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C9 LED Christmas Lights- The Classic Christmas Look You’re Dreaming of with Energy Saving Technology!

C9 Christmas lights on a houseC9 Christmas lights on a house

Light Up the Night with the Bold Look of C9 LED Christmas Lights

There’s no doubt you’ll feel like a kid again when you see these C9 light strings lining your roof! Their large, oval shape is reminiscent of classic C9 glass bulbs, but with the exceptional upgrade of LED technology. Unlike the incandescent light strings you’re used to, these sturdy LED bulbs are built to last with One-Piece Construction that can withstand anything you or Mother Nature throws at them. Their energy saving will keep you happy and keep more money in your wallet all season long! With a life expectancy of 50,000 hours, you can be sure that your holiday display will be shining bright for all to enjoy for many seasons to come.

While the LED technology makes these light strings safe to use both outdoors and indoors, where these lights really shine to their fullest potential is in big, outdoor displays. How big exactly? Let your imagination decide! With the capacity to connect up to 90 strands, we’re talking 1530’ end to end all together! Really pack your display and light up every available inch. Line the roof and get every last eave, make every tree look Christmas tree worthy, even turn your porch or patio into a fully lit holiday extravaganza.

These C9 Light Strings feature-

25 LEDs per string

8" bulb spacing - 6" lead/tail wire - 17' long

Standard Male/Female Plug Attached

Can connect up to 90 sets end-to-end

Full-Wave Rectified and 1-Piece Bulb Construction


C9 Christmas lights on a garlandC9 Christmas lights on a garland

Team Color Lights or Team White Lights? We Love Both!

As Christmas light displays continue to get more and more extravagant, there continues to be a great debate with Christmas Light lovers everywhere- Should your display stick to white lights or switch it up with color lights? The short answer is- there is no wrong answer here! Christmas lights dazzle and delight onlookers regardless of which route you prefer.

White lights tend to be the favorite for anyone trying to create a winter wonderland. They are a more classic and elegant choice and allow for your display to give the appearance of a sparkling fresh snow fall. Our C9 Christmas lights come in both Pure White and Warm White, so you can be sure you’re getting exactly the shade of white you need. (Pro Tip- If you’re looking to recreate the incandescent bulb glow, go for the warm white!)

But the elegant look of a white Christmas isn’t for everyone. Color lights are the best choice if you’re hoping to put together a display that could rival Santa’s workshop. LED color options now do an amazing job capturing vibrant, full bodied colors, so you aren’t having to compromise color simply to get the energy savings of LED technology. Our C9 light strings come in multi color, for that favorite Christmas color combination that will make you feel like a kid again, or in blue, green, or red strands.

Team Color Lights or Team White Lights, we all know there’s nothing like the joy that comes with enjoying a beautiful, illuminated display, whether it’s during the Christmas season or year round!

Be sure to check out our C9 Replacement bulbs for all your upkeep needs and for some fun ways to take your already amazing light strings to the next level!

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