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Improve Labor Cost and Efficiency with the Right Pipe for Your Irrigation System

Shop for Poly Pipes, PVC Pipes, and Flexible Irrigation Pipes to Get the Job Done Right

There are many types of irrigation pipe available for all kinds of irrigation systems, all of which have differentiating qualities. The common denominators are their easy-to-work-with nature and their affordable.

Reinders carries a large selection of irrigation pipes that will accommodate any shape, length, or layout of the pipeline, no matter the size of the property or complexity of the system.

From Southern regions to Northern areas, top industry brands like Cresline, Rain Bird, ADS, and Centennial Plastics have your back, no matter where you reside, to provide you with efficient, durable irrigation supplies, pipe included.

Many factors go into shopping for the necessary pipe for your irrigation system. Whether you’re looking for poly pipe, PVC irrigation pipe, or flexible irrigation pipe, rest assured that your systems will run as smoothly as possible with reputable products from trusted brands.

It’s easy to find a suitable irrigation pipe to keep project costs low, keep installation easy, and keep labor costs down. Top vendors like Rain Bird, Cresline, ADS, and Centennial Plastics keep all of these factors in mind when providing excellent quality materials for all of your irrigation needs.

Pipes for Every Irrigation Method

Irrigation lines require certain pipes and fittings to make your system run as efficiently as possible while holding up to the wear of constant water flow. Whether your irrigation line system is in the surface, subsurface, or elevated category, there is sure to be a suitable pipe for you here at Reinders. High pressures, large volumes, or hammering are all factors to consider when shopping for suitable options between PVC pipe, flexible irrigation pipe, and poly pipe; each has its own set of beneficial qualities that will accommodate such factors.

You’ll be able to water crops, gardens, lawns, golf courses, elaborate landscaping, and so much more while keeping your business as productive as possible. By shopping supplies from premium product series and industry-leading vendors, you’ll ultimately save yourself time, money, and energy.

Browse some fast facts below about the variety of products we’re proud to carry here at Reinders and how their features can help your business thrive while productivity and efficiency stay high.

PVC irrigation pipePVC irrigation pipe

PVC Pipe

  • This variety of irrigation pipe works excellent for sprinkler system laterals and has various uses where corrosion may pose a problem.
  • PVC holds up well against the frequent running of your irrigation system, especially in temperate zones.
  • PVC irrigation pipe has excellent impact strength.
  • It is typically colored white or gray (or green for sewer pipes) with a semi-rigid texture.
  • Remember to stay well equipped with the right PVC fittings and glue them securely in place for seamless connection and a smooth-flowing sprinkler system.
Poly irrigation pipePoly irrigation pipe

Poly Pipe

  • Poly pipe is typically black or blue in color and is usually a flexible irrigation pipe.
  • Poly, formally named polyethylene, is most suitable for cold winter areas because it holds up to freezes better than PVC pipe does. With poly pipe, there’s no worry about breaking from frozen water.
  • This kind of irrigation pipe is incredibly simple to install, which aids in its marketability for lateral applications in temperate zones— especially when using fittings that require less force.
  • It’s a forgiving tube and is less likely to crack, especially in rocky soils.
  • We recommend using a higher PSI pressure-rated poly tube when dealing with high static water pressure and areas that require heavy irrigation— something with a 160 PSI rating if the static pressure is higher than 60 PSI.
Corrugated Drainage PipeCorrugated Drainage Pipe

Corrugated Pipe

  • Corrugated pipe is excellent for drainage.
  • A favorable quality for PVC irrigation pipe is their flexibility— when flexibility is a crucial factor as opposed to strength or durability in a situation, corrugated pipe is the answer.
  • This irrigation pipe is primarily used for water flow management in various applications, whether for farms, golf courses, or landscaping.
  • Corrugated pipe is extremely easy to transport, manage, and install without hassle because of its lightweight composition and flexible nature. You’ll also reduce project cost due to its relatively low price per foot. 

Reinders has a team of industry and product experts ready to assist you in purchasing the right irrigation pipe and supplies. Contact us today for product recommendations, troubleshooting, or any other related inquiries.

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