Wire Connections

Get the Best Waterproof Wire Connector for Sprinklers, Irrigation

Need irrigation or sprinkler wire connectors made out of materials that are water resistant? Find the best in the industry by Blazing, King Innovation, Paige Electric, Alliance Outdoor, Rain Bird and Toro.

Find top-rated products like Blazing’s BVS-1 wire connector for valve splices – just insert the wires, rotate the connector closed and you’re ready for the next splice! Or Paige Electric ‘s Re-Enterable Wire Connector, which can be continually submerged in water at a depth of up to 6 feet.

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Find Waterproof Connectors for Sprinkler or Irrigation Wires

Looking for wire connectors made of water-resistant materials for irrigation, sprinkler or landscaping applications? Reinders has them and other top-rated wiring supplies from industry-trusted brands like Paige Electric, Blazing, King Innovation, Alliance Outdoor, Rain Bird and Toro.

Blazing’s  SnapLoc products

Blazing Products’ SnapLoc wire connectors lock tight with double O-ring seals. Just squeeze and lock to hydraulically pump and pack waterproofing silicone around your splice. Pre-filled silicone fully encapsulates all bare wires, closing all entryways against moisture and corrosion.

Blazing - LV 9000 Series SnapLoc Wire Connectors, Small

  • Great sprinkler wire connector for irrigation valve splices, repairs to trailers and other weather sensitive wiring and virtually any small wire splice. The LV 9000 can hold up to 5 #18 wires in its patented "V-channel" hold and locks in to its silicone-filled outer housing.

Blazing - LV 9500 Series SnapLoc Wire Connectors, Large

  • The perfect connector for large bundles of wire and landscape lighting jobs. Can handle up to three #10 wires with a #18. Bundle up to five valves together with a common (hot) wire in and out.

Blazing’s TwiztLoc connectors

These waterproof wire connectors come with pre-filled silicone to attach wires specifically used for irrigation or sprinkler systems.

Our product options:

Blazing - Twist Locking Gray/Yellow Connectors, Bag of 15

Blazing - Twist Locking Gray/Yellow Connectors, Bag of 100

Blazing - Twist Locking Blue/Yellow Waterproof Connectors

Blazing - Twist Locking Blue/Yellow Waterproof Connectors, Pack of 200

Blazing’s BVS Valve Splice

The Blazing - Wire Connector - Valve Splice wire connector for irrigation or sprinklers is the affordable alternative to traditional waterproof wire connectors for irrigation. UL-listed and made of water-resistant materials for raintight, watertight performance, this connector is filled with high-grade silicone that won't harden or run. The unique style provides superior wire restraint and an ease of use that is unrivaled.

 No tools, stripping, or twisting necessary. Just insert the wire, rotate the connector closed, and you are ready to move onto your next valve splice. With its unique patented design, the BVS-1 provides maximum moisture protection and a superior wire hold.

King Innovation’s wire connectors

King Innovation’s waterproof wire connectors for irrigation systems, sprinklers and landscape lighting applications are UL 486D listed and corrosion proof. They also offer one-step installation:

  • Max. Voltage: 600V max. building wire (1000V max. signs or luminaries)
  • Wire Type: Copper/Copper
  • Wire Range: Min #22/Max #8
  • Made of materials offering super water resistance
  • No pre-twisting required
  • Temperature Rating: 221 degrees F
  • Silicone Sealant: -45 degrees F to 400 degrees F

The options:

King Innovation - Black Gray Connector Medium

  • Connector Size: 1 19/64” X 43/64”
  • UL Designation: MWP

King Innovation - Black/Gray Outdoor Irrigation Wire Connector - Canister of 100

  • Connector Size: 17/32" X 15/16”
  • UL Designation: KYN

King Innovation - Dark Blue 300V Connector, Direct Burial, 10222

  • Connector Size: 21/32” X 5/16”
  • Reduces risk of fire
  • UL Designation: KYN

King Innovation’s DryConn Black/Blue Waterproof Wire Connectors - Pack of 50

  • For dry, wet or above/below grade applications when used in an enclosure
  • Replaces: TLC-30
  • Connector Size: 1 1/4” x 13/16”
  • UL Designation: LWP*

King Innovation - DryConn Black/White Wire Connectors - Canister of 150

  • Connector Size: 27/32” X 7/16”
  • UL Designation: SWP*

We also carry King Innovation’s 2-Piece Large Ace Connector and 2-piece Medium Ace Connector:

  • UL-listed, screw-tight brass lug that creates a solid mechanical connection
  • Fast-curing heat shrink makes it easy to get weather-resistant irrigation and sprinkler wire connections after inserting the wires
  • Set screw thread pitch allows for tighter securing of wires
  • Ideally suited for low-voltage landscape lighting applications (30V) where performance and clean looks are important.

Paige Electric’s wire connectors

Paige Electric - 3M Wire Connector Low Voltage

  • Allows the tapping/splitting/teeing of irrigation communication cables
  • Resists penetration of water into the splice in direct burial or underwater applications
  • Resin sets to a gel consistency and can be cut up to service the splice
  • Built-in strain relief prevents damage to splice when the cables are pulled on

Paige Electric - DBR/Y 3M 600V Waterproof Wire Connector

  • 3M™ direct-bury splice kits are used to electrically connect two or more pre–stripped copper wires when inserted and moisture-seal the connection.
  • Rated for 600 volts in irrigatiion or sprinkler management systems.
  • Waterproof- and sunlight-resistant connectors for irrigation or landscaping wires
  • May be installed above or below ground, inside a valve box or buried next to a valve-in-head sprinkler or light fixture. Or, it can be submerged in water
  • Operating Temp: -40 to 221 degrees Fahrenheit

Alliance Outdoor Products wire connectors

We also carry the following wire connectors by Alliance Outdoor Products for waterproof irrigation and landscape lighting.

Alliance - Quick Locking Wire Connector - 25 Sets Of 2

Alliance - Connection Point Cap - PVC Tube W/Connectors

Alliance - Brass Connectors - 2 Pre-Greased Lugs

Rain Bird/Toro wire connectors

Looking for Rain Bird or Toro waterproof wire connectors for sprinkler setup or irrigation applications?

We offer the following:

Rain Bird - Rain Bird Ns Wire Connector

Rain Bird - Wire Connector Splice Kit20

Toro - Kit Twice Water-Proof Splice