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Snow Pusher Shovels- Superior Quality and Strength for Your Snow Removal Needs

Snow and ice management don’t need to be a big stressor for your team. While Mother Nature may be unpredictable, your ability to be well-stocked and prepared to handle the elements is as easy as shopping our selection of high-quality snow pusher shovels. Made with professionals in mind, these shovel designs come in a range of options from the top brands you trust like Structron, Snowcaster, Yo-Ho, and more. Make the aches and pains of shoveling snow a thing of the past by upgrading your traditional snow shovels to any of these durable and dependable snow pushers. Push snow with ease and trust your equipment will be strong enough to last for seasons to come.

Buy Snow Shovels Suited for Any Icy Job- Sidewalk and Driveway Clearing, Plus Much More. The right snow pusher shovel is a key player in your snow removal equipment arsenal. With high-quality, commercial-grade brands you can depend on, you’re sure to find the perfect shovel to stay on top of whatever this season’s storms may throw your way. Explore some of the options we proudly carry here at Reinders and see why these brands have established reputations in the industry for getting the job done well and offering you long-lasting products that will support the labor your team puts in. Whether you're shopping for a brand new tool, replacement blades for snow shovels, or specifically in the market for a steel handle or fiberglass handle option, we’ve got you covered!

Winter Snow ShovelsWinter Snow Shovels

Yo-Ho - PolarTuff Pusher Shovel - 12" X 36" Braced Blade

This heavy-duty snow pusher shovel is built with hard work in mind. It features a unique design that quickly removes light snow from large areas. The self-sharpening, non-abrasive blade makes it great for driveways, ice rinks, decks, and walkways and is ideal as a durable and quiet barn scraper. PolarTuff® scrapers feature extra-sturdy, braced blades that are easy to assemble and shaped fiberglass handles with sure-grip strips. Another excellent feature is the oversized poly D handle fits comfortably in gloved hands so workers can stay protected while getting the job done.

Orbit - Pusher Snow Shovel with Plastic Edge - 24" Blade

Orbit’s snow pusher makes snow removal as quick and easy as possible with its innovative design and features. Designed for pushing snow, the high-capacity blade moves medium to heavy snow loads in less time, so you can get the job done well without wasting the day away. Partial sides corral snow for less side spill while still allowing for use as a plow. Comfortable oversized handles allow for two-hand pushing, and reinforced blades provide exceptional strength while maintaining flexibility. It also features a strong steel shaft that accommodates the lifting and moving of full loads.

Features and Benefits-

  • Non-stick blade makes snow removal fast and efficient
  • Extra-large D-ring handle is excellent for gloved hands
  • Strong steel shaft clears even the heaviest loads
  • Blade features a reinforced full width leading edge
  • Tough, high-impact polypropylene for years of dependable service
Winter Snow ScoopsWinter Snow Scoops

Structron - Hi-Vis Snow Pusher

This fiberglass handle snow pusher makes for lightweight work of a tough job. Trust the sturdiness of the tool is up for the tough work while the materials used to manufacture it have ergonomics in mind. This Hi-Vis option is part of Structron’s line of safety-centered products with features designed to keep workers easy to spot in any situation. The Structron Safety Line is an excellent addition for any construction crew looking to increase worker visibility and safety during daylight and nighttime hours. Like high visibility safety clothing, Structron Safety tools are safety green and utilize (2) 3® Series 3300 tape accents made of highly retroreflective microprismatic markings, designed to enhance visibility and detection and exceed the reflectivity values of ASTM Type III.

Snowcaster - 36" Wheeled & Reversible Snow Pusher 

Built for both commercial and residential use, this wheeled snow pusher with its bi-directional blade makes it easy to clear drives and sidewalks in half the time with half the effort. It also features an assembly time of less than 10 minutes, so you can quickly get to your snow removal tasks with little wasted time.

