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Golf Ball Washers, Golf Tee Markers, and More- Keep Your Tee Area in Top Shape

Help every player that sets foot on the golf course feel set up for success. A well-maintained tee area not only looks great but also sets up conditions that ensure each golfer is supported to play their best. Keep your golf course ready to impress the pros with our top-of-the-line ball washers, golf tee markers, golf course trash cans, and more. We'll help you stock up on everything you need from top brands in the industry, like Standard Golf and Par Aide Products. Your golf course will be ready to host players all season long with a bit of help from our tee area supplies.

Find the Right Products Players Need, Built Strong to Last All Season

Outfitting your tee area with all the proper supplies can seem overwhelming when you look at all the options out there. Let us walk you through some of the top items you’ll need to help take the guesswork out of making your tee areas the best they’ll play on all season.

washers and trash canswashers and trash cans

Golf Course Trash Cans

Help make it easy for everyone who uses the golf course to keep it looking as pristine and perfect as when they arrived by stocking up on the right trash receptacles. We know you take pride in maintaining these greens, and we know these products will live up to your high standards.

Golf Ball Washers

Whether you need a basic and affordable ball washer or want to add something more deluxe, our options are built sturdy to last for multiple seasons. One of the most popular options is  Standard Golf’s Classic Ball Washer. It’s a rugged, affordable choice that comes in blue, green, black, yellow, and red. This crank-style washer comes with built-in overflow tubes to prevent leaks and soap build-up.

tee markers and spike brushestee markers and spike brushes

Golf Tee Markers

olf Tee Markers don’t solely have to be about functionality anymore! Our options are made to enhance the aesthetics of your course while still setting up players for success at every hole. Par Aide’s Satelite Plastic Tee Markers are available in white, blue, and red and are made of solid ABS plastic so they won’t split or crack. This solid construction means there’s no paint to crack, and UV protection makes it fade resistant.

Golf Spike Brush

With options from both Standard Golf and Par Aide Products, you can’t go wrong with our selection of golf spike brushes that have been built sturdy to help all your golfers with grass removal. Putting shoe cleaners on every hole lets golfers know you’re interested in improving playability. Check out Standard Golf’s Duo-Kleener Stand for a useful spike brush product that can be put to work wherever it’s needed most.

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