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Shop the Best Irrigation Wire and Cable Supplies That Are Strong Enough to Withstand Normal Burial Challenges

The electrical aspect of your irrigation system deserves no-nonsense wires and cable supplies in order to function properly. Whether you’re shopping for wire, connections, or cable, you’ll find everything you need and more at Reinders.com.

Make light work of the sometimes-complex electrical side of irrigation with industry-trusted brands like Regency Wire, King Innovation, and Paige Electric. You’ll be relieved at the simplicity of upholding electrical requirements and correctly wiring your sprinkler or irrigation systems with Reinders’ team of experts and an array of reputable products.

Great Quality, Easy Usability— What More Could You Want from Your Irrigation Wire?

Electrical wiring may seem intimidating, but it’s vital in playing a contributing role to your system’s success. Finding the highest quality irrigation wire and cable supplies results in smooth-running sprinklers and green, healthy grass. Need we say more?

With excellent durability and easy useability, you’ll find the right electrical products to handle anything from the most complex breaker boxes and controllers to the most basic burial challenges and everything in between. Discover How Irrigation Wire and Cable Supplies Make Your Job Easier.

Regency Irrigation Wire

Regency Wire is a well-trusted brand that carries wire and cable supplies for direct burial control cable applications, ready for use in the same trenches as your irrigation pipes. These irrigation wires are easy to install, cut, and remove, so your focus can remain on setting up a well-functioning system. Learn more about the varying Regency Wire products below.

  • Regency irrigation wire 500’ has a soft drawn bare copper conductor construction ranging from solid to stranded. With color-coded, high-quality PVC insulation, system applications can withstand up to 600V and conductor temperatures up to 60° C. This 500’ length irrigation wire is used as a direct burial control cable for wiring central control systems to field controls.
  • Regency irrigation wire 1000’ is suitable for direct burial power use and control wire for irrigation systems. The 1000’ length wire features high-quality PVC insulation for applications of 600V and conductor temperatures of up to 60° C. A soft drawn bare copper conductor ranges from solid to stranded, meeting requirements of ASTM Specifications B-3, B-8, and B-787.
  • Regency irrigation wire 2500’ is another great option to use as the direct burial power and control wire for irrigation systems. Rest assured, the conductor construction of soft drawn bare copper meets the requirements of ASTM Specifications B-3, B-8, and B-787 for both solid and stranded. With high-quality PVC insulation, the 2500’ length wire can withstand system applications of up to 600V and temperatures up to 60° C.

The construction of all Regency irrigation wires 500’, 1000’, and 2500’ remain in accordance with the National Electric Code and Underwriters Laboratories, Inc, leaving you with peace of mind and confidence in your sprinkler systems for grass, turf, and farm irrigation.

Wire Connections

Wire connectors ensure that your irrigation system’s wiring is water-proofed and ready for sprinkler action or lighting applications! The proper connections prevent wire failure and costly repairs to your system, so investing in products from industry-leading brands like King Innovation and Paige Electric help make those critical tasks that much more manageable. Add other tools and miscellaneous wire supplies to your arsenal to make certain that your installation, repairs, and touch-ups go off without a hitch.

Reinders has a team of irrigation experts ready to assist with electrical troubleshooting, irrigation wire and cable supply product recommendations, and other related inquiries. We’re here to help your irrigation and sprinkler systems run their very best to result in healthy, green land and a happy clientele.

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