Illuminate any occasion with our 5MM Conical LED string lights. With energy-efficiency and versatility that is a step above traditional incandescent lights, these lights are perfect for holiday designs, events, and more.

LED String LightsLED String Lights

5MM Conical LED Christmas Lights – Light Up the Holidays or Any Special Occasion

5mm Christmas Lights5mm Christmas Lights

Twinkle, Strobe, Icicles, and More! Find the Perfect String Lights for Your Next Installation

Whether you’re working on a holiday lighting design for a client or needing to offer specialty lighting for any event, 5MM Conical LED string lights will give you the flexibility to add illumination to any occasion. These conical Christmas lights are an energy-efficient upgrade to the favorite traditional mini incandescent Christmas lights you know and love. They can be used for wrapping trees and bushes, railings, rooflines, and nearly any other spot in need of some extra dazzle. Explore our options of various colors as well as steady bulbs, twinkle lights, net lights, icicles, and more to find the perfect inspiration to bring your designs to life.

But with so many options available, how do you choose the perfect match for your holiday displays? Let’s take a closer look at the different 5MM LED string lights available to help spark that creativity and help you find the perfect string of lights to light up this season.

5mm LED string lights in a park5mm LED string lights in a park

Nothing adds holiday magic to the season quite like a string of Christmas lights! Lighting can make or break any decorative display, and 5MM Light Strings make it easier than ever to bring that Christmas spirit to life. Their small bulbs are the perfect, understated touch and the LED technology makes them easy and manageable wherever you’re trying to add that extra illumination. The wide-angle conical bulb is guaranteed to give you an evenly dispersed, bright light while being small enough not to take away from the look of the decorations themselves. Whether it’s a Christmas tree decorated with favorite ornaments or the beautifully accessorized wreath on the door, these lights will highlight and enhance any display! Wrap every inch of those trees, both indoors and outdoors, and pack all the garland with extra lights too.

We know it’s essential that when you’re taking the time and energy on a holiday display that you’re using lights you can depend on. There’s no faster way to take the joy out of the holiday season than having to spend more time upkeeping your decorations than enjoying them! These light strings are high quality, sturdy construction, and built to last you year after year. They have a 50,000-hour life expectancy, and the 1-Piece Bulb Construction means they are prepared to withstand anything mother nature has to throw at them! Simply get them up, sit back, and enjoy basking in the glow of your dazzling display.

5MM 50 Light Twinkle Wide Angle Conical LED Lights

Available in 5-multi, cool white, warm white, gold, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, and red, these twinkle string lights give you the ability to add an extra shimmer to nearly any detail in any color scheme. Every 4th bulb twinkles, and the rest of the bulbs stay constantly lit, giving you a lovely shimmering effect. These are the perfect addition to layer over any display already lit or use as a standalone option. They can enhance your design and subtly bring it to life with a gentle movement that adds magic without overpowering it. For the designs that call for just a touch of whimsy without pulling too much attention, twinkle LED lights are precisely the effect you’re looking for.

  • 50 LEDs per string, Poly Bagged
  • 6" bulb spacing - 6" lead/tail wire – 25’ long
  • Standard Male/Female Plug Attached
  • Can connect up to 45 sets end-to-end
  • 1-Piece Bulb Construction, Full-Wave Rectified
  • Green, White, or Brown Wire options (select colors)

5MM 50 Light Strobe Wide Angle Conical LED Lights

If you’re looking for a true wow factor and animated light effect without wanting to program a full show, our Strobe LED light strings pack the right punch for your display! The 5MM bulbs dance around as they quickly flick on and then back off, again and again. These lights truly epitomize an eye-catching display. A strobe light produces regular, consistent flashes of light, and the 5MM strobe light is no different, giving you that party effect. Hundreds of flashes per minute make these light strings a certified party starter. The pops of light are often compared to camera flashes! LED Strobe lights are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but we see strobes used most often outdoors. Available in blue, green, red, pure white, and warm white, these small but super-bright bulbs will give you even light distribution, no matter which way the bulb is pointing.

