Profile Products - Turface® MVP - 50 LB BAG

  • Maintain a smooth, cushioned, playable surface for superior traction and player safety
  • Absorb excess moisture and improve drainage as a result of balanced air and water pore space
  • Fight infield compaction that leads to running, sliding and bad ball hop injuries
  • Ideal for new infield construction or renovation
  • Sold Individually. Manufacturer Pack Size = 40
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Equip Your Fields with the Top Utility Player- Turface MVP

Ensuring your athletic fields are adequately conditioned and in top shape can be as simple as stocking up on the right product. The major league fields trust Turface Athletics MVP Infield conditioner to make maintenance simpler than ever and keep games going smoothly all season long.

Turface MVP Turf & Infield Conditioner- Get Top Quality Results for Your Athletic Field

For more than 50 years, no other conditioner has been trusted for use on more diamonds from Little League to Major League than Turface® MVP®. Its larger particle size is excellent for incorporating into infield mix and topdressing to create a consistent and level playing surface. This helps to absorb excess moisture to prevent rainouts and improves native soil for turf renovations. This top-quality field conditioner will make field maintenance easier than ever, plus it makes prepping any new fields a simple process.

Standing up to heavy athletic traffic, Turface MVP provides solid, safe footing throughout the season. Used on athletic fields from the major leagues to local parks and recreation facilities, the product conditions soil to relieve compaction and manage moisture across baseball and softball infields. You'll find players can play their best when the field is properly conditioned from the season's first game through any championship games. Whether you’re working on new or existing fields, Turface MVP will make a noticeable difference anywhere it’s used. It can be applied as a top dressing to improve the surface and reduce bad ball hops that can cause injury.

Effective when applied to turf, Turface MVP absorbs excess water to prevent muddy, torn-up turf. It also conditions the soil to resist compaction and adds permanent water and air-holding space to help strengthen turf grass plants and aid in turf recovery.

Trusted Real-World Results- Turface MVP Means Less Wasted Time at Chicago Bears’ Facilities

When the Chicago Bears were prepping their new training facility, Ken Mrock, Head Groundskeeper of the Chicago Bears, selected Turface MVP in conjunction with Profile Products- Greens Grade to get the fields up to their standards and ready for gameplay. Over the next 12 years, the fields where the Bears and ONU sports teams practiced and played remained healthy with no need for re-sodding or major renovation.

“I can honestly say that in a 12-year time span, we only lost two practices to rain,” said Mrock. “I attribute that to the Turface that was tilled into the top four inches. It was able to absorb the moisture and allow the coaches, players, and my team to get our work done.”

The Turface Difference- Leading the Way for Over 50 Years

For over 50 years, Turface® conditioners have been the number one choice of coaches and groundskeepers on all types of sports fields. By managing moisture, reducing compaction, and keeping sports fields playable under any condition, Turface minimizes the chance of injuries and reduces field wear and tear. It simply works better than any other conditioner on the market.

Turface is known for its ability to balance water, air, and nutrients in turf perfectly. When incorporated at the root zone, they help maintain the long-term health of your sports turf. By using the best products, you��re giving your fields superior soil structure to resist compaction. Sports fields are easily compacted by the heavy foot traffic of active use, making it difficult for water to drain and oxygen to reach root zones. The superior structure of Turface, when worked into the soil, creates long-lasting pore space to eliminate compaction and improve the flow of oxygen and water below the surface. Turface only degrades 3% from its original form after 20 years of use! No other conditioner works better, longer.

Profile Products LLC
Container Size
50 LB Bag
  • Introduction to Infield Conditioners
  • The Science of Infields
  • Turface ProLeague Top Dressing
  • Testing an Infield Mix
  • Overview of Turface Products
  • Turface as an Infield Topping
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