Rain Bird - 100' Extra Flexible Swing Pipe

  • 1/2" Flexible Swing Pipe (100' Coil)
  • Use Rain Bird Swing Pipe with Spiral Barb Fittings as a flexible swing assembly for sprays and rotors
  • Requires 15% less force to insert fittings
  • Quick and easy installation lowers material and labor costs leaving time for additional system installations and incremental revenue opportunities
  • Enhanced kink resistance
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Use Rain Bird Swing Pipe with Spiral Barb Fittings as a flexible swing assembly for sprays and rotors.

Swing pipe is flexible tubing made from high quality polyethylene that is used to connect pop-up spray heads and rotors to PVC and poly pipe lateral lines in an irrigation system. Swing pipe can be effectively used in areas where the space is confined or restricted due to the placement of water meters, utility boxes or hardscaping which can not be moved prior to irrigation installation. The flexibility and kink-resistance of the Rain Bird® swing pipe makes a difficult installation quick and easy. Even in wet and muddy conditions, the surface texture of our swing pipe is easy to grip. Use Rain Bird’s swing pipe and the following installation tips the next time you install an irrigation system.

Features & Benefits

  • Superior flexibility allows pipe to be efficiently routed around hardscape, terraces, and uneven terrain to turn landscape design into reality
  • Textured surface makes product easier to handle, contributing to labor efficiency, especially under wet conditions    
  • Up to 30% more flexible than competitors (test proven)
  • Enhanced kink resistance
  • Requires 15% less force to insert fittings    
  • Inside diameter: 0.49" (1,24 cm).
  • Operating pressure up to 80 psi (5,5 bar) and 110°F (43° C).

Specifications - Swing PipeTubing
The swing pipe shall be flexible black tubing constructed of linear low density polyethylene material. The tubing shall have a wall thickness of 0.098”. It shall have a nominal inside diameter of 0.487” for SPX and SPX-FLEX for use with SB Series spiral barb fittings without the necessity of glue or clamps. The model number, manufacturer’s name and date of manufacture shall be printed at intervals of between 3’ and 6’ along the length of the tubing. Each 18” (46 cm) length of tubing shall be capable of pressure testing at the rate of 80 pounds per square inch (psi) (5,5 bar ) per second to a minimum burst pressure of 325 psi (22,4 bar) for SP and 350 psi (24,1 bar) for SPX and SPX-FLEX. The swing pipe shall be capable of 8 gallons per minute (gpm) maximum.
The tubing shall have an operating pressure rating of 80 psi at 110ºF (5,5 bar at 43ºC).

Rain Bird
Optimum Pressure
80 PSI
Overall Length
Wall Thickness
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