Snowcaster products are manufactured by the snow and ice removal experts at ECA Enterprises. For more than 10 years, they have led the way in helping people, companies, and cities manage snow and ice to improve safety, mobility, and quality of life. Dissatisfied with the quality and availability of snow removal tools, they decided to use their expertise to provide products that offer superior performance and value.

With The Snowcaster line of products, they have taken their years of specialized industry knowledge and used them to manufacture products that are affordable, durable, eco-friendly, and incredibly easy to use. All of the Snowcaster’s products are proudly made in the USA.

Winter snow shovelWinter snow shovel

Browse More Shovel Options to Have the Right Tool for Each Task You Take On

With quite a variety of shovels out there, each with its important purpose, it’s essential to build up an arsenal of reliable tools. Keeping commercial properties safe from potential dangers requires the right tools. Take inventory of what you have on hand and see where your supplies may be due for an upgrade. Whether a traditional snow shovel, a scoop shovel, a snow pusher, or a wheeled snow pusher, there are options out there so you can make sure you’re getting the tool you need to complete any application successfully.

There are two most common options you’ll encounter in your search for the perfect shovel- snow shovels and snow pushers.

While shopping, it's important to note that there is a difference between a snow shovel and a snow pusher, though some are combination models designed to do both. A snow shovel is specifically made to assist in picking up and moving snow. The size and shape of its blade allow you to scrape up the snow off the ground and transport it wherever it may need to go, making it a great option for snow removal.

A pusher, on the other hand, just as its name suggests, is meant to simply push the snow out of the way. This is great for clearing walkways and driveways and a much more ergonomic option than the much harder labor involved with shoveling the snow. For this reason, many people have moved to using snow pushers a majority of the time and only shoveling when necessary.

But the wide world of shovels doesn’t end there! There are far more on the market to help you battle the elements, and we’re going to take a look at one more option you have in scoop shovels.

Much like a general snow shovel, a scoop shovel is made to remove the snow. Rather than just push the snow around, it’s a tool that’s rounder blade shape is ideal for collecting the snow and moving it out of the way entirely. The significant benefit of going with a scoop shovel instead of a snow shovel is its versatility! This is a shovel style that will continue to be helpful to you long after the snow has melted away. Its shape and style make it excellent for scooping everything from stones and dirt to mulch and still will be ready to go when winter comes back around. 

Winter snow pusherWinter snow pusher

Trust Reinders with All Your Winter Product Needs and Conquer Ice and Snow with Confidence

Don’t let the snowy season catch your team off guard. Reinders carries a full array of winter products that will help you tackle the issues as they come up and even stay one step ahead of the snow and ice. These professional-grade products are sure to make the entire season easier. Our products from reputable brands tackle the elements with ease, no matter how big or small the winter storm. Browse below for all the commercial equipment you may need:

Granular Ice Melters- Quickly break the bond between pavement and snow and ice with heat-generating, ice-melting components in granular ice melt.

Winter Tools- A vast array of snow shovels, ice melt storage boxes, and scrapers make the perfect lineup of snow removal equipment.

Spreaders- Salt spreaders cover a large amount of area in minimal time. Salt spreaders distribute rock salt and other high-volume gritting materials on the road or pavement to aid in melting and/or preventing dangerously icy surfaces.

Snow Blowers- Tackle heavy snowfall quickly with heavy-duty commercial snowblowers. These are perfect for quick snow removal at businesses, parking lots, residential and commercial areas.

Liquid Ice Melters- With a generous selection of liquid ice melt to shop from, you'll find the right one to quickly dissolve accumulations of snow, ice, and frost and prevent dangerous build-up.

Build your commercial snow removal kit the exact way you need for proper winter maintenance. Our selection of commercial-grade equipment means you can safely and efficiently remove and prevent snow, ice, and frost during the unpredictable winter season.

Winter outdoor tools and equipment keep all areas of your commercial businesses safe, from sidewalks and walkways to parking lots and stairways. We're here to support you and ensure you're supplied to take on the winter season like a true professional.

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