

As long as you have power adaptor cords (sold separately), you’re well on your way to creating unique holiday lighting displays with a fun and festive bulb like the G12 LED.

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