American Excelsior - 8' X 112.5' Curlex I Single White Net Erosion Control Blanket

  • Short term erosion control blankets
  • Break up rainfall impact upon fiber contact
  • Break up direct sunlight burnout
  • Seed Free
  • Fibers are clean and do not contain resins (pitch)
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Erosion Control Blankets are thick, fibrous blankets woven out of either natural materials (e.g. straw and coconut fiber), synthetic materials (e.g. polypropylene), or a mixture of natural and synthetic materials. These blankets are used primarily to slow water runoff, provide effective sediment and erosion control, and enhance re-vegetation. These blankets are commonly applied to channel and ditch linings, slopes, culvert inlets and outfalls, riverbanks, and levees. Erosion control blankets are classified as short term, long term, or permanent use, mostly based on whether vegetation is intended to replace or work in conjunction with the blankets.

Curlex I erosion control blanket consists of a specific cut of naturally seed fee Great Lakes Aspen curled wood excelsior with 80% 6” fibers or greater fiber length. It is of consistent thickness with fibers evenly distributed throughout the entire area of the blanket. The top of each blanket is covered with degradable poly propylene netting.

Curlex I has a design soil loss ration of 0.018 and is typically suitable for slopes up to 2H:1V. It is rated for channel flows up to 7.0’/second and 1.75 LBS/SQ FT shear stress.

Typical Applications

  • Highway embankments, ditch bottoms and slopes, bridges, approaches and medians
  • Residential, commercial, & industrial developments
  • Urban drainage, stream banks, and waterways
  • Golf course fairways, roughs, waterways, & drop structures
  • Landfill caps, side slopes, and let down structures
  • Pipeline right-of-ways
American Excelsior Co
8' X 112.5'
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