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Landscape Lighting Transformers Make the Complex Technical Bits Easy

Low voltage landscaping lighting is a popular choice for creating a warm, ambient glow in outdoor spaces. No matter the light fixture or accent lighting you choose for your clients or project, you’ll need to make sure you have balanced wires that can handle an appropriate voltage.

Utilizing landscape lighting transformers ensures that wires are running correctly, distributing power as evenly as possible from one fixture to the next. Reinders carries a wide selection of lighting transformers and control products that can tackle all of the technicalities with ease.

Utilizing landscape lighting transformers ensures that wires are running correctly, distributing power as evenly as possible from one fixture to the next. Reinders carries a wide selection of lighting transformers and control products that can tackle all of the technicalities with ease.

Discover Noteworthy Features of Transformers and Control Products like Outdoor Lighting Timers

Making sure your lines are wired into the landscape lighting transformer is crucial for sending the correct amount of power down each line. With low voltage landscape lighting, the proper transformer is more important than ever to maintain the adequate amount of power throughout the entire illumination duration, so the voltage doesn’t drop too low.

Landscape lighting transformers are small metal boxes that contain two terminals: one with a “common” label and another with a “12V” label. However, the number of wires and terminals can change depending on the size of the lighting system and transformer itself. The increased popularity of using LED lighting for landscaping reaps many other benefits besides energy-efficient technology—LED lamps allow you to create more extensive systems without using larger transformers. With a 50,000-hour life span and lower voltage performance, you’re sure to save both time and money on all of your residential and commercials jobs.

At Reinders, you’ll be able to shop a variety of LED lighting, transformers, and control products like outdoor lighting timers to create blissful outdoor settings with a beautiful glow. Well-trusted brands like FX Luminaire, Kichler, WAC, and Cast provide you with reliable and durable products that make wiring your entire lighting system one less thing to worry about.

Shop Landscape Lighting Transformers That Get the Job Done

DX Series, Cast Journeyman and WAC Magnetic TransformersDX Series, Cast Journeyman and WAC Magnetic Transformers

FX Luminaire DX Series Transformers

Convenience is at the forefront of FX Luminaire’s controller. This easy-to-program transformer is made for low-voltage lighting. It’s a convenient option for pre-installed astronomical timing and event-based programming, so there’s no need to buy plug-in accessories— therefore, saving you money on additional timers or photocells!

The DX landscape lighting transformer has a digital face pack control, multi-tap output with 12V, 13V, and 14V options, and heavy-gauge, water-resistant power cords. Shop from different wattages and color finishes to achieve the landscaping lighting you’re seeking.

Cast Journeyman Series Low Voltage Transformers

If you’re looking for rugged, reliable, and economical transformers for your landscape lighting, look no further. The Journeyman Series from Cast are constructed of stainless steel to prevent corrosion with resin-sealed toroidal cores that ensure the highest possible efficiency.

The extra-large terminal blocks in Cast Journeyman’s transformers accommodate up to (10) #12/2 wires! Plus, the total transformer capacity can be loaded into any single voltage tap. Choose the right wattage you’re looking for from three different options.

WAC Stainless Steel Magnetic Transformers

These outdoor-rated stainless steel landscape lighting transformers have taps for 12V, 13V, 14V, and 15V, with a 6’ lead input wire. All transformers contain an outdoor-rated 3-prong plug for power and a 3-prong outlet for timers. The stainless-steel construction reduces the chances of corrosion, so there’s no worry about the longevity of these transformers in your lighting system. Find the exact wattage you need from four different options.

px series, contractor series and luxor series transformerspx series, contractor series and luxor series transformers

FX Luminaire PX Series Transformers

Introduced to the landscaping industry as the first Multi-Tap transformer, the PX series transformers from FX Luminaire are highly reliable, safe, and easy to use. This landscape lighting transformer series features a magnetic core-coil, a multi-tap unit with an extra-large terminal block that handles up to (16) 12-gauge conductors, so you can effortlessly add fixtures into your landscape lighting system.

PX transformers have stainless steel construction to eliminate rusting alongside an open switching control architecture, so you can easily access any timer, photocell, and manual switches. Shop from three different wattages and a variety of color finishes to blend seamlessly into its landscaping environment.

Kichler Contractor Series Transformers

For the power and control you need, shop Contractor Series transformers from Kichler. With 12-15V multi-tap connections and outputs ranging from 75W-1200W, you’ll feel confident that these high-grade components have the ultimate durability.

Contractor landscape lighting transformers have several options to accommodate any sized project, from simple lighting applications to special event designs. All transformers include a fully encapsulated toroidal core and coils, a magnetic break for secondary side protection, and stainless-steel housing to reduce corrosion. With a wide range of wattage options to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the right transformer for the job.

FX Luminaire Luxor Series Transformers

For a flexible yet advanced lighting control option that brings lights to life, the Luxor Series transformers from FX Luminaire are the way to go. These landscape lighting transformers control things like zoning, dimming, and color control with one single control system, using a two-wire path installation.

The convenient and easy-to-use functionality gives you limitless design possibilities. Plus, additional wireless control lets you adjust fixture intensity, color, and themes directly from an app. Shop from two different wattage options and two subtle finishes to get the exact transformer you’re looking for.

Discover Landscape Lighting Timers that Bring Your Lights to Life

landscape lighting timerslandscape lighting timers

Kichler Digital Timer

Perfect for use with other Kichler Plus and Professional series transformers, this digital timer is straightforward to use and program, especially for events like daylight savings changeover.

Kichler Outdoor Enclosure Timer

As the name implies, this outdoor lighting timer is a mechanical transformer timer suitable for outdoor temperatures when enclosed. This plug-in timer has a voltage of 120 and a black painted finish for discrete use, ready for hands-free functioning.

FX Luminaire PX Timer

Plug this PX timer directly into the corresponding PX transformer and enjoy the automatic switching method of turning lighting systems on and off at pre-selected times and intervals.

Now that we’ve highlighted a few of the many landscape lighting transformers and timers available for purchase at Reinders, we look forward to helping you in any way possible! Our team of landscaping experts is ready to provide transformer recommendations, outdoor lighting timer help, and landscape lighting tips to achieve beautiful results for all of your residential and commercial jobs.

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