  • 50 5MM LEDs per String
  • 6” Bulb Spacing – 6” Lead/Tail Wire – 25’ Long
  • Standard Male/Female Plug Attached
  • Can Connect Up To 45 Sets End-To-End

5MM 50 Light Glisten Wide Angle Conical LED Lights

Our Glisten LED light strings truly bring the magic of the season to life with the most delicate effect of our 5MM options. Each bulb slowly and randomly fades to give you a soft and beautiful glistening look. These lights make a perfect addition indoors and outdoors to add sparkle on anything from tree branches and bushes to garlands and wreaths. These beautiful light strings come in a variety of colors, which means you can add this romantic detail to light displays year-round. Color options include multi-color, blue, gold, orange, pink, green, purple, red, teal, and both pure white and warm white. Add this beautifully light flawlessly during the winter months with our white wire options in both warm and pure white.

These 5MM Glisten Light Strings feature-

  • 50 5MM Glisten LEDs per strand
  • 6" bulb spacing - 6" lead/tail wire - 25' long
  • Standard Male/Female Plug Attached
  • Full-Wave Rectified, 1-Piece Bulb Construction
  • Connect up to 45 sets end-to-end
5mm LED Multi Color Icicle Lights5mm LED Multi Color Icicle Lights

5MM 105 Light Icicle LED Lights

Whether you’re designing a holiday light display for an area that wants its winter wonderland enhanced and celebrated or a place that’s looking to create that sought-after Christmas look, Icicle LEDs are a favorite! They are an easy option for adding a more exciting look to any design beyond simply outlining rooflines. These will instantly bring your setup to the next level with built-in drops and an impressive 105 LED lights per string! Add that to our fun selection of color options, and you’ll start to see that there are creative ways to use icicle lights long after the show and ice have melted away. Looking to create a haunted display for a client at Halloween time? We offer an array of spooky colors that are perfect for bringing those designs to life.

Each set features-

  • 105 LEDs per string
  • 6" between drops - 4" lead/tail wire – 12' long
  • 23 Drops per set – drop length = 20”, 15”, 8”
  • Standard Male/Female Plug Attached
  • Connect to 45 sets end-to-end
Battery Powered Christmas LightsBattery Powered Christmas Lights

5MM 20 Light Battery-Operated LED Lights

Designing Christmas lighting displays should be fun and magical, but the logistics of powering your display often get in the way. Our battery-operated 5MM LED lights allow you a bit more freedom to light some of those harder-to-reach areas creatively. You still get the vibrant Christmas light look you want without needing to stress about power cords and outlets. Use to light a wreath hanging on your front door, to light potted greenery on your front step, or anywhere else that offers a challenge to power!

  • Requires 3AA Batteries - Battery Pack is 3.25" x 2"
  • Batteries can last up to 100 hours of continuous use
  • 1-Piece Bulb Construction
  • Poly Bagged
  • Green or White Wire options (select colors)

Reinders has an impressive selection of Holiday Lighting available, and our team of experts is ready to bring your commercial display designs to life. We have full-time industry experts on staff with lots of energy, knowledge, and experience that can provide professional advice, consultations, or product recommendations, no matter how large or small your job is. We offer ongoing customer training and education programs to help you take your business to the next level.


Gold Twinkle LightsGold Twinkle Lights

But who says the joy of string lights has to end after Santa has gone back to the North Pole? There are so many magical ways to continue using string lights all year round. Every holiday certainly benefits from added sparkle, but so does any random Tuesday in the middle of the year! Use string lights to add whimsy to your patio and make dinner every night a special occasion. These are also the best way to add an effortless elegance to any wedding party, birthday, or anniversary! Have you been looking for a way to add a special touch of fun and fantasy to the littlest family member’s bedroom or clubhouse? Thanks to the LED technology, you can feel safe adding these string lights to dress up their favorite adventure spot!

Need to spark some ideas? Be sure to check out our gallery for the perfect inspiration to get you started on your next project.

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