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Light Up Any Project in Minutes with Rainmin’s RGB Flex Strip Light

RGB Strip lightingRGB Strip lighting

Customize Every Design and Bring it to Life with Endless Possibilities

Achieving a perfectly lit outline has never been simpler than with RGB LED Strip Lights by Rainmin. Create a completely custom look with this color-changing strip that is easy to cut to size for any project and offers easy installation in just moments. RGB lights give you the freedom of endless color combinations, so one install can be reprogrammed for any holiday or celebration your client may desire. The ultra-bright LEDs and sturdy construction are sure to stand out and leave a lasting impression that will keep shining whether your lighting display needs to withstand the elements outdoors or is meant to be enjoyed indoors.

Designing light displays has undoubtedly come a long way since the days of simply stringing up some simple incandescent lights on rooflines. With displays getting more elaborate every year, it’s important to have the products you need to design and install the next best spectacle to blow everyone away. Choosing RGB LED lighting gives you vibrant colors in endless options while having the capabilities to communicate with programming applications that allow you to get as creative as you can dream. While using the built-in patterns is always an option, if you’re looking to design something more individualized, Rainmin's RGB Flex Strip is individually controllable via ArtNet, sACN, and Rainmin WEC and NEC effects generators. Add in the ability to cut the product to size easily, and you have the makings of a completely custom set-up that will impress any client you take on.

Use RGB LED Flex Tape anywhere you need color-changing accent lighting. Whether you need a Christmas scheme, a spooky Halloween display, or an elegant backdrop for a gala, these LED strip lights produce a limitless array of colors and white light to fit the project at hand. RGB Flex Strip works great to outline figures, architectural features, along shelves, mantels, and more. Each RGB Flex Tape is 16.4' long and encased in a silicone ribbon to form a durable, weather-tight seal. Getting the exact right size is simple, with cut marks every 3 inches for custom sizing. (Use with Flextape-M and Flextape-F to plug in custom-cut pieces).

Regardless of what season you choose to use your RGB Flex Strip in, have confidence they’ll stand up to weather challenges all year-round. This UL-listed light has water-tight three-wire screw together connectors with an o-ring for waterproof performance, rain, shine, or snow.

RGB LED Flex Tape mounts easily with double-sided tape. Make sure the surface is clean and dry before attaching.

Power supply and controller are required to function. RGB+MC2 RGB mini-controller or RGB+WIFI RGB Wi-Fi Controller are recommended. For the power supply, we recommend using the RGB3A - 3 Amp power supply. Using the RGB Remote Control (RGBA15) will expand your control of these RGB lights.


  • 16.4' long with UV resistant solid silicone jacket, 5mm
  • Ultra-bright 5050 SMD LEDs
  • 28 LEDs/14 pixels per meter/2 LEDs per pixel
  • Power supply and controller are required


  • Accent lighting
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Grids
  • Perimeters
  • Holiday décor

Make sure to pick up an RGB Power Supply and check out the rest of our RGB Light Accessories and RGB Controllers to ensure you have everything you need to bring your magical displays to life. Not sure exactly what you need? Contact us for help getting started or to make sure your project is ready to go. Go beyond the Christmas season and use it year-round for eye-catching promotions. You can call 262-797-6571 (local) or 1-877-785-3309 (toll-free) or send us an email. We are here for you!

Understanding RGB Color Lighting and the Enhancements They Offer Your Lighting Designs

What is RBG Lighting?

RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue and is an additive color model in which the intensities of those 3 colors of light are varied to produce thousands of colors. Mixing intensities of light sounds simple enough, but when you start dealing with the in-between colors like orange, pink, and yellow, these mixed colors are where low-quality RGB systems will fail to represent the color accurately.

Minleon / Rainmin has the unique ability to manufacture the controllers, the accessories, and the lights to guarantee the best color representation possible. Minleon / Rainmin strings are also considered "smart pixels" where every bulb (node/pixel) is fully programmable so that each bulb can be its own color as part of a motion or color-changing effect. All Minleon / Rainmin products are commercial grade, UV resistant, and UL listed.

Rainmin Advantage-

  • 12VDC-Safe low DC voltage, which is perfect for public spaces and commercial applications
  • IP67-Can be used outdoors or indoors, temporary or permanently.
  • UV Rated-High-quality materials have been used to withstand the harsh sun for many years.
  • RGB LED-A Red, Green, and Blue LED are combined in the same package, allowing for the creation of millions of colors.
  • 48 Bit Digital Processing-16 Bit per color allowing for millions of color combinations
  • IKHZ Refresh Rate-High refresh rote allowing for broadcast-quality recording without flicker effects.
  • Quick Connect Plug-Fast 1/2 turn weatherproof connector allowing for dramatically reduced installation and dismantle times

RGB Trees & Grids

RGB Trees - We have scalable RGB options to fit your needs, from branch trees to vertical string trees. We can provide a system to jazz up your existing tree or start from scratch with our entire tree packages. Each package will include a tree or frame, your chosen light style, and all the controllers and accessories needed for an impactful display. There are so many possibilities, and we look forward to working with you to find out more.

RGB Grids - We use vertical hanging strings of the unique center cabled Triklits to make grids of nearly any size. Since cable runs through the middle of the bulb, each one hangs right where it should without having to mount each bulb to a frame. We also have RGB Pebble lights with a transparent covering if you're in the market for a different shape and look.  Both look spectacular with patterns and shapes created by the Network Effects Controller or custom programming.

Also available is the D22 Grid. The D22 Grid is made up of 3 parts. The light strings have 4" bulb spacing with 25 lights on a string and plastic grid clips that are 2" spaced to match 2, 4, or 6" spacing.

Whether it’s holiday lighting or an install to attract attention year-round, RGB lighting will give you the versatility to design and install the perfect display for any situation. Explore all the RGB Lighting products Reinders has to offer and trust you’ll be using the best products available to set up the top lighting displays this season.

We Are Here to Help You!

At Reinders, we are excited to help you feel prepared to take on any of the wide variety of projects your lighting design clients may need. From smaller displays for homeowners or shops to large installations for special events, parks, zoos, and more, there’s no limit to the possibilities of a well-done RGB LED display.

Our product specialist may review all RGB orders prior to shipment. We may contact you with any questions or concerns about your order.

If you need assistance on design or product selection, don't hesitate to get in touch with our RGB expert, Paul, at phayden@reinders.com

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