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Top Quality Sprinkler Valve BoxesTop Quality Sprinkler Valve Boxes

Top Quality Sprinkler Valve Boxes

After taking the time and effort to install quality irrigation systems, don’t throw away all that work by forgetting to protect your valves with a durable irrigation valve box. By shopping industry leaders, you can be sure that your sprinkler valve box, as well as your sprinkler valve box cover, are built strong to stand up to the elements and any heavy loads or lawn equipment they may encounter. Run-ins with insects, reptiles, and any other critters can also be avoided easily by choosing a valve box designed specifically to prevent their usual access points. With a wide variety from top brands like Rain Bird, NDS, Toro, and Dura Plastics, we know you’ll find the perfect valve box to protect your clients’ irrigation systems and make maintaining them as simple as possible for your team.

There’s no doubt that your clients’ irrigation systems will face innumerable outside forces that could potentially cause damage. Commercial properties are often in constant use and, as a result, see everything from foot traffic to heavy machinery on any given day of operation. They also face the often unpredictable nature of being exposed to Mother Nature’s elements. Using a simple sprinkler valve box is an easy way to help guard your irrigation systems from all of these possible disasters. You can save time and money using of a valve box to reduce the risk of damage to pipes and wires left vulnerable by unprotected valves. From superior materials to intelligent designs, it’s never been easier to find the perfect irrigation valve box that will help maintain your systems.

Durable Sprinkler Valve BoxesDurable Sprinkler Valve Boxes

Durability and Smart Design- Choose a Valve Box Ready for Any Challenge

MacLean Standard Highline’s valve boxes and replacement parts are an excellent choice for both their structurally strong design and top-of-the-line materials. All of their irrigation valve box parts are manufactured from SUPERFLEXON, a plastic material made of a rigid combination of polyolefin and fibrous inorganic components. This material makes their products-

  • Stronger than structural foam, greater top-load strength — more UV and wear-resistant than structural foam
  • Lighter than cast iron or concrete boxes — easier warehouse handling & reduced injury potential

You’ll also find that the Highline lids make maintenance as well as replacing missing or damaged covers a breeze. The lids on their products are easily interchangeable, so whether you find it best to work with T-top lids or drop-in lids, you can find the cover that suits your client’s needs. Their T-top lids even fit valve boxes from other manufacturers. Going with drop-in lids that have snap locks will discourage vandalism while also making sure your sprinkler valve box lid stays in place, even in high water.

Whether your project calls for an irrigation box or cover in green, black, brown, tan, or even purple for reclaimed water, we’re ready to help stock you up. Just browse our extensive supply of valve box options from Rain Bird, NDS, Toro, Dura Plastics, and more to find the perfect fit for the job at hand.

Top Quality Irrigation Valve BoxesTop Quality Irrigation Valve Boxes

Do I Need a Top-Quality Irrigation Valve Box?

In short, the answer is- Yes! Absolutely. The protection that a high-quality valve box will offer not just the investment of your client but also the time and energy you and your team put in is immeasurable. Rest assured that shopping our catalog of sprinkler valve box options and replacement parts will give your work the level of protection you need. These carefully designed and crafted valve boxes put a barrier between the irrigation system and the numerous elements that could create issues. They also give your crew an efficient way to get to the problems and tackle them quickly. Eliminate the headaches of dealing with a subpar product that cracks under pressure and leaves your client’s entire system vulnerable. This scenario will force you into more maintenance than necessary. These manufacturers have been trusted in this industry for decades and know what it takes to withstand all the conditions your tough work will face.

Irrigation Valve Box Replacement PartsIrrigation Valve Box Replacement Parts

Irrigation Valve Box Replacement Parts Make Repairs Quick and Simple

Irrigation systems come under heavy-duty wear and tear daily. From commercial-grade lawn equipment to environmental forces, they need to be able to stand up to strong forces while continuing to get the job done. It isn’t surprising that some older valve boxes may need to be swapped out over time and a sprinkler valve box cover or two may go missing. There’s no need to stress over these common occurrences. We’re stocked and ready to supply you with just the irrigation valve box replacement parts you need. There is no need to waste money and resources when you can specify the required part to replace, manufactured by those top brand names you’ve trusted with the rest of your irrigation system.

Do you have a specific project that calls for particular sizing outside of what’s offered? An irrigation valve box extension, basically a valve box without the lid, makes it simple to create a custom size encasement to fit your project. These extensions are built to work with your valve box and easily attach to ensure you’re still getting that high-level durability you require. 

With options available from nearly every manufacturer, the sprinkler valve box cover is an essential part you’ll want to make sure gets replaced immediately should it be damaged or go missing. The cover keeps the box protected from excess water but also clear of any mulch or debris. Keeping that cover in place guarantees that you have a clean workspace to access those valves quickly if an irrigation emergency comes up. There’s also the added danger of potential falls if someone doesn’t see that there’s a hole where they’re walking.

From aesthetically pleasing to functionally informative options, irrigation valve box covers come in various colors in every size option. Should your client simply need the box to blend in with surroundings, the black, brown, and tan replacement covers will work great. Standard irrigation use calls for green, so there’s an extensive range of options, including universal fitting lids, that will meet that need. As any reclaimed water applications should be marked with purple, you can easily find top-quality options for those projects as well. Whether you’re looking to upgrade an existing set-up or in need of a quick fix, shopping our line of replacement valve box parts will help get your team adequately stocked to take on any job you encounter.